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Information About Soke

LAND AREA 1,064 km²
CITY Aydın

Things You Need to Know After Buying the Soke Bus Ticket

Hotels in Söke

Söke is known to be a valuable district in terms of cotton production in Turkey. Situated in the Aegean region, it is a peaceful and quiet town where the wisteria trees meet the cobblestone streets. In this beautiful town, you can watch how the majestic shadows of the mountains rise both in the north and south. In addition to its calming nature, Söke has a long history, going back to the era of the Hittites, the Phrygians, and the Lydians. Due to this, there are some remarkable archaeological sites to see here. You should especially visit the remnants of ancient Greek.

Söke's climate is a typical example of the Mediterranean climate. For that reason, summer seems to be the best time to visit here. Furthermore, Söke is among the best places to go diving. This beautiful coastal town manages to surprise those who are looking for an alternative route for their summer vacation. During summer, people have a lot of entertaining activities they can enjoy such as scuba diving, paragliding, and kitesurfing. Of course, these sports should be practiced under supervision and with trainers. Söke is famous for its concerts and festivals too. If you want to explore all these and many more in Söke, hotels in Söke have many benefits for their guests. Söke hotels offer a comfortable vacation in the heart of nature and tranquility.

Must See Places in Söke

In Söke, you can do a lot of different things to make your vacation one to remember. As a matter of fact, the town has plenty of historical and natural attractions for you to explore. That being said, boutique hotels in Söke might be the right type of accommodation for you as they’re close to many of the attractions around. What is important is that Söke hotel prices are not exorbitant. During your visit to Söke, you will come across amazing attractions. You can check the list below before you visit Söke and learn more about the town. Here are the main places that visitors frequently visit:

  • The Dilek Peninsula:Located in the south of Kuşadası district of Muğla, the Dilek Peninsula along with the Büyük Menderes Delta National Park are near the Doğanbey village entrance. When you go to the presentation center, you can also see different plants and animals that live in the area.
  • Doğanbey Village:Also referred to by Domatia Village, Doğanbey is a former Greek village situated near the ancient Mykale Mountains on the Greek island of Samos which is also known to be the birthplace of Pythagoras, the world famous philosopher. When you walk around the stone streets of this village where Greeks used to live, you can feel that history. You can look at the Greek-style houses and see the Sorlak waterfall and the river in the village.
  • Ancient City of Priene:Priene, also known as the ancient city of Ionia, is located in southern Turkey, approximately 6 miles north of the Menderes River and 10 miles inland from the Aegean Sea. Its well-preserved ruins are a significant source of information regarding ancient Greek urban design.

How to Get to Söke?

You can travel by train, bus and private vehicles to get to Söke. By the Söke highway, the city center is 57.9 km away, Istanbul is 570 km away, Ankara is 649 km away, and Izmir is 111 km away. As there’s no airport in Söke, you need to travel to the nearest airport which is Adnan Menderes Airport in İzmir. When you arrive in İzmir, there are buses to take you to Söke. Traveling by bus is another option you may prefer. You can buy your Söke bus ticket online. All you need to do is schedule your journey online or stop by at a TCDD ticket office. Alternatively, from Aydin train stations, you can drive your own car or take public transportation to Söke. As soon as you arrive in Söke, you may also want to learn more about Söke car rental options.

Söke Accommodation Options

In Söke, there are many types of accommodation among which you can choose according to your preferences. Because the area has so many different things to offer, all you need to do is decide what type of accommodation in Söke you need. Aparthotels in Söke have relatively fewer rooms than others, for example. This could be an advantage if you want to stay in a quieter place. With their cozy buildings and modern architecture, they could give you a different kind of atmosphere. At these hotels, you can choose between two options, all-inclusive and half-board service. While staying at an all-inclusive hotel, you can expect to be served three meals a day. Whereas, at half-board hotels, you will be given two meals a day. What’s more, you can get a wellness vacation at one of the thermal hotels in Söke. You can get treatment for skin problems and joint-related issues by staying at these hotels that offer hot thermal spring water. You can also experience Turkish baths, SPA, or saunas depending on what your hotel offers. Also, you can stay at apartments where you and your family or a large group of friends can stay comfortably. Apartments that are available for rent are mostly well-equipped and include everything you may need. All things considered, Söke surely promises visitors a cozy vacation opportunity.

Söke Hotel Prices

You can choose the best hotels in Söke regardless of your budget because there are plenty of options that accommodate all. While skimming through the best accommodation options, you should keep in mind that hotel prices vary according to many reasons. The style/concept of the hotel is the first of these things. Since boutique hotels only have a limited number of rooms, you can enjoy an exclusive and quiet environment. You can choose the boutique hotel that works best for your budget. Prices are different at thermal hotels because they offer spa services as well as high-quality room services. Since the region is a coastal town where people can swim, rest and sunbathe, it gets very crowded during the summer. That being said, this demand may sometimes be challenging for visitors especially if they want to find a place that meets their expectations. You can avoid this simply by taking advantage of early booking options for hotels. If you’re in search of cheap hotels in Sökedue to financial concerns, you are advised to make your hotel reservations early if you want to stay in a cheap hotel in Söke.

What to Eat in Söke?

Söke, similar to other districts of Aydın, is a region that is rich in olive trees. Here, you get to taste olive oil, wine, figs, citrus fruits, and different kinds of fish. The famous dish in the area is undoubtedly keşkek. Keşkek is a traditional dish that people in Söke often cook and eat. After the boiled wheat is strained, it is topped with pieces of meat. In the final stage of cooking, the butter with chili powder is drizzled over the top of this dish. People in the area like it best for special events such as weddings and local activities. The Bolama dish, which is also called Lok Lok Pilaf, is a must-try dish that can only be found in the districts in Aydın. This dish is certainly a tasty one yet, pretty hard to make. You need lots of ingredients to cook it including beef, chickpeas, rice, shallots, garlic, and butter. In addition, lamb dishes and pide are among the local tastes you can try.

Bus Stations in Soke

Soke Bus Station Yeni Cami, 09200 Söke/Aydın
SOK Yenidoğan, Cumhuriyet Cd. NO 154 B, 09230 Söke/Aydın, Türkiye

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