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The pearl of the Black Sea Region, Sinop accommodates thousands of local and international tourists each year thanks to its scenic nature. It is an important port city filled with natural sites and historical landmarks, capturing the hearts of travelers. Located at the eastmost point of Western Black Sea Region, Sinop is surely one of the best destinations for nature tourism in Turkey. Not to mention, the city offers a variety of accommodation options and hence appeals to different tastes and budgets. Considering the holiday you want to spend in Sinop (culture trips, summer vacation, winter getaway, etc.) you can easily find the best fit for you among Sinop hotels. As a matter of fact, there are plenty of options for lodging from boutique hotels in Sinop to luxurious counterparts. After you secure your place, there remains only to enjoy a holiday well spent at the heart of nature that speaks of a long-rooted past.

Must See Places in Sinop

Taking its name after Sinope, the river goddess in Greek mythology, lovely town of Sinop which is located on the coast of Black Sea has many places to explore including the following:

  • The Statue of Diogenes:World famous Greek philosopher, one of the founding fathers of Cynicism, was in fact born in Sinop. The statue of this renowned cynic is in fact one of the most popular tourist attractions in Sinop province, receiving the attention of thousands each year.
  • Sinop Castle:By far the most iconic symbol of the city, Sinop Castle was built in 7th century B.C. in order to defend the city against attacks and raids. The castle was included in the temporary list of UNESCO World Heritage in 2013.
  • İnceburun Lighthouse:Located about 20 kilometers away from the city center, İnceburun is the lighthouse in the northernmost part of Turkey. Sunsets here are said to be something divine!
  • Sinop Ethnography Museum: The ultimate place to get to know the city, Sinop Ethnography Museum welcomes its visitors every day between 08:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. Here you can see archeological artifacts unique to the city and greater region such as handlooms and swords.
  • İnaltı Cave:A true natural beauty, İnaltı Cave is 1070 meters above the sea level with a length of 700 meters. An important tourist attraction in the area, the cave bewitches its visitors with its mystic grandeur.
  • Karakum Beach:One of the most crowded beaches in the region during summer and an ultimate location for enjoying swimming in the Black Sea, Karakum Beach is easily accessible as it is on the coastline in the city center. A pro tip: Some of thebest hotels in Sinopare in the vicinity of this beach and you can consider choosing to stay at one of them if you plan to benefit from the sea and the sun during summer.
  • Historical Sinop Prison:Used to be a state prison within the Sinop Fortress, Historical Sinop Prison now operates as a museum. The former prison has hosted renowned and important figures such as politicians and writers, and hence has been the subject of many poems and songs.

How to Get to Sinop?

As much as hotels in Sinop promise a blissful holiday opportunity, the perks to the city are not restricted to its attractions. As a matter of fact, Sinop is highly appealing in terms of being easily accessible. You can reach the city via different modes of transportation such as the airway and the main land. If you prefer to travel by bus, it is good to know that Sinop intercity bus terminal is located close to the center, and you can easily get to the districts by buses departing from the bus station. If you want to shorten the duration of your journey, on the other hand, you can use Sinop Airport. However, you should know that planes to Sinop only depart from Istanbul from now. Sinop airport is also located close to the city center just like the bus terminal which is pretty convenient as far as getting to your accommodation is concerned. Of course, if you have the means, you can also go to Sinop with your private vehicles and wander around the city as you wish.

What to Eat in Sinop?

Sinop is a district that has been ranked first in Turkey's "The Happiest City" surveys many times. One of the most important factors in Sinop's happiness must have something to do with its cuisine! Alongside being a visual feast with its striking nature, Sinop is a true joy for foodies too! The most characteristic dish of the city is no other than Sinop ravioli which can be found in almost all restaurants in the city. Nokul is yet another popular local food which is a pastry primarily made of yeast, flour and salt. The filling of this dough is usually prepared using grapes, minced meat, walnuts or spinach, depending on the taste of the person who will degust.

You can also consider trying out food below while in Sinop:

  • Stuffed Pan,
  • Leek with Vinegar,
  • Katlama,
  • Islama,
  • Bonito Steak,
  • Corn Cake,
  • Keşkek,
  • Spoon Decal.

Sinop Accommodation Options

Sinop is one of the most visited places in the Black Sea region with its historical and natural beauties aligned with each other for a reason. It comes with a pack of hotels among which you can prefer according to your special needs and preferences. As a matter of fact there are many different options for accommodation in Sinop, which makes visiting it all the more pleasant. For example, if you want to reach the facilities such as restaurants and cafes in the city more easily, you can also stay at the hotels in Sinop city center. If you want to spend your holiday in a more peaceful environment, on the other hand, you can opt for one of the hotels by the sea in Sinop, immersing yourself in the picturesque nature of the city. If you are budget conscious, on the other hand, aparthotels in Sinop would be more suitable for you as they provide efficient services at reasonable prices.

Sinop Hotels Prices

Sinop is a city that is suitable for visiting in all seasons, thanks to its mild climate. Depending on where you want to stay in Sinop and the type of holiday you want to spend, you can find hotel options suitable for every budget. Among the hotel options in Sinop, the most popular choices among travelers include 5-star hotels, boutique hotels and apart hotels. As for the prices, they can change considerably depending on certain factors such as the location of the hotel, the duration of your stay, hotel concepts and rooms types, the services offered and the season you plan to visit the city. If you want a more economical holiday opportunity, then you should hurry to book hotels in Sinop before it is the peak season. In this way, you can find cheap hotels in Sinop regardless of their reviews and star ratings. In a more general sense, accommodation in Sinopis not likely to turn out costly as it is still an underrated city waiting to be discovered. Should you decide to go to Sinop, you make sure to book your room in advance just in case!

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