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Nevşehir, a city located in the Central Anatolia region of Turkey, earns the title “fairytale city of Anatolia” from its unique and magical rocky view remaining from the geological phenomenon that began 60 million years ago when volcanic ash and lava erupted by volcanoes around the city eroded by rain and wind over millions of years. The city’s rich history dates back to the Hittites and it continues with the Christian Roman Empire era when many churches and houses were carved into the rocks of what we call Cappadocia today. Nevşehir is a very popular tourist attraction city, somewhere you will surely create beautiful memories.

Nevşehir Must See Places

Must-see places in Nevşehir revolve around Cappadocia since it is what makes Nevşehir famous and is a popular travel attraction. There are many places to see in Cappadocia, from underground cities to fairy chimneys, from rock houses to valleys. Here is a list of the places you need to see during your Nevşehir visit:

  • Göreme Open Air Museum: Göreme Open Air Museum, where the first ever monastery training took place in history, is a monastery complex consisting of churches, graves, dining halls, chapels, and wine cellars. It’s open for visits during 08:00-17:00 and the entire place could be seen in 2 hours.
  • Derinkuyu Underground City: Derinkuyu Underground City consists of 8 layers below the ground and it’s the most popular one among the underground cities in Nevşehir. It is thought to be left by the Assyrians and it’s said that up to 50.000 people lived there back in time. In the city, there is a missionary school, a confession place, and a baptistery. The city takes its name from the wells inside that go 60 meters below the ground for ventilation purposes.
  • Güvercinlik Valley:Güvercinlik Valley takes its name from the pigeon nests that people have carved in the rocks in the past. It’s well known for being a place where cycling, trekking, running and yoga events take place. You can see the valley from above via safari tours and if you want to go inside, the only option available is to walk since cars aren’t allowed.
  • Uçhisar Castle:Uçhisar Castle, the tallest fairy chimney in Cappadocia, is a perfect spot for watching the town of Göreme from above, the sunset, and the hot air balloons. The castle can be seen from the entire Nevşehir.
  • Devrent Valley:Devrent Valley, 15 minutes away from Avanos center, is famous for its fairy chimney which looks like a camel. The place is a popular area for TV show shootings for its uniqueness. There are actual camels brought by the villagers and you can take photos with them for a small price. It’s best to rent a car to get there since there’s no public transport available.
  • Zelve Open Air Museum:Zelve Open Air Museum is a place where you can witness two religious beliefs, Christianity and Islam, existing in harmony. There are both churches and mosques carved in stones and it’s one of the best places where you can see the fairy chimneys since the ones here are the best-shaped and defined ones. You can go for nature walks and a safari here.
  • Kızılçukur Valley: Kızılçukur Valley is the best spot for watching the sunset. It’s the home of the oldest churches carved in rocks and it’s a great place for walks. Cars are not allowed inside the valley so you can either walk or cycle. If you visit the valley with safari tours you don’t have to pay the entrance fee.
  • Temenni Hill:Temenni Hill is the highest hill in Ürgüp and you can see the mountain Erciyes here. On the hill there are two domes, a shrine where people pray and make wishes, giving the place its name “Temenni” which means “wish” in Turkish and the second dome is a library. Also, the tomb of Alaaddin Keykubat III is thought to be located here as well.
  • Üç Güzeller Fairy Chimneys:Üç Güzeller Fairy Chimneys are the symbols of Cappadocia with their well-defined typical chimney shapes. The fame comes from the tales attributed to the unique structure as well.
  • Ortahisar Castle:Ortahisar Castle is the biggest fairy chimney of Cappadocia where you can view the entire Göreme, Ürgüp, and Avanos. Its usage by people started with the Hittites and then it was used as a sanctuary by The Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks, and Ottomans.

What to Eat in Nevşehir?

