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LAND AREA 1,885 km²
CITY Bitlis

Things You Need to Know After Buying the Tatvan Bus Ticket

Tatvan is one of the important districts of Bitlis. Located on the shores of Lake Van, this district has a more modern appearance compared to other cities. If you want to buy a Tatvan bus ticket, complete your transactions via obilet.com.

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Where to visit in Tatvan?

This district, located on the shores of Lake Van, is not only very close to the center of Bitlis; It can also be considered close to Van, Muş and Ağrı. Before you start visiting the surrounding cities, you can explore the places to visit in Tatvan.

Sorgun is one of the small settlements of Tatvan and is an area where military units are located. If you look at the opposite shore of Lake Van from Sorgun, you will see the projection of Atatürk lying on his back.

You can see the ruins of Tatvan Castle, an important work from the Ottoman period. Just like Tatvan Castle, Kalekıran Castle was destroyed when it was a castle with a commanding view of Tatvan surroundings. Only one hill remains today. This structure is a structure left over from the Persians.

Nemrut Mountain, located 1 hour away from Tatvan, is an important place to visit here. You can be sure that you will encounter a wonderful view, especially if you go out to watch the sunset. You can go here by joining the teams that organize trips. This is an extinct volcanic mountain, but a crater lake was formed as a result of explosions when it was active. You should definitely visit this one too.

What to eat in Tatvan?

You can eat delicious meat dishes and kebabs in Tatvan. Especially Tatvan kebab is a special taste you should try.

You should definitely eat local delicacies such as Büryan kebab, stuffed has, liver tablama, Şirin Kayakak, stuffed cucumber, teter, spinach meatballs, Çorti vaccine, cabbage mushki soup, tomato chile, rice noodles and katikli dola.

Where to stay in Tatvan?

Since Tatvan is a small district, there are limited accommodation opportunities. However, the existing ones are quite sufficient in terms of possibilities. You can benefit from accommodation options such as small hotels, army lodges and teachers' lodges.

You should come and explore Tatvan, even if only for the view of Lake Van. You can buy your Tatvan bus ticket via Obilet.com.


It is located in the east of Bitlis city center and in the west of Lake Van. The climate of the district is continental. Winters are quite harsh. Ferry services are organized on Lake Van. Urartians lived here. The Seljuks and therefore the Ottomans dominated these places. They left behind many historical artifacts and ruins. Despite the passing years and all the natural disasters, there are many works that have survived until today. Some works are restored if deemed necessary.

What You Need to Know After Buying a Tatvan Bus Ticket


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What you need to know after studying is that the district is located in one of the mountainous areas of Eastern Anatolia.

From the moment you start your journey, you can have the chance to instantly observe the changing ground structure, climate and environment.

It is possible to come across old buildings and local people on the way.

5 Reasons to Visit Tatvan

  • It has a nice atmosphere perfect for those who want to see different places.
  • Opportunity to see the unique Pearl Mullet in the world
  • Being able to observe the ruins of many historical civilizations
  • Being able to see Turkey's largest lake
  • The district can be visited to see Mount Nemrut.
  • Places to Visit in Tatvan

    When we look at the places to visit in the district; First, you can go to Lake Van, visit its shores, and travel by ferry.

    Except this; Tatvan Rahva Caravanserai can be visited. It has many rooms, baths and a mosque.

    Kalekıran Castle, Urartu Rock Tomb, St. George Monastery, Tatvan Tuğ Church are other noteworthy places that should definitely be seen.

    Tatvan bus ticket

    You can be impressed by the historical places and have a nice day.

    What to Eat in Tatvan? What is it famous for?

    Meat dishes are at the forefront of traditional tastes. First of all, it is Büryan kebab or also known as kuyu kebab.

    It is included in dishes made with legumes. Gari herb stuffed meatballs, Persian meatballs, pearl mullet, trout, and zucchini borani are some of the dishes of this district.

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    Tatvan Bus Stationı Kültür, 13200 Tatvan/Bitlis

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