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LAND AREA 1,416 km²
CITY Mersin

Things You Need to Know After Buying the Gulnar Bus Ticket

Gülnar is one of the districts of Mersin. The historical past of this district, embraced by Toros, is also very deep-rooted. You can complete your Gülnar bus ticket purchases via Obilet.com.

All companies providing Gulnar bus services are local travel companies. You can see all of these with detailed features on obilet.com. You can choose the company that suits you by comparing prices and features. You can also buy your Gulnar bus ticket economically.

Where to visit in Gülnar?

There are several historical buildings you can visit in Gülnar. These structures; Kırshu-Meydancık Castle, Zeyne Tomb and Sheikh Ömer Tomb. Also, since the sea is 25 km away, you can go and swim in the sea.

What to eat in Gülnar?

You can eat the best grapes and chickpeas in the country here. Spicy arapasi is also a must-eat delicacy.

Where to stay in Gülnar?

Gulnar is a small place. For now, the only place you will use for accommodation is the teacher's home.

Gulnar is a must-see place with its historical and religious structures and even its charming atmosphere. If you go to Mersin, do not leave without seeing it. You can buy your bus ticket via Obilet.com.

It is one of the old settlement areas in Mersin's historical timeline.


It is 64 km away. Located in the northern part of the Mediterranean region and in the center of lakes, the district is around the Taşeli plateau and is in the mountain slopes and flat valley passage.

Significant developments are being made in fruit growing and marble mining (mining), practices that balance the economy of the region. In addition, these commercial centers and tourism activities of the district lead the formation of travels for sightseeing and holiday purposes. Additionally, Sipahili stream - Erikli stream, which is along the Göksu river, is located in the region.

What You Need to Know After Buying a Gulnar Bus Ticket

Gulnar district hosts interesting visuals of historical waves, and its terrain is excellent with important passages between periods. The transportation services of the district, known for its natural beauties, are carried out in harmony to ensure that trips are made every hour.

In this context, the relative activities of the district are structured around natural beauties and their valuable effects, and the breezes integrated with magnificent presentations are at the forefront.

5 Reasons to Visit Gülnar

  • The historical ruins of the region have been standing for centuries with their magnificent construction style.
  • All kinds of activities are carried out along with the way the vegetation is shaped.
  • Its perfect breezes can be seen harmoniously from every corner of the district.
  • The nature of the district becomes another facet of the trips with its river reflection.
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  • Following the training, fun evenings are lively.
  • Places to Visit in Gulnar

    Gülnar district, one of the beautiful spots of Mersin, has completely different features with its reflections of nature accompanied by its architectural works.


    Kiršu Meydancık castle, Zeyne tomb, Sheikh Ömer tomb and central mosque are worth seeing in the region where sightseeing places are examined with pleasure after the reception. In addition, the meadow areas, one of the natural beauties of the district, are also preferred for alternative trips.

    What to Eat in Gülnar? What is it famous for?

    Gülnar district is famous for its cherries and grape molasses, as well as its magnificent vegetation. You should definitely try tantuni and kerebiç, which are delicious local flavors. Additionally, Tarsus kebab, sikma, doughless, and golavez are among its special dishes.

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    Gülnar Bus Stationı 33705 Gülnar/Mersin

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