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Information About Amasra

LAND AREA 178 km²
CITY Bartın

Things You Need to Know After Buying the Amasra Bus Ticket

Hotels in Amasra

A pearl of the Black Sea region, Amasra has a growing popularity among tourists for a reason. It is indeed the ultimate destination for nature lovers, promising a memorable getaway from the noise of the city. Hotels in Amasraare another case as they offer their guests the best experience by providing in-house restaurants and bars, cozy ambience, pool facilities, and many more, enabling them to rejuvenate during their stay. As visitors want to accommodate in a safe and clean space which also offers many services, Amasra hotelsare preferred by many each year. Thanks to its impeccable nature and serene surroundings, Amasra remains the most popular district of Bartın province, contributing greatly to the tourism of the city. Notably, the district is not only a true beauty to behold, but it is also an affordable alternative to those who are traveling on a budget. Cheap hotels in Amasra especially impress as they offer a one-of-a-kind hospitality experience despite offering a limited number of services.

Amasra Must See Places

Amasra is a lovely coastal district located in Bartın which has beautiful coves, beaches, and islands. The history of Amasra goes as far as three thousand years ago which makes it all the more appealing for those traveling as a part of culture tourism. After you have decided on which accommodation in Amasra to go for, it is time to plan your itinerary. You can consider checking out the must-see places below:

  • Amasra Castle: By far the most iconic symbol of the city, Amasra Castle was included in UNESCO’s tentative list of World Heritage in 2013. The castle was used actively during different periods including the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman eras. Amasra Castle, which is made up of two castles, perfectly complements the shore. The Sormagir Castle and the Zindan Castle are two of the castle's linking sections, both of which were renovated during the Genoese period in the 14th and 15th centuries. Through the medium of a bridge known as Kemere, they are linked to one another. The castle's 65-meter-long east side walls are made of stone. Not to mention, the boutique hotels in Amasra near the castle are highly recommended due to their perfect locations!
  • Weeping Tree: This locally renowned tree retains the liquid it absorbs from the sea and the air, returning it as drops in the spring and fall. Hence it appears to be crying. That’s why it is called the “weeping tree”. Quite popular among tourists and locals, the weeping tree is among top tourist attractions in Amasra.
  • Galla Bazaar:Galla Bazaar is located in the center of Bartın and here you can find many organic products such as tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers, yogurt, milk, all produced by the women of the region. Galla Bazaar is open from Tuesdays to Fridays and it is a unique place where you can buy practical gifts.
  • Kemere Bridge:Connecting two prominent neighborhoods to each other, Kemere Bridge is one of the key symbols of Amasra. It was built during the Roman period and it still stands tall. Also, it is on the route to the “weeping tree”.

How to Get to Amasra?

If you have questions about how to get to Amasra, rest assured that you do not need to worry as it is an easily reachable district. Transportation to the region heavily depends on the highway, meaning that you can get to Amasra by the main road from all cities in Turkey. You can travel via a private or rental car if you are up for the journey. But, you should know that most people opt for the intercity bus services unless they want to drive ahead and prefer renting a car. Ticket prices for intercity bus transportation, on the other hand, depend on the starting point of your journey. But luckily, they tend to turn out quite affordable. All you need to do is to book your seat either using online ticket service providers, or by visiting the terminals. In addition, you can use the airway which is often the fastest and the most convenient way. To reach Amasra by using air transportation, you must first land in Zonguldak (Saltukova) Airport, which is very close to Bartın, only 40 kilometers away. From there, you can reach Amasra by using public transport.

