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POPULATION 2,150,000

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It is the second largest city in Iraq after the capital Baghdad. The feature of the city of Basra is that it is a port city. The city is located at the southeastern end of Lake Hamar, on the western bank of the Shatt al-Arab waterway. Basra is geographically located between Kuwait and Iran. The temperature reaches 50 degrees in summer and does not fall below 0 degrees in winter. 95 percent of the city of Basra, which consists mostly of Arab people, is Muslim. Places to visit in Basra are Old Basra Mosque, Sinbad Island, Sayyed Ali al-Musawi Mosque, Akhora Park, Latin Church, Basra Street.

Basra Airport, located in the northwest of the city of Basra, is the second largest airport in the country and the second connection hub of Iraqi Airways. Travel from Istanbul Ataturk Airport to Basra Airport with Royal Jordanian, Middle East Airlines, Fly Dubai, Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Egyptair, British Airways, Kuwait Airways, Royal Brunei Airlines and many other airlines you can check at You can. You can reach Basra with a 3 hour and 15 minute non-stop flight with your Basra flight ticket purchased from Turkish Airlines.

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It is known that Hazrat Omar, one of the Islamic caliphs, founded Basra as a military settlement because it was the second largest city in Iraq. In later years, Basra became a port city for cargo ships from Asian countries.


It has rich deposits of oil mines. In this way, the city's economy becomes stronger around the petrochemical industry. When we look at the culture of this city; The religion of Islam constitutes Arab and Kurdish culture.

It has a vibrant community culture that reflects the Mesopotamian culture. It is a city that will make you wonder with its various architecture, art, clothing and local life. For those who are curious about the city, get ready for your flight on the day you want by purchasing one of the cheap tickets available. With the airport and private shuttle transportation, you can reach the city area you want to go to in a short time without any traffic or transportation difficulties.