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Information About Akcakoca

LAND AREA 380 km²
CITY Düzce

Things You Need to Know After Buying the Akcakoca Bus Ticket

Hotels in Akçakoca

Akçakoca, a charming town in the Western Black Sea region, in Düzce province to be exact, is a great option for a getaway due to its historical sites and natural beauty. One of the first things that comes to mind when Akçakoca is mentioned is in fact its stunning beaches where you can immerse yourself in the cool blue waters of the Black Sea. Good news is that you can find many options for hotels in Akçakoca, if you are planning a trip to this region.

Akçakoca, which has started to attract the attention of tourists especially after 1950, is one of the most visited places in the region due to its magnificent nature and sandy beach deck on its 35 km long coastline. Majority of Akçakoca hotelsare also located nearby the beaches or within walking distance. Needless to say, it is always good to take the changeable weather on the Black Sea into account and get information about the weather in Akçakoca before going on vacation regardless of the season. However, in general terms, it is safe to say that you can tour the region with its historical, cultural and natural beauties at any time during the four seasons.

Akçakoca Must See Places

Used as a set up for a Turkish movie, Akçakoca comes with a handful of places to explore including the following:

  • Genoese Castle:Located approximately 3 km from the city center, Genoese Castle is one of the most impressive places in Akçakoca in terms of both historical value and natural beauty. You can make the most of the beaches at the foot of this castle, have a quality picnic or gaze at this historic monument that has managed to remain up until today from the Hellenistic and Roman periods. A pro tip: Some of the best hotels in Akçakoca are situated near and/or around Genoese Castle.
  • Fakıllı Cave:One of the most popular spots for nature tourism, Fakıllı Cave has a total length of 1012 meters. It is believed that the cave does good to those with diseases such as asthma and shortness of breath. As a semi-active cave, Fakıllı Cave is rich in dripstones.
  • Hemşin Köyü Mosque:15 kilometers away from Akçakoca, this mosque was built by the residents coming from Hemşin Village in Artvin after the Ottoman-Russian war in 1877. One of the best examples of stonemasonry and çantı technique (a traditional method of building house walls out of wood, without driving a nail), Hemşin Köyü Mosque receives considerable attention thanks to its authenticity and historic texture.
  • Kurugöl Canyon: 14 kilometers away from the district center, Kurugöl Canyon can be easily reached by a private vehicle and is ideal for nature lovers as well as those looking for a one-day getaway route. Its lush green nature and scenic waterfall makes Kurugöl Canyon one of the top tourist attractions in the greater region.
  • Torkul Plateau and Torkul Pond:Easily accessible and blessed with magnificent nature, Torkul Plateau is a must for those looking for a quality time, away from the hustle. Here you can go trekking, have a picnic, or just cherish the serenity in the forest. Located in Düzce Uğurköyü, this place is frequented by the campers as well. Those looking for cheap hotels in Akçakoca, might consider accommodating here, to say the least.

How to Get to Akçakoca?

One of the most important components of any trip is surely the means of transportation. Located in Düzce province, approximately 250 kilometers from Istanbul, Akçakoca is not difficult to reach via different routes and modes of transportation. You can get to the district easily via the main road Especially if you are to travel from a nearby city such as Istanbul and Bolu, bus would be the most logical option as it is both cheap and convenient. Not to mention, the journey will be quite delightful without a doubt as Black Sea region where Akçakoca is located has world-wide fame for its immaculate nature. Likewise, renting a car would be a great choice as you can customize your trip and decide freely on your circuit. It is also good to note that you can get to Akçakoca from the center of Düzce via public transport such as minibuses and buses as well as taxis.

Akçakoca Accommodation Options

First and foremost, Akçakoca doesn’t disappoint when it comes to lodging. Accommodation in Akçakocais indeed varied and many quality hotels have great locations on the seashore, offering accommodation against the backdrop of a magnificent landscape and hence provide their guests a luxurious and comfortable stay. The complexes located on a vast territory offer services for business and private organizations with a conference hall, and also offers its guests a pleasant stay with a private beach and an outdoor pool. 5-star hotels in Akçakoca also offer their guests premium amenities such as a jacuzzi, sauna, massage and hammam. Live music events are also held on certain days in these hotels.

As for a cheaper alternative, apart-hotels in Akçakoca which allow you to feel at home, offer comfortable accommodation too with their furnished rooms and amenities that guests may need during their holidays. More often than not their facilities include wireless internet access, parking lots, laundry and dry cleaning services. On another note, booking a room in one of the coastal hotels of Akçakoca which offer a magnificent view of the city of Düzce is highly recommended for those who want to spend a calm and relaxing holiday.

Akçakoca Boutique Hotels

There are various types of hotels in the district, however, Boutique Hotels in Akçakoca are perhaps the most preferred type as they are nicely located and they give the necessary space to their guests to have an exclusive holiday experience. Boutique hotels in Akçakoca are able to offer a wide range of services that help visitors make their stay more than just a place to sleep: it becomes an additional highlight of their trip. Since they want to be a one-of-a-kind host, boutique hotels pay close attention to even the tiniest things, from their locations in popular parts of the city to their interior design choices.

They also provide exceptional customized service and use the best products in their restaurants. They can be found in prominent locations around the district, whether they are located in old structures of historical significance or just modern structures that combine elegance and history to blend in with their environment.

Akçakoca hotel pricesare, on the other hand, subject to change depending on certain factors such as the location of the hotel, hotel concepts and room types, the duration of the stay and the dates of accommodation. In general terms, accommodation in Akçakoca is not likely to turn pricey, however, early reservations always come handy as far as cost efficiency is concerned!

Bus Stations in Akcakoca

Akçakoca Otogarı Ayazlı Mah. Nilifer Sok. 81650 Akçakoca/Düzce
Akçakoca Akçakoca, Düzce, Türkiye

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