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LAND AREA 492 km²
CITY Zonguldak

Things You Need to Know After Buying the Çaycuma Bus Ticket

Çaycuma is one of the important touristic districts of Zonguldak. It stands out with the ancient city it hosts. If you want to explore this place, you can purchase Çaycuma bus tickets via obilet.com.

Çaycuma bus services are organized only by local travel companies. You can see all the companies in detail on obilet.com. You can make price and feature comparisons between them. You can buy your Çaycuma bus ticket by choosing the company that suits you best.

Where to visit in Çaycuma?

In Çaycuma, you should definitely see Filyos Town, the largest ancient city of the Black Sea region. It is located on the coastal part of Filyos Town and is the first and only excavated archaeological city on the Black Sea coast. You should see the Filyos Castle, the eastern hill, the old port, the coastal wall, the aqueduct, the vaulted gallery and the theater here. Filyos Stream, which is of great natural importance, is also located here.

You should definitely see the Çaycuma Bridge on the Filyos Stream and the Çayır Village Water Cave.

What to eat in Çaycuma?

The famous food of Çaycuma is yoghurt. Especially do not return without eating buffalo yoghurt. Among the dishes, you should definitely try the stuffed onion.

Where to stay in Çaycuma?

The number of accommodation facilities you can stay in Çaycuma is small, but the ones that exist will meet your needs. You can stay in a hotel or a teacher's home.

Çaycuma is a special place that must be visited with its ancient city. You should enjoy the historical and natural beauties of this place. You can buy your bus ticket via Obilet.com.


It is one of the 8 districts of Zonguldak, which has a coast to the Black Sea. Located on the east side of Zonguldak, the district is bordered by the Black Sea to the north, Bartın to the east, and Devrek to the south.

This settlement, located on the valley formed by the Filyos stream, has rugged and mountainous terrain. Zonguldak airport is also located in the Saltukova town of this district. Due to the high number of immigrants coming from abroad, Zonguldak airport usually hosts international flights.

What You Need to Know After Buying a Caycuma Bus Ticket

It is one of the important districts of Zonguldak province. The district is a touristic settlement. The district stands out with its mosaics and ancient cities dating back to Roman times.

At the same time, since it is on the Black Sea coast, it is the first stop of local and foreign holidaymakers. Zonguldak to go here


You can reach there via minibuses departing from the city center to Çaycuma district.

Reason to Visit Çaycuma

  • It is a settlement that stands out with its ancient cities and mosaics dating back to the Roman period.
  • It is a region that hosts local and foreign guests with its historical, cultural values, local delicacies, and friendly and smiling people.
  • In history, it has been the settlement of many civilizations such as Cimmerians, Phrygians, Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans and Seljuks.
  • It has experienced great development especially after the establishment of the Republic.
  • It comes to light with its cultural and historical values.
  • Places to Visit in Çaycuma

    You can start your Çaycuma trip in Filo, the important ancient city of the Black Sea. You should definitely visit the Filyos Castle, the Old Port, the Eastern Hill aqueduct, the coastal wall, the theater and the vaulted gallery in Filyos. Filyos'a stream, famous for its natural beauties, is also located in this region.

    Also, do not pass by without seeing Çaycuma village, Çaycuma bridge and water cave located on the Filyos stream. Apart from these, the tomb ruins of Kayabaşı village from the Romans and the tomb ruins of Sarmaşık village are also historical places that you should visit and see. Do not end your trip to Çaycuma without visiting Gözdağı, Gâvur Ambarı and Veli Baba Hill.

    What to Eat in Çaycuma? What is it famous for?

    Çaycuma's famous flavor is buffalo yoghurt and onion stuffing. To return from your trip to Çaycuma


    Don't leave without trying these delicacies before purchasing. You should especially try the buffalo yoghurt.

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    Çaycuma Bus Stationı İstasyon Mahallesi İstasyon Cd. No:2 67900 Çaycuma/Zonguldak

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