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LAND AREA 285 km²
CITY İzmir

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Hotels in Çeşme

A star of the Aegean region, Çeşme is the ultimate place for those who want a holiday nothing short of extraordinary. Located in Izmir province, one the major cities in the country, Çeşme is a popular holiday resort where millions of local and international tourists flock to during the summer months. The district is suitable for visitations all throughout the year since mild, Mediterranean climate prevails here, however, summer is the best time to benefit from the sun and sea duo. As a result of the district’s popularity and high demand, hotels in Çeşme Turkey come with many options tailored to different needs and expectations. As a matter of fact, Çeşme hotels owe their reputation with their first-rate services, safe and high-quality environment, and luxury amenities such as bars and restaurants, gym centers, saunas and spa centers. You can also find hotels operating with different concepts from boutique hotels in Çeşme to bed and breakfasts, appealing to all tastes and budgets. Luxury hotels are by far the most common type of hotels, however, that is not to say that you can’t find affordable lodging alternatives. Even though the luxury is closely associated with the district, Çeşme doesn’t turn down those traveling on a budget. Instead, you can easily make arrangements for a comfortable stay at reasonable prices. In a nutshell, Çeşme is a solid option if you are looking for a high-end holiday town where you can both enjoy nature and have a premium experience.

Places to Visit in Çeşme

One of the most important factors that makes Çeşme so appealing is that there is so much to see here. From its picturesque nature to cozy villages, from cobblestone streets to artisan shops, the district is filled with places to explore including the following:

  • Çeşme Castle: Constructed in 1508, during the reign of Bayezid II, Çeşme Castle is one of the most popular symbols of the district which is adjacent to Cumhuriyet Square. Due to its superb design and panoramic outlook, this Ottoman structure which greets its guests with the statue of Kaptanı-Derya Hasan Pasha in front of its main gate, is one of the first stops of every visitor.
  • Çeşme Bazaar:An original choice it is, this bazaar is the place where you can meet your daily needs and ultimately find valuable souvenirs for yourself or your loved ones. The famous Rumeli Patisserie located here, for example, has been in business since 1945 and sells cookies and jams which make practical gifts. On another note, you can find some cheap hotels in Çeşme near where this bazaar is set up.
  • Aya Yorgi Bay:One of the most scenic Çeşme bays that easily captures the hearts of its visitors, Aya Yorgi Bay is a famous spot in Sakarya District, only a kilometer away from the district's hub. The bay's beach clubs are especially popular for unforgettable nights with shows and exclusive DJ performances.
  • Delikli Bay:Delikli means perforated in Turkish and the name of this bay comes from a gap that naturally formed in the rock that divides the two beaches. Situated between Alaçatı and Ovacık, Delikli Bay is a must see as it is the center of surfing tourism.
  • Germiyan Village:Another great place to be while in Çeşme, Germiyan Village, which is only around 23 kilometers east of the town center is the paradise for foodies, to say the least. You can enjoy the finest examples from local cuisine in this cozy village.
  • Eşek Island:Eşek attracts many visitors thanks to its clean bays and unique location suitable for underwater sports and it is easily accessible via daily boat tours.
  • Alaçatı:One of the most popular holiday destinations in the country, Alaçatı is the number place that comes to mind when Çeşme is mentioned. It is primarily known for its exclusive beaches, stone houses, colorful cobblestone streets, and vibrant nightlife. If you are looking for a deluxe holiday experience, you can consider making a reservation at one of the hotels in Çeşme Alaçatı.

How to Get to Çeşme?

After you have made your reservation in hotels in Çeşme, one more arrangement remains to be made: transportation. There are several ways to get to Çeşme, but the main means is almost always the airway. The closest airport to Çeşme is called “İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport” and its distance to the city center is only around 14 kilometers which makes it all the more convenient. You can also easily get to Çesme once you land at the airport via different modes of transportation including shuttles and buses. The journey generally takes an hour or so. If you do not want to use public transportation options, on the other hand, renting a car from a car rental agency and driving to Çeşme would be yet another option. In this way, while traveling to Çeşme, you will be able to see many places along the road. Apart from flights, you can also reach Izmir via intercity buses that depart from many cities within the country. While the bus is an affordable option compared to flights, you should be aware of the fact that the journey might turn out to be longer than you expected depending on your initial destination. It is all up to you, in the end!

Çeşme 5 Star Hotels

A popular destination for luxury holidays, Çeşme doesn’t disappoint when it comes to lodging. It is in fact famous for deluxe hotels often located by the seaside. Therefore, if you want to receive the best services, the address is clear: 5 star hotels in Çeşme Turkey. With the scope of their services, and luxury amenities they offer such as fitness facilities, spa centers, VIP transfers, private pools, adjustable beds, and jacuzzi, these hotels constitute the best hotels in Çeşme İzmir for a reason. They enable guests to enjoy their long awaited vacations to the fullest. Not to mention, their rooms are often blessed with a view of the stunning nature of Çeşme. Thanks to the quality of the services and amenities that they provide, many tourists choose luxury hotels in Çeşme for many special occasions such as weddings, not only for the holidays. That being the case, it is highly recommended that you secure a place as soon as possible as Çeşme bookingcomes with challenges pertaining to high prices during the peak season and high occupancy rates.

