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LAND AREA 608 km²
CITY Muğla

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Hotels in Dalaman

When you think of a holiday, if the things that come to your mind include a clean sea, exquisite beaches to lie on, and top-notch hotel options, then Dalaman would make an ideal vacation destination for you. As a matter of fact, Dalaman is among Turkey’s most popular tourist centers with its extraordinary bays, beaches, and historical sites to explore in true awe. If you are planning to visit Turkey, you should definitely consider visiting Dalaman for a unique swimming experience in its beautiful bays, to say the least. From hotels in Dalaman with water park to cozy boutique hotels, you can expect to be bombarded with solid options for accommodation.

How to Get to Dalaman?

For starters, the good news is that Dalaman is an easy destination to reach. If you first land in a different city in Turkey, you can travel to Dalaman via rental cars as the journey is quite pleasant thanks to the magnificent scenery the Aegean region is blessed with. It is good to know that Dalaman is really close to some other tourism centers. It is 298 kilometers away from İzmir, 759 kilometers away from İstanbul, and 673 kilometers to Ankara. If you don’t have access to a private vehicle, on the other hand, you can use the Muğla Bus Terminal to reach Dalaman. Most bus companies have shuttles going to Dalaman center. Also, you can use public transportation or minibus services from there.

If you prefer to travel by air, you are in great luck too since Dalaman has an international airport. The airport, which is one of the busiest airports in the whole country, provides access to all parts of Muğla and is located 6 kilometers from the Dalaman town center. There are alsohotels in Dalaman airportwhich are especially convenient for resting between connecting flights. Also, if you look for hotels in Dalaman all inclusive,you may have a VIP service that can bring you to your hotel.

Getting Around in Dalaman

You don’t have to worry about moving between the various parts of Dalaman either as you won’t have to rent a car in order to enjoy Dalaman given that it is a small, tightly packed town. Meaning that, you can reach almost everywhere on foot once you arrive at Dalaman unless you wish to explore the greater area. Most popular restaurants and bars are really close to hotels in Dalaman and town centers. Therefore, you can walk or rent a bike to get around in Dalaman. Also, there are different public transportation options available if walking is not your cup of tea. Not to mention, taxis remain a reliable option for those visiting Dalaman.

When to Visit Dalaman?

Dalaman is a city suitable for vacation in almost all seasons with its high average temperature. This lovely district of Muğla province attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists with its ancient cities as well as convenient weather conditions throughout the year. In the winter months, a lot of rain falls in the region, which gives it an almost tropical quality.

Dalaman also hosts many festivals, therefore, you can plan your trip around the ones you think you will enjoy to spice up your holiday. The Dalaman Green Diamond Bicycle Festival, for example, would make a great choice. Apart from this, various festivals are held in Ortaca, which is only 10 kilometers away from Dalaman, and in Köyceğiz, which is 28 kilometers away. Some of the annual festivals held around the Dalaman region include the following:

  • Dalaman Green Diamond Bicycle Festival (May)
  • International Open Water Swimming Race (İztuzu-Ortaca - April)
  • Atatürk Bridge Festival (Ortaca – May)
  • Agriculture, Environment and Tourism Festival (Ortaca - June)
  • Ekin Art Days (Ortaca - September)
  • Golden Lion Turkish Film Festival (Köyceğiz - August)
  • Bridge Festival (Köyceğiz - July)
  • Motorcycle Festival (Köyceğiz - July)
  • Bicycle Festival (Köyceğiz - October)

Needless to say, when you visit Dalaman, you should plan a holiday of at least 4-5 days to take advantage of its virgin bays, stunning beaches, and last but not least, best hotels in Dalaman.

Dalaman Must-See Places

Dalaman, one of Turkey’s most beautiful districts, welcomes its visitors as the first stop for those who want to relax around pristine nature, fantastic atmosphere, and history dating back to ancient civilisations. To enhance your trip, you can consider paying a visit to the following places:

  • Kaunos Ancient City:One of the must-visit places for holiday lovers coming to the area, Kaunos Ancient City is 67 km from Dalaman and is located in the Dalyan district. The rock tombs in the region were built in the 4th century BC and then used in the Roman Period. 3-kilometer-long decorated walls are some of the most eye-catching details about this ancient city. At the same time, there are fountains, baths, a theater, and a temple that draw considerable attention. There are also a frieze and a pediment with two Ionic columns in Kaunos. You can closely explore the view of the pediments with lion reliefs and share the historical texture of this ancient city while sipping on your coffee before nature. It is also possible to watch the caretta carettas famous in the region.
  • Sarsala Bay:One of the most important places you should see during your visit to Dalaman is undoubtedly Sarsala Bay. Sarsala is in fact a gorgeous bay with a fine sandy beach and a fantastic view covered with pine trees 12 kilometers from Dalaman. Next to the bay, you can enjoy Turkish tea with your family and loved ones and take #TBT-worthy holiday photos.
  • Dalaman Stream: This stream is yet another natural wonder that attracts considerable tourist attention. Especially if you are a lover of extreme sports, you can spend hours in the cool waters of the Dalaman Stream. Dalaman Stream, with a total length of 229 kilometers, is fed with natural limestone, and the color of the stream is quite clear and has turquoise tones. For holiday lovers who want to enjoy rafting on the river, the difficulty level of the upper section is 5, and the difficulty level of the lower section is 3-4. When it comes to Akköprü, the speed of the water decreases, and the level of difficulty decreases.
  • Bedri Rahmi Bay:Located in Dalaman and named after the famous Turkish painter Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu, this bay features a drawing of a fish figure by the painter himself. Bedri Rahmi Bay, where transportation is available by boat tours, is a true beauty, to say the least. In this bay with a small pier, you can take impressive photos with your loved ones and preserve the pleasant memories of your holiday.
  • Sarıgerme Beach:The sea at Sarıgerme Beach, which is known as one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean region, is very clean and clear. There is also an establishment with affordable prices for you to dine on this beach with slightly wavy water. You can spend some time in peace on this beach, immersing yourself in the cool waters of the Mediterranean.
  • Dalyan King Tombs:Located very close to Dalaman, Dalyan King Tombs is one of the most visited sites in the greater region. According to a legend, the tombs are positioned upwards to be close to God.
  • Iztuzu Beach:Located within the borders of Muğla, Iztuzu Beach is a 4 kilometers long beach with clean waters. Here it is possible to watch the Caretta Caretta in their natural environment where you can come either by your own car or by minibusses departing from the center of Dalaman.

What to Do in Dalaman?

Dalaman is a vibrant place brimming with history, nature, and the sea. That being the case, it is always a good idea to explore bays in and around Dalaman. Sarsala Bay, for example, is one of the magnificent bays where you can enjoy the sea. It has fine sand and a glass-like sea in which there is no construction. Likewise, Göbün Bay, which looks like a tropical island, has a turquoise and sparkling sea where you can enjoy swimming with colorful fish surrounded by history. Boynuzbükü Bay is marked with its calm sea and stunning views. Akbükü Bay, where you can visit the ancient city of Karia and the ruins of Keramos, on the other hand, is the address of quality time with its quiet, calm, and calm blue waters. Here you can find some of the best Dalaman hotels near beach.

Generally speaking, planning a trip of at least 4 or 5 days to fully enjoy Dalaman is enough. Yet you may need more time if you want to dive into the long-rooted history of the greater region because ancient cities in the region attract the attention of visitors. After all, Dalaman comes to the fore with its history of civilizations including the Kavali, Lukkas, Persians, Athenians, Romans, Byzantines, and Ottomans apart from its beaches and bays, one more beautiful than the other.

Dalaman is also a great place for people who appreciate good food. Although most of the restaurants and bars in Dalaman are fish restaurants where freshly caught local fish are served, you can find many restaurants and cafes with diverse menus featuring both local and international cuisine.

Not to mention the nightclubs and bars where you can have fun with music and dance until the first light of the morning! As a matter of fact, Dalaman has a lively nightlife including private beach parties and exclusive DJ performances.

Dalaman Hotel Prices

Dalaman hotel prices vary depending on the season, location or the hotel’s services. As you can already guess, 5 star hotels in Dalamancan turn out quite expensive especially if you book at the last minute. But, if you already have a holiday plan in mind for Dalaman, you can take advantage of early booking opportunities and stay in some of the most luxurious hotels at much more affordable prices. If you are visiting the region on a whim, you can find pretty cheap hotels in Dalaman, Turkey too as this popular holiday resort comes with many choices.Alongside being varied, hotels in Dalaman Turkeyare some of the best in the country in terms of service quality regardless of the hotel type. Dalaman hotels stand out by providing quality service at affordable costs. The scope of services and hotel concepts such as all-inclusive, ultra-all-inclusive, half-board, and bed and breakfast also influence the prices, however, In Dalaman, there is an accommodation option for every budget and everyone who wants to have a holiday in touch with the sea and nature.

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