The cuisine of Nevşehir is definitely worth a try during your trip to the city. With its staple ingredients, you will be tasting food that is very unique on its own and that sums up the culture of the entire city. Key ingredients in Nevşehir cuisine are potatoes, grapes, grains, meat and a very special product, roasted pumpkin seeds. Nevşehir is famous for its pottery so you can find food that is cooked in earthenware vases. Below is a selection of dishes that you have to try in Nevşehir:

  • Pot Kebab
  • Dry Clotted Cream
  • Turkish Noodles with Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
  • Ürgüp Meatballs
  • Düğü Soup
  • Dolaz
  • Köftür
  • Quince Dolma
  • Apricot Stew

Featured Events in Nevşehir

Since Nevşehir is one of the top tourist-attracting cities in Turkey, with its unique sights and rich culture, many events and festivals are held each year to entertain its visitors. Here is a list of events taking place in Nevşehir:

  • City Fest Cappadocia
  • Turkey Bachata Festival
  • Gastro Cappadocia Food Fest
  • Cappadocia Cultural Heritage Fest
  • Hacıbektaş Youth Fest
  • Baba Fest
  • Cappadocia Minifest
  • Echoes from Agartha Fest
  • Damsa Barrage Fest
  • Cappadocia International Hot Air Balloon Fest
  • Cappadocia Ürgüp Balloon Fest
  • International World Traditional Dances Fest

Getting Around Nevşehir

Being a popular tourist attraction has enabled Nevşehir to develop a public transportation system that reaches to almost everywhere in the city. Public transport is widely used among tourists, both the buses of the municipality and minibusses. You can go to Göreme, Ürgüp, and Hacıbektaş with municipality buses directly from the city center and you can use minibusses for places that municipality buses don’t go. Renting cars is also a good option especially if you want to travel deeper into Cappadocia and you don’t want to walk and it is also a very popular option. Most tourist sites include tour buses at the entrance and you can join them to travel around easily.

Nevşehir Accommodation Options

In Nevşehir, it’s guaranteed that your accommodation experience will be a very memorable one since Nevşehir hotels mostlyconsist of cave hotels, where you will be directly staying among and inside the beautiful natural phenomenon of fairy chimneys. Hotels in Cappadocia are places where the authenticity is perfectly preserved and you can enjoy all kinds of options while being surrounded by a very rich culture and nature. Turkey Cappadocia hotels are in high demand since they promise a one-of-a-kind experience for their guests coming from all around the world.

Cappadocia cave hotels can be found everywhere in Nevşehir. The best towns for accommodation are Göreme, Ürgüp, Uçhisar, and Avanos and you can find a variety of options in all of those towns. Göreme is the best town for watching hot air balloons because the valleys where balloon rides take place are here. Ürgüp is the most crowded of those towns and here you can find the best nightlife, restaurants, bars, cafes, and other options for entertainment. Ürgüp is famous for its rocky streets and you can walk among the rocks and go sightseeing. Uçhisar is the place if you want to view the city through a panoramic view since Uçhisar is the highest location in the city. It’s less crowded than Ürgüp and Göreme but you can still find anything you like. Finally, Avanos is the best place if you want to explore events that are more on the cultural side, like pottery and winemaking. It’s where you can witness the lives of the locals.

Hotels in Nevşehir Cappadociacome in many varieties, from 5-star hotels to boutique hotels and hotels that are more budget-friendly. All are located among the rocks and fairy chimneys and they include spas, Turkish saunas, indoor pools, restaurants, and everything a hotel has to offer. Nevşehir cave hotelis surely the most common type of accommodation in which the rooms are wide and refreshing, despite being in caves. You will have a great time here, for sure.

Nevşehir Hotels Prices

Nevşehir hotels pricesvary depending on certain factors such as the overall quality of the hotel and the number of days planned for the accommodation. The best cave hotels in Cappadocia are not always the expensive ones since you can find great hotels for lower prices too. Luxurious ones, most often called “cave suite hotels” are the ones that include indoor pools and saunas. More often than not, 5 star Cappadocia hotel type corresponds to the cave suite hotels. But all other facilities are included in cheaper hotels too so you won’t be missing out. Prices do not change based on the season because Cappadocia is a tourist attraction the entire year but early booking is recommended if you want to book for lower prices. As a matter of fact, by making early reservations, you can land great deals forthe best hotels in Nevşehir.

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