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Information About Kozan

LAND AREA 1,903 km²
CITY Adana

Things You Need to Know After Buying the Kozan Bus Ticket

Kozan is one of the special districts of Adana. It is a place with unique characteristics with its plateaus and historical houses. You can make your Kozan bus ticket purchases via obilet.com.

Kozan bus services are mostly organized by local travel companies. You have the opportunity to see all of these companies in detail on obilet.com. You can choose the company that suits you by comparing prices and features. In this way, you can buy your Kozan bus ticket economically.

Where to visit in Kozan?

There are many historical and architectural structures worth seeing in Kozan.

Yaverin Mansion is one of the important representations of Kozan houses. You should definitely visit and see.

Hoşkadem Mosque, located in the bazaar, is also a historical building dating back to the Egyptians.

You should definitely see Kozan Stream and the historical bridge over it.

One of the important structures of the district is Kozan Castle. It contains historical ruins and inscriptions. You can have a pleasant time in the picnic areas around the castle. You should definitely see the Cilician Monastery located at the foot of the castle.

Another historically important structure that should be seen in the district is Karasis Castle, Bucak Castle and Yarıkkaya Castle.

You should also visit the Ancient City of Anavarza. There are important ruins in this ancient city, which spreads over a fairly large area.

What to eat in Kozan?

You can eat plenty of kebabs and meat dishes in this beautiful district of Adana.

Where to stay in Kozan?

There are accommodation facilities suitable for every budget and opportunity in the district.

Kozan is a must-see place with its historical buildings and unique atmosphere. You can set off by purchasing your bus ticket via Obilet.com.


Due to its fertile soil and ideal climatic conditions, it is the place where many civilizations came and went and fought wars. B.C. It is impressive with its history dating back to 1000 BC, and after the victory of Manzikert in 1071, it was completely included in Turkish territory. It was declared a province in 1923, but was later reduced to district status in 1926. The old name of Kozan is sis. The historical Sis Castle, which has survived to the present day, is located in a place overlooking Kozan with an altitude of 400 meters. The rift rock, the town and the Karasis castle are also located within the district borders.

What You Need to Know After Buying a Kozan Bus Ticket

Kozan bus terminal is located in the very center of the district, where you can meet all your needs while waiting and provide easy access to other provinces you want to travel to.

From large companies to small companies that provide transportation from nearby areas


It's a place you won't have any trouble finding.

5 Reasons to Visit Kozan
  • Kebab types
  • Fog Castle and Others
  • Historic Roman Bridge
  • Plateaus and Bucak Paradise Valley
  • Citrus Fruit and Kozan Honey
  • Places to Visit in Kozan

    To see the traces left behind by many civilizations that lived in Kozan, which is located between Çukurova and the Taurus Mountains,

    Kozan bus ticket

    That's reason enough to buy it. Kozan is a place you can't get enough of visiting with its Kozan (Sis) Castle, Anavarza Castle, Karasis Castle, Hoşkadem and Küçük Mosque, Cilician Armenian Monastery, Bedesten, Historical Roman Bridge, Monk's Cave, Baddal Gazi Dungeon and other historical buildings.

    What to Eat in Kozan? What is it famous for?Kozan

    The first thing that comes to mind is citrus fruit. Bitter orange jam is a jam specific to the region. It is true that a table cannot be set without greenery in Kozan, which is also famous for its kebab.

    Soup types such as liver shish, bulgur and milk soup, stuffed meatballs and gavur asi are among the famous local dishes in Kozan, where spices are used abundantly.

    Bus Stations in Kozan

    Kozan Bus Stationı Türkeli Mahallesi, 01510 Kozan/Adana