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Information About Sungurlu

LAND AREA 1,999 km²
CITY Çorum

Things You Need to Know After Buying the Sungurlu Bus Ticket

Sungurlu is one of the important districts of Çorum. It is one of the developed and largest districts of the city. You can complete your Sungurlu bus ticket purchases via Obilet.com.

Sungurlu bus services are mostly organized by local travel companies. You can see all of these companies in detail on obilet.com. You can make price and feature comparisons between them. As a result of this comparison, you can choose the company that suits you and buy your Sungurlu bus ticket.

Where to visit in Sungurlu?

The places to see in Sungurlu are mostly historical buildings. You should definitely see the Clock Tower, the symbol of the district. There is a wooden pavilion on top of the tower, you should see it too.

You should not forget to see the building converted from an old Greek church into a police station.

Add the Great Mosque from the Seljuks to your list of things to see.

İçmeceler, located 5 km south of the district and famous for its healing water, can be the healing stop of your holiday.

What to eat in Sungurlu?

You cannot be in Çorum without eating roasted chickpeas. There is even a peppery variety; You should definitely taste and buy it. The local dishes of the district are; keskek, dry manti, juicy manti, fork vaccine and Çorum baklava.

Where to stay in Sungurlu?

Although accommodation facilities in Sungurlu are few, they are suitable for every budget and opportunity. You can stay in the district's teacher's house or in one of the hotels here.

Sungurlu is a place worth seeing, especially with its drinks and food. You can buy a bus ticket on Obilet.com and hit the road.

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One of the 14 districts of the province


The distance to Çorum city center is 72 kilometers. To reach Sungurlu district, you can reach it by minibuses and buses departing from Çorum city center to Sungurlu.

Sungurlu is located between the provinces of Ankara and Sivas. For this reason, transportation is very easy and convenient. The first settlements in the district took place in the Stone Age, and in the following ages it remained under the domination of the Pharisees, Galatians, Hittites and the Roman Empire.

The district, which was connected to the Yozgat sanjak in 1864, became a municipality in 1866 and joined the Çorum districts in 1924. There are 6 towns, 101 villages and 6 hamlets connected to Sungurlu.

What You Need to Know After Buying a Sungurlu Bus Ticket


It is the largest district in terms of population of Çorum province, located in the Black Sea region.

Sungurlu has had a very important position in every period, both during the Ottoman period and today.

To reach Sungurlu, first go to Çorum province.

bus ticket

It needs to be taken.

Then, it can be easily reached by minibuses and buses from Çorum city center to Sungurlu.

5 Reasons to Visit Sungurlu

  • Transportation is very convenient and easy
  • It has hosted many civilizations.
  • It has had an important position since the Ottoman period.
  • The Ottoman state made huge investments in the region.
  • Very important historical artifacts and structures are included.
  • Places to Visit in Sungurlu

    When you go on holiday to Sungurlu, you should definitely see the historical monuments of the district such as the Ulu Mosque, Old Police Station, Old Bath, Sungurlu mansions, stone bridge and clock tower.

    Do not end your holiday without seeing the Clock Tower, which is the symbol of the district, and the wooden mansion on it.

    İçmeceler, famous for its healing waters, located 5 km away from Sungurlu, is one of the places you should visit. Drinks can be a source of healing for your holiday.

    What to Eat in Sungurlu? What is it famous for?

    Can you go to Sungurlu and return without eating the roasted chickpea? There are even peppery versions of Çorum's famous roasted chickpea.

    Definitely do not return without trying the roasted chickpeas with different flavors. Apart from these, local dishes of the district; juicy manti, dry manti, keskek, Çorum baklava and fork vaccine.

    To taste these flavors

    Sungurlu ticket

    You need to go on holiday with it.

    Bus Stations in Sungurlu

    Sungurlu Bus Stationı Sunguroğlu mah. 19300 Sungurlu/Çorum