Accommodation in Amasra

Despite being a small coastal town in Bartın which has a population of no more than 200.000, Amasra manages to meet the expectations of its visitors when it comes to lodging. Here you can find various options including quality hotels offering a number of services to facilitate your stay to cozier boutique hotels where you can find the comfort of your own home. It is no surprise that location is the number one factor when choosing a place to stay and many people opt for the accommodation options near the most visited tourist attractions to facilitate their sightseeing. That being said, the best hotels in Amasra more often than not refer to those around these sites, providing extensive services. If you want a more private holiday experience, secluded in nature, however, you can opt for a bungalow in Amasra which is a growing concept. Amasra hotel prices, on the other hand, depend on various factors such as the location of the hotels, hotel concepts (half-board, full board, etc.), and room types. It goes without saying, Amasra is a place where people on a strict budget can find cheap hotels as much as those who want to pamper themselves can find luxury hotels.

What to Eat in Amasra?

Amasra is a place where you can enjoy traditional food to the fullest. You can find many restaurants that serve food unique to the greater region at affordable prices. If you are eager to taste traditional food when you visit Amasra, top recommendations are as follows:

  • Amasra Salad:This salad that has an ornamented look, is a feast both to the eyes and the stomach. You can especially order Amasra salad as a side dish for your meaty main courses.
  • Amasra Çöven Bread:The rectangular pan known as the "çöven" serves as the inspiration for the sourdough bread that is prepared in wood-fired stone ovens.
  • Organic Jams: Organic jams made out of seasonal fruits are especially the stars of breakfasts and you can buy them at local bazaars around Amasra.
  • Yogurt with Honey:This simple yet tasty local dessert made of yogurt, honey and crushed nuts is a must try for the visitors of Amasra.
  • Cookies with Fruits:Cookies made with dried fruits are among the most popular and delicious traditional desserts in Bartın province.
  • Bartın Mantısı (Bartın Dumpling): Bartın mantısı is distinct from the original mantı in terms of the usage of rice in the fillings. It is certainly a delicious local flavor and a must-try.

Historical Sites in Amasra

If you are interested in history and enjoy visiting historical sites, Amasra would make a great place for you thanks to its history that goes back to thousands of years ago. There you can find significant historical sites that are worth visiting and places where you will be able to learn more about the history of the region. Recommendations include:

  • Amasra Museum:In a modest chamber of the city hall, Amasra Museum— Amasra's first and only museum—was initially established in 1955. There are a total of 4 display halls in the Amasra Museum, including 2 ethnographic and 2 archaeological ones. In addition to the interior components, the museum's garden has antiquities from the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Genoese, and Ottoman eras.
  • Amasra Ancient Theater: Situated in Kum District on the southern slope of Aya Yorgi Hill, Amasra Ancient Theater is one of the most significant relics of the Roman era which is unfortunately destroyed heavily. This building previously had a theatrical element but has been used as a cemetery since the 19th century. However, the good news is that archaeological research has been initiated once again due to the affluence of artifacts in the region from different periods such as the Hellenistic, Classical, Archaic as well as Genoese, Seljuk and Ottoman eras.
  • Amasra Lighthouse:The oldest lighthouse in the Black Sea region is Amasra Lighthouse which was constructed in 1863. Before 1980, the 77-meter-tall Amasra Lighthouse was illuminated with gas; however, following that year, electricity was used to power it. The lighthouse, which is situated near Boztepe, Amasra, gives tourists a chance to enjoy Tavşan Island's natural beauty on one side and a magnificent sunset view on the other. While visiting the lighthouse, it's also possible to spot dolphins swimming across the water. There is a 3-meter-long antique dwelling structure next to the Amasra Lighthouse. Fourth-generation Fenerci resident Ahmet Demirci still resides in this area.
  • Amasra Kemerdere Bridge: The Amasra Kemerdere Bridge was constructed during the reign of Roman Emperor Claudius and is in Cevizlik Valley, 3 km from the city of Amasra. Large chunks of granite were used to construct the bridge, which continues the Amasra Kuşkayası Road Monument. At the foot of the bridge is a painting of seven warriors with spears during the Greek-Pontus War. The Amasra Kuşkayası Road Monument and this bridge are among the most significant historical buildings from the Byzantine era in Amasra.

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