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Edirne’s popularity has been rising every day, hence the more tourists who wish to visit and get to know the city. As Edirne was a part of the Byzantine Empire and, afterward, the capital of the Ottomans, it hosts a myriad of historical buildings and relics which makes it all the more interesting. Not to mention, Edirne hotels are a good choice for summer vacation too due to the many beaches located within the boundaries of the city. Edirne surely offers a different kind of holiday experience to travelers with different agendas. It provides many opportunities when it comes to planning a vacation, depending, of course, on the budget of the visitors. This city makes a solid choice not only for the numerous opportunities it presents but also for its practical transportation means. Furthermore, traveling to Edirne can be done in a couple of ways: by bus, by car, by train, by plane (from the airport of the neighboring city), and so on. Since Edirne is easily accessible as well as it is easy to get around in the city, the number of tourists checking Edirne hotel prices has been effectively multiplying.

Edirne Hotels Prices

Edirne has always been one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey, and the number of visitors who wish to have their vacation in Edirne has been increasing. As a matter of fact, Edirne has earned its place on many “must-visit” lists over the years. This city of culture provides luxury, cheap, and budget-friendly hotels depending on the visitor’s expectations and what they wish for their holidays. Although Edirne hotels are in high demand, they manage to present good holiday deals as well as top-quality services. The factors that affect the prices of hotels in the region can be listed as star ratings, location, brand equality, demand, and so on. Edirne luxury hotels are mostly known for the amenities and services they provide and are preferred by those looking for extra comfort on their holidays. The price bracket in Edirne is also yet another factor affecting the popularity of the city. It goes without saying, Edirne hotel prices are quite reasonable in general terms, even cheaper compared to other hotels in the neighboring regions.

Edirne Must-See Places

Edirne is a city that has lots of cultural and historical sites, and thanks to that, it draws considerable attention to itself. Edirne was in fact the capital city of the Ottoman Empire, before Istanbul, which was known as Constantinople, back then. As it served both the Ottomans and the Byzantine Empire, the city inherited two different types of cultural and religious heritage, and this has been the fortune of the city. Some of the important relics in Edirne include:

  • Selimiye Mosque: It was built for Selim II by a famous Turkish architect, also known as Sinan the Architect, in the 15th century. Sinan referred to this mosque as his "masterpiece" among his other artworks.
  • Grand Synagogue of Edirne: It is not only Edirne's largest synagogue but also the third largest in Europe. It has been used for 6 centuries.
  • Saint George’s Church: It was built in 1880 in Edirne's Kyk district, where Bulgarians lived. It was named " the Bulgarian Church" because of it.
  • Meriç Bridge: It was built on the Meriç river in the 19th century. With its length of 263 meters and 12 pointed arches on 13 legs, it has been one of the symbols of Edirne and the Ottoman Bridges.
  • Yayla Beach: Edirne is not the first place that comes to mind as far as a summer vacation in Turkey is concerned, however, it still is a good option since there are a lot of nice beaches such as Yayla Beach which is well-known in the area.

Hotels in Edirne City Center

Edirne city center has a lot of must-see places and it comes with the advantage of being very close to general points of interest among travelers. The prices of thehotels in Edirne city center are cheaper than expected considering the service quality. The visitors who wish to have a vacation in Edirne can consider staying in a hotel in Edirne city center to make their journey all the more comfortable. Not only is the quality provided by the hotels in the area high, but also the city center offers different means of transportation that facilitate sightseeing: renting a car, taking public transportation or taxis make the main choices. Furthermore, some hotels even provide car rental services themselves. Hotels in the city centers offer different meal concepts as well, providing breakfast, lunch, and dinner mostly, depending on the package chosen. Visitors may find a lot of popular Turkish food, clothes, coffee, desserts, and carpets in Edirne's city center. These have been the numerous reasons why the hotels in Edirne city center can be chosen without any doubt.

Hotel Variations in Edirne

Edirne provides a lot of different vacation options, such as summer vacations, culture tours, winter holidays, nature getaways, and so on. This means that Edirne has lots of different hotel variations as well. The best hotels in Edirne are those that can meet almost everyone’s expectations. Thanks to the hotel variations in the city, visitors are able to choose among them in relation to their budgets and preferences. Those variations include:

  • Luxury Hotels: Luxury hotels in Edirne prioritize the comfort of their visitors. They usually have five-star ratings and provide a lot of services 24 hours a day. The rooms can be 20 square meters in size. In addition to that, these hotels offer hair dryers, coffee machines inside the rooms, parking garages, restaurants, and endless fun outside for visitors. Furthermore, the most important two words for them have been professionalism and comfort.
  • Boutique Hotels: Boutique hotels get separated from the hotels as they have less room and their unique architectural designs. Although they offer fewer rooms, they also offer the comfort of the five-star-rated hotels in Edirne for visitors. Moreover, they have generally located nearby the city center and have pools as well. Therefore, boutique hotels are chosen by visitors who wish to have a calm, summer vacation in a family environment.
  • Motels: Motels usually provide high-quality services for short periods of time, such as one or two nights. They are usually easy to transport and close to the city center. They can be categorized as cheap hotels in Edirne. They provide only room service, so the visitors can eat in the hotel’s restaurant or in any of the others around the hotel; some motels may also have a kitchen inside the rooms. Motels in Edirne can be chosen by visitors who wish to have a short vacation.

How to Get to Edirne

Another important thing to consider when going on a journey is surely the transportation means in the city. It has always been a matter that can affect the quality of the overall holiday, making or breaking the deal. That is why the means of transportation should be planned very carefully. Not to mention, traveling through the city is as important as getting around it. As far as moving between places is concerned, Edirne remains one of the best options. Due to its convenient location, there are a good number of options for those who plan to travel to Edirne. The city is easily reachable by different transportation means such as planes (from the airport of a neighboring city), trains, ships, buses, and so on. Furthermore, the transportation facilities provided by the hotels in Edirne Turkey are great alternatives for visitors as well. They may provide some car rental services cheaper than usual thanks to their special deals. For the visitors who wish to come to Edirne, transportation would not be a problem, to say the least.

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