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Don Muang Airport
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Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, an important port and one of the most visited cities, is known as the only cosmopolitan city in a country with small towns and villages and also the cultural and commercial center of Thailand. Those who want to visit Thailand can start their travels by purchasing a Bangkok flight ticket. They are starting. Bangkok is located in the Chao Phraya River delta, approximately 40 km from the Gulf of Thailand. There used to be bridges divided into two municipalities, Krung Thep on the east coast and Thon Buri on the west. In 1971, the two merged into a single municipal government, becoming a city-state. Bangkok is a bustling, crowded city with majestic Buddhist temples, monasteries, factories, shops, and houses adjacent to each other along roads and canals. Bangkok, also known as the City of God, the Great City, the Home of the Emerald Temple, the City of Ayutthaya, the City of Angels among the Thai people, covers a total area of 1565 square kilometers. The climate of Bangkok is warm throughout the year, and it was even awarded the title of Hottest City in the World by a world-renowned meteorological organization. Even in December, which is the cold season, thermometers do not fall below 25 degrees Celsius. Modern Bangkok has experienced great development since the 1960s. The city center, which used to be surrounded by only a wall, is now the developed part of the city. While Pat Pong is the place where you can experience Bangkok nightlife well, Silom, which is considered the financial center, has mostly hotels, business centers, banks, etc. is available. The main reason why Bangkok has made a name for itself all over the world is its floating markets. Those who go on sale on their boats on the canals near Wat Sai sell fresh foods, various fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. Buyers, like sellers, get on a boat and travel along the canal, stopping when they want to buy something. Exciting festivals in Bangkok include the Kite Festival (February-April), World Thai Martial Arts Festival (March), Rice Season Start Ceremony (October) and the Festival of Lights.

Another known name of Suvarnabhumi Airport, one of the busiest and largest airports in Southeast Asia, is Bangkok International Airport. Bangkok Airport, the main airport of Thai Airways, Thai Smile Airways and Bangkok Airways, is located 25 km east of Bangkok city center. According to 2016 statistics, Bangkok Airport, which is the 20th busiest airport in the world, provided transportation services to nearly 56 million passengers in 1 year. To fly directly to Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, which has been growing rapidly in the tourism sector lately, you need to buy a Turkish Airlines ticket, which operates flights from Istanbul Ataturk Airport. If you wish, you can also buy your Thailand flight ticket from companies such as Thai Airways, Qatar Airways, KLM, Lufthansa, British Airways.

There are nearly 100 airline companies that offer connecting or non-stop flights to Bangkok, and all of them have special campaigns and promotions for Thailand and Far Eastern countries at different periods. You can choose oBilet to be informed about all this and find cheap Thailand flight tickets. You can tour all Far Eastern countries by purchasing your Thailand flight ticket either round-trip or one-way.


It is the largest city and capital of the country of Thailand, located in Southeast Asia. Being the capital and its location, it is a very developed city in every respect. It has maintained its economic dynamism since its establishment. It has even been named as the hottest city on Earth by the World Meteorological Organization.

Bangkok, home to Muslim, Buddhist, Christian and local religions, is also seen as a seaside city. The city is generally divided into two. While there are luxury skyscrapers and residences on one side, there are night lodges on the other. It is possible to see both traditional and modern traces in the city.

Bangkok is a very safe city for tourists and residents. However, the nightlife is quite colorful and fast. In addition, there can be open trafficking of women. However, this does not seem to undermine credibility in any way. The people of the city, like other people of Thailand, are helpful and tolerant towards tourists. It is a city that can be preferred by anyone who likes lively, tiring, colorful and different cultures.

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