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Hotels in Kırklareli

Kırklareli is one of the cities in the Thrace region. It is referred to as the hidden paradise of the Thrace by many. Besides its peaceful nature, there are countless sightseeing attractions to see here. Due to its geographical location, Kırklareli is a province that has been under the influence of Western and Eastern Civilizations. As a result of this, the diversity in the culture became more obvious. You can observe this when you visit the Kırklareli Museum in which you will gain a better understanding of the cultural history of Kırklareli. That being the case, the city's awe-inspiring green nature and history draw a lot of attention. In response, Kırklareli hotels offer different types of accommodation for those who want to discover more about Kırklareli.

Must See Places in Kırklareli

There are so many different must-see places in Kırklareli including historical structures, castles, caves, museums, and mosques. Therefore, it is highly crucial to select the best accommodation in Kırklareli to facilitate getting around them. As there are so many places to visit, a problem-free accommodation will make your vacation even more special. While you are in the city, you can consider visiting the following places:

  • Dupnisa Cave: It is a place that should be mentioned because it is the only cave open to visitors in this region. The term cave system is often used when speaking of Dupnisa, as it consists of three interconnected caves.
  • Atatürk House and History Museum: This place, where Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of Turkey, lived during his childhood, has been transformed into a museum and presented to the attention of visitors. The museum, which is closed on Mondays, is open to visitors from 9.30 am to 5:30 pm on other days.
  • Kırklareli Museum: Here, you can see the artifacts about the cultural history of the region closely.
  • Kıyıköy Aya Nikola Monastery: Situated in Kıyıköy, the most striking feature of this monastery is that it is one of the oldest stone-carved monasteries in the world.
  • İğneada Floodplain Forests National Park: İğneada is probably the reason why many tourists visit Kırklareli. You will feel as if there is no such thing as time in this fascinating natural wonder. As you spend your time in this unique environment, you will be accompanied by birds chirping.

The Best Beaches in Kırklareli

Kırklareli is frequented by tourists not only because it has remarkable ancient ruins and structures but also because it has amazing beaches for you to visit. One of the most popular beaches of Kırklareli is İğneada Beach which is a part of Demirköy district. Those who visit this place are definitely recommended to take a floodplain forest tour. You can also canoe in Mert Lake which is in the İğneada Floodplain Forests National Park. The coastline of İğneada is quite long and has an admirable beauty. This is also a spot where bird migrations are observed intensively. So, besides swimming, you can also do bird watching here. Kıyıköy is yet another town worth mentioning. It is basically a cute and simple fishing village with a magnificent beach. It should be noted that swimming is prohibited here when the sea is choppy. Another village that's worth seeing is Limanköy. It has lush forests, deep blue lakes, and trees whose roots can easily be spotted in the water. Lastly, Beğendik is the least crowded town due to the lack of accommodation and restaurants around it. If a soothing holiday in nature is what you are looking for, then you will like it here.

Kırklareli Accommodation Options

In Kırklareli, hotels range from 5 star hotels and resorts to boutique hotels. 5 star hotels in Kırklareli are suitable for those who want to spend their holidays with exclusive services such as a gym, private beaches, breathtaking room scenery, and room services. In case you want to have a more comfortable holiday, nature hotels in Kırkareli have the most relaxing environment for you. Bungalows or beach houses in Kırklareli will also be ideal accommodations for nature lovers. Nevertheless, if your vacation plans revolve around the idea of visiting museums and mosques, you can stay at the hotels in Kırklareli city center. That way, you can take advantage of being near cultural attractions such as Zindan Baba Tomb and Sokollu Mehmet Paşa Mosque. For a more privileged experience, you may want to have a look at boutique hotels in Kırklareli. They are mostly located in coastal areas and have splendid views. That being the case, boutique hotels may be more expensive due to the service they offer. However, their pricing is quite understandable because of their impeccable attention and approach toward their guests and the standards of their excellent services. So, if you want to stay in a place by the sea, you can choose from boutique hotels.

Kırklareli Hotels Prices

The best hotels in Kırklareli are the ones with the best location and the best services. Of course, these good features of hotels cause them to be more expensive when compared to other hotels. The type of holiday you prefer (summer holiday, cultural tourism, etc.), the hotels you choose will directly affect the pricing. Before you book hotels in Kırklareli, you should decide how you want to spend your holiday. That way, you will find the right hotel for your vacation. The services offered by the hotels, the facilities they have, and the season you choose to go on a holiday will determine the prices. Given these factors, if you want to find cheap hotels in Kırklareli, you should make your reservations well in advance of the dates you plan your holiday.

How to Get to Kırklareli?

The most enjoyable way to go to Kırklareli is definitely traveling by bus or private vehicle. It will be much more enjoyable to discover and see the nature of Kırklareli in the comfort and privacy of your own car. Getting to Kırklareli from the surrounding cities, especially from Istanbul, will not take long either. In addition to traveling by your private car, bus travel and train travel are also among the options you may consider as you plan your holiday. Also, as it is the closest airport to Kırklareli, you can consider taking a flight to Çorlu Airport and then reach the city center by bus from there. As soon as you arrive in this beautiful city, you can choose from the hotels in Kırklareli and rest.

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