Çeşme All Inclusive Hotels

Imagine a holiday in which you don’t have to worry about any additional charges. It must sound amazing, right? This is exactly what hotels operating with an all inclusive concept promises to their customers. A distinguished place for luxury holidays, Çeşme is the ultimate route for all in one package deals. As a matter of fact, all inclusive hotels in Çeşme are among the most preferred types of hotels by visitors as they are pretty convenient and cost effective. All inclusive packages include all the cost of the services that the hotels provide. That is to say, apart from the fee of accommodation, all meals and drinks, and some entertainment activities are also covered at the price. Correspondingly, hotels in Çeşme all inclusivebring everything to the feet of their guests, not only to meet their daily needs, but also to allow them to pamper themselves during their stay. Not to mention, early bird reservations can give you an affordable holiday opportunity at luxury hotels in Çeşme where you can have the best time of your life! If you are already remotely interested in the idea of a Çeşme vacation, then start searching for special discounts and seasonal opportunities. As a rule of thumb, try booking during the off season for lower costs!

The Best Beaches in Çeşme

Among its many other perks, exquisite beaches located in and around Çeşme is what makes the district so popular among tourists. Likewise, Çeşme hotels on the beach are widely preferred for their proximity to the sea. If you are looking for a place to make the most of your vacation benefiting from the Aegean sea and sun, then you should consider paying a visit to the beaches listed below:

  • Altınkum Beach: Only 10 minutes from the heart of Çeşme, Altınkum Beach welcomes you with its buzzing beach clubs and a 500-meter long spotless sand. Public transit makes it simple to go to the beach where you can enjoy the calm waves of the Aegean sea and lie under the sun.
  • Ilıca Beach:A beach where you can swim not only in the summer but also in the spring and fall due to its subsurface water sources, Ilıca beach draws tourists with its many beauties and characteristics. The warm, mineral-rich waters of this 3-kilometer-long beach, a must-stop for people seeking healing, enable surfing as well.
  • Dalyan Beach:Dalyan is located in the north of the peninsula, and it is one of the ultimate places where you can have the chance to observe the casual Aegean life. For those looking for some peaceful and quiet time, there are a few beach facilities where you can swim from the pier as well as a public beach where you can enjoy the sea for free in the residential area.
  • Çeşme Çark Beach:Çark Beach is a popular surfing location where you can enjoy the sea and sun duo to the fullest. The shallow waters here make it especially suitable for families with kids as swimming or playing in the sea is much easier. It also remains one of the best beaches for both surfing and learning how to surf.
  • Boyalık Beach:With its fine-grained sand and warm sea, Boyalık Beach is one of the most popular beaches for tourists. Located in the center of Çeşme, this beach mostly receives the attention of families with kids.

What to Do in Çeşme?

Zero chance of getting bored if you are to visit Çeşme, to say the least! There is just so much to do in this lovely Aegean town to spice up your holiday. You can participate in various activities including:

  • Joining A Boat Cruise:If you would like to explore the virgin bays of Çeşme, the most sensible thing to do would be no other than joining a boat tour.
  • Going On A Hunt For Beach Clubs:If you are a party lover, the good news is that Çeşme is populated with exclusive beach clubs for which it is indeed famous. You can enjoy the music, dance until your feet hurt, drink, and have fun in Çeşme clubs.
  • Walking Along Çeşme Marina: You can take a quality stroll in Çeşme’s famous marina or stop by a nice restaurant here to enjoy tasty dishes from its local cuisine.
  • Visiting Alaçatı: With its old stone houses and cozy streets, Alaçatı is truly a sight to see. Here you can enjoy private beaches, or dine well in the restaurants around. As a friendly reminder, keep in mind that some of the best hotels in Çeşmeremain in this holiday resort.
  • Shopping:If you want to surprise your friends and family, you can buy authentic souvenirs for them from the shops scattered around Çeşme.

Historical Sites in Çeşme

For visitors who are interested in history, it is great news that Çeşme has many sites that have considerable historical value. If you wish to learn more about the history of Çeşme alongside the greater region, you can visit the following sites:

  • Erythrai Ancient City:A historically significant area known as the Erythrai Ancient City was discovered as a consequence of numerous excavations between 1964 and 1982. According to legend, Erythros, the son of the Cretan Rhadamanthys, founded the city, which gives the city its name. This ancient city, acknowledged as one of the twelve Ionian cities and is displayed as one of the most significant settlements of the ancient Aegean, is where the leading figures of the Ionian State are known to have resided.
  • Çeşme Museum:Remaining within the borders of Çeşme Castle, Çeşme Museum was first used as a museum in the second half of the 20th century despite having been abandoned in the 1800s. The castle was constructed in the 1600s during the Genoese period, and afterward it served as an Ottoman castle. The Çeşme Museum, which houses a vast range of historical and archaeological relics, including weaponry acquired from Istanbul, also has sculptures and coins. It is also worthwhile to visit the Stone Works Hall and the halls where artwork from the Ottoman-Russian Wars is on display.
  • Agios Haralambos Church:Agios Haralambos Church was built in 1832 and quickly rose to prominence as the most well-known church in the area. It stands out among the historical sites in Çeşme, where Christian and Greek residents resided before the exchange years. In fact, another church from the 18th century was erected on top of the present church.

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