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Located in central Anatolia, Sivas is one of the oldest and the most significant settlements in the region, reflecting the beauty of Anatolia through its authentic texture. It is known to have emerged during the rule of the Romans whose influences are still present. Having hosted many civilizations and communities throughout its history, Sivas is rich in historical artifacts as well. Since it is the second largest city in Turkey after Konya in terms of surface area, the places to visit here are spread over a wide area. Don’t worry though, you can easily get around the city via public transport or private vehicles. Not to mention, the comfort of Sivas hotelswhere you can relieve the tiredness of the day as a small break from your culture trip. As a matter of fact, accommodation in Sivas is diverse and welcomes all budgets. A great location for culture tourism, Sivas promises an enriching experience in terms of history, art, and civilization alongside its gastronomic heritage. Get ready for a bustling sightseeing tour, to say the least!

Must See Places in Sivas

Sivas, known by the name Sivasteia in Byzantine Greek, is not only one of the most significant locations in central Anatolia but it is also the ultimate destination to see the traces of the Seljuks. It also owes its gravity to being located on the Silk Road and the King's Road which used to be the main trade routes. That being the case, Sivas is almost like an archeological site where you can expect to find monumental historical landmarks alongside natural wonders. The list is quite long, however, you can begin your excursion with the places below:

  • Divriği Ulu Mosque:Became part of UNESCO World Heritage list in 1985, Divriği Ulu Mosque was built during Mengujekids dynasty and is one of the best examples of stonemasonry. A masterpiece of Islamic architecture, this mosque is a complex consisting of a hospital and a shrine with double domes.
  • Atatürk Congress Building and Ethnography Museum:Located in the city center, this Ethnography Museum was designated as the headquarters of the national War of Independence by Ataturk and delegation committee in 1919. Therefore, it has a special place in the history of the republic. In the museum, personal belongings of Atatürk and his friends, as well as many works belonging to the War of Independence period are exhibited.
  • Gök Madrasah:One of the most iconic works of the Seljuk Empire, Gök Madrasah is the ultimate structure to see Turkish architecture and decorative art. Priorly served as a place for religious teachings, it was turned into a museum in 1926 and now receives the attention of tourists visiting the city.
  • Eğri Bridge: Translated into English as the Bent Bridge or the Curved Bridge, it is located on Kızılırmak where the Silk road continued for ages. The bridge was believed to be built in the medieval period, and then rebuilt in the late-Ottoman era. Eğri Bridge is one of the most scenic points in Sivas which makes it a must-see for some good footage!
  • Lake Gökpınar:One of the most beautiful natural wonders of the Sivas province, Lake Gölpınar is known for its crystal clear and azure blue waters. Located in Gürün district, 10 kilometers away from the district center, Lake Gölpınar is the Maldives of the east, to say the least. It is especially preferred by those engaged with rafting.
  • Balıklı Thermal:A world-famous thermal spring, Balıklı Thermal owes its reputation to being used in the treatment of rheumatism and psoriasis. If you are looking for a place to go as a part of health tourism, then Balıklı Thermal in Sivas would be a great option for an alternative medicine it provides with its “doctor fish”.
  • Aşık Veysel Museum:A renowned minstrel, Aşık Veysel's house in Sivas was converted into a museum after his death to honor his memory. In this museum, you can have the opportunity to see the personal belongings, poems, original compositions and photographs of the bard.

How to Get to Sivas?

Sivas, which is blessed with a glorious history and a spectacular nature, is thankfully a destination that offers different mediums for transportation. Notably, it is possible to reach Sivas by the main road, railway and airway. The most convenient alternative is more often than not Sivas Airport which is located approximately 22 kilometers from the city center. From there you can get to the city center by public transportation, passenger shuttles and taxi options. At the same time, you can also rent a car from the airport and tour the city as you wish. A cheaper alternative to the airway would be the bus options departing from almost all cities in the country, however, be aware that you are likely to embark on a long ride. Although it tends to get a bit tiring, a drive through the different regions of Turkey is indeed such a sight to see! Not to mention, a journey by train might be your cup of tea if you love the feeling of nostalgia. From the bus terminal and the railway station, on the other hand, you can easily reach the city center by bus or taxi.

Sivas Accommodation Options

Sivas, one of the most popular historical cities in Turkey, comes with a handful of options for accommodation. In a general sense, the hotels in Sivasvary as five-star hotels, boutique hotels, thermal hotels and cheaper alternatives such as aparthotels. The services provided by the hotels in Sivas change according to the region to be stayed at and the type of holiday preferred. Also, it is good to note that most of the places to visit in Sivas are located in the city center. For this reason, you can handle transportation much easier during your trip if you choose to stay at one of the hotels in Sivas city center. One of the positive aspects of accommodating near the city center is indeed that you can easily reach the facilities such as cafes, restaurants and shopping centers and meet your needs. Aparthotels in Sivas are, on the other hand, make a solid option if you are traveling on a budget. There are many different aparthotel options in the center of Sivas and its districts where you can have an enjoyable stay, without having to sacrifice so much from your comfort. Not to mention, winter tourism has a very important place for Sivas. Therefore, mountain and ski resorts are also on the table. You can choose among the hotels in Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center if you are weighing the idea of a winter getaway. In this winter center, you can find bungalows and aparthotels alongside 5-star hotels.

Sivas Hotels Prices

If you are not hyper weather sensitive or have no special concerns when traveling, then you can consider Sivas as a place you can visit all year round. The good news is that this city, which has been subjected to an intense flow of visitors over the years, is rich in terms of lodging as well. You can easily find options tailored to your needs and preferences as well as suitable for your budget. As for the prices, there are different factors at play. The first and foremost is no other than the location of the hotels and the services they offer. Also, the duration of stay, room types and hotel concepts such as full-board or bed and breakfast influence the prices of hotels. You can findcheap hotels in Sivas with ease, however, it is highly recommended that you make an early reservation to seize the opportunity to have an affordable holiday experience at a quality hotel. Without further ado, hurry tobook hotels in Sivasfor a premium stay at reasonable prices!

Sivas Winter Hotels

An important stop for culture tourism, Sivas is also among the top destinations for winter getaways. Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center is in fact one of the few places you shouldn’t leave without visiting if you go to Sivas during the winter months. It is a ski center serving all seasons of the year, however, winter is understandably the best season to enjoy this complex. Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center is also a very suitable place for accommodation. The facility includes a restaurant, cafe, ski center, children's playground, ice park and tracks. Bungalow type hotels here are generally preferred for accommodation, but you can also find other different types of hotels here. If you like winter holidays, you should consider securing a place at one of thebest hotels in Sivasaround this majestic ski resort.

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