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LAND AREA 1,101 km²
CITY Batman

Things You Need to Know After Buying the Kozluk Bus Ticket

The old name of Kozluk municipality, which is a historical settlement, is Hazo. In the excavations carried out in Hallan Çemi Mound in Kozluk district, B.C. Remains dating back to 8000 BC have been unearthed and are exhibited at the Diyarbakır Archaeological Museum.

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Kozluk, which remained a district of Siirt until 1990, became a district of Batman when Batman became a province in 1990.

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The most well-known ones are Star Batman and Özlem Batman.

Places to See in KozlukHazo Castle:
  • The first information about this castle is given to us by the Karakoyunlu people.
  • Hıdırbey Mosque: Hıdırbey Mosque, one of the important works of the region, is built by Hıdır Bey, who lived in this region for many years.
  • Rabat Castle:Kozluk bus prices
  • After looking and buying your ticket, one of the first places you should visit is Rabat Castle. Although it is quite damaged, it still stands to this day. The view of the castle is also known to be beautiful.
  • İbrahim Bey Mosque:
  • According to the inscription inside, it was built in 1705. One of the striking aspects is that there is a sundial divided into twelve within the qibla.
  • What to Eat in Kozluk?Havdel Dessert:From Batman flights
  • It is one of the local desserts that you should try first when you come here.
  • Stuffed Ribs:
  • In fact, stuffed ribs, which is famous in many parts of Turkey, is one of the local dishes in Batman. It is made with lots of spices, rice and meat.
  • Sham Pastry:
  • Damascus pastry, one of Batman's popular pastries, is an indispensable part of breakfast.
  • Batman Style Kütülk:
  • Kütülk, which means stuffed meatballs in Kurdish, is one of the most well-known local dishes of Batman. You can see it on every table during holidays or guests.
  • Where to Stay in Kozluk?Kozluk bus services

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    You can also travel to this region by taking it. After coming to Kozluk, you can stay in either a star hotel or a bungalow house style hotel. If you want to stay in the city center, you can also take a look at the accommodation in the city center.

    The central district of Siirt


    It is 99 km away. Located in the Southeastern Anatolia Region, the district is surrounded by high mountains and plateaus.

    The economy of the people of the region develops based on agricultural products and raising livestock. Rice, wheat, barley, lentils, onions, chickpeas, pomegranates, grapes, turmeric, pistachios, almonds and tobacco are grown on the territory of the district.

    What You Need to Know After Buying a Kozluk Bus Ticket

    Kozluk district is one of the old settlement cities in addition to its historical monuments and natural visuals. For this reason, Kozluk district

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    Enjoyable excursions around its magnificent nature and relative historical ruins are carried out.

    In addition, unforgettable impressions can be captured by attending festival shows held around and in the center of the district. Additionally, the charming plain can be reached from Siirt center by numerous vehicles. In addition, you can go to Kozluk district with regular shuttle services offered by bus companies.

    5 Reasons to Visit Kozluk

  • You can go there to participate in different sports practices in its beautiful nature.
  • It can be visited to see closely the works of art located within the borders of the district, which are eye-catching with their workmanship.
  • In between expeditions, camping may be preferred, impressed by the wonderful weather of the region.
  • Picnics etc. in the nearby recreation areas. It can also be visited to do activities.
  • In addition to the works in the district, it can also be visited for religious tourism.
  • Places to Visit in Kozluk

    Kozluk, the cute and green district of Siirt, is a region that has gained a lot of vitality in terms of tourism with its magnificent historical ruins. Kozluk Castle (built for religious beliefs in ancient times), Rabat Castle, İbrahim Bey Mosque and Hıdır Bey Mosque located in the center of the district still preserve their architecture and are worth seeing.

    What to Eat in Kozluk? What is it famous for?

    To make pleasant and relaxing trips, go to Kozluk district.


    By taking it, you can closely examine its relative and influential historical works. After this, you should eat Siirt stuffed sour and Siirt meatballs, which belong to the local cuisine. You should also try the dishes such as buryan kebab, meatballs with yoghurt and garlic, imcerket and acid, which create a storm of taste on the palate.

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