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Thanks to its natural beauty, the city of Bolu is a popular travel destination, getting considerable attention all year round. It is a great vacation spot where guests can have unique experiences enjoying the scenery of majestic mountains. Due to its mountainous geography, the weather is usually cool here. This city also boasts its history alongside its nature where visitors can participate in different kinds of activities. Numerous areas of Bolu offer opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and relaxing at certain recreational areas. In the city's center, on the other hand, you can familiarize yourself with local tastes of Bolu thanks to the cafes and restaurants nearby. Both in the city center and in neighboring districts, visitors can find diverse accommodation options. Hotels in Bolu with the quality service, for example, guarantee that their guests encounter no discomfort during their stay. That being said, all you have to do is decide what kind of Bolu hotels you would like to stay at in accordance with your special needs and preferences.

Must See Places in Bolu

Given its picturesque nature, it is no wonder why people have become more interested in this beautiful city. This is indeed a route preferred by tourists in all seasons. Especially for those who want to rest and relax at the heart of nature should definitely consider spending a few days here. Furthermore, especially in winter, the province is a frequent destination for winter sports lovers. Bolu manages to be one of the must-see spots in Turkey with its nature which is home to various kinds of trees, romantic atmosphere, and food. Some of the must-see attractions in Bolu include:

  • Mudurnu Castle: Built in the Byzantine period, Mudurnu Castle is a very remarkable structure featuring many old buildings and ruins.
  • Yedigöller National Park: Yedigöller National Park offers a variety of activities that you can participate in while taking in the striking surroundings. This park, which boasts wonderful landscape in all four seasons, is a unique place to visit, especially in spring and fall.
  • Kargalı Gölcük Nature Park: This huge park is inhabited by a diverse range of plants and trees. Therefore, it makes an ideal place for nature lovers.
  • Abant Lake: This lake draws many visitors thanks to its unique environment. The water in this lake, which is fed by groundwater, is crystal clean.
  • Bolu Thermal Springs (Karacasu,Catak, Babas, Pablu and Sarot): Visitors can enjoy themselves while receiving the curative benefits of the subsurface at Bolu's beautiful and popular thermal springs at the same time.
  • Ayıkayası Nature Park: It is a place where bicycles, buses, and other vehicles are allowed and hence can be ideal for those seeking quality time in nature.
  • Bolu Museum: Visitors can see the traditional artifacts and historical remains of Bolu in this museum.
  • Gerede Goat Castle: This site, which was formerly an important stop on the Silk Road, is the place where you can find some Roman ruins.
  • Ilgaz Mountains: This mountain range, which is one of Turkey's highest mountains, attracts attention due to its wide vegetation and distinctive natural beauty.
  • Victory Tower: Built in accordance with the city's wooden architecture, Victory Tower is one of the most iconic symbols of the city.
  • Tokadı Hayreddin Shrine: It is the grave of one of the city's most important saints.
  • Akşemsettin Shrine: It is the tomb of the teacher of Fatih, the famous Ottoman sultan that has conquered Constantinople.
  • Çeltikdere Byzantine Church: This Byzantine church draws attention to itself with its unique stone design.
  • Bolu Historical Houses: For those who want to observe the authentic texture of the city Göynük and Mudurnu houses in particular are among the must-see places.
  • Sultan Hammam and Bath: These baths, which were built during the Ottoman period, offer an authentic experience for the culture geeks.
  • Seben Rock Houses: Built in rock cavities, Seben Rock Houses fascinates with their grandiose.

How to Get to Bolu?

As a travel destination, Bolu is very easy to get to. In order to choose the most suitable transportation option for you, you may want to take two things into account: the prices and the city from which you are to travel. First and foremost, you should know that in Bolu, there is no airport. Therefore, you are going to need to take a flight to the nearest airport in one of the neighboring cities such as Istanbul and Ankara. As for the second option, you can comfortably travel to Bolu either by bus or private vehicles. Given that there is an intercity bus terminal in Bolu, you can easily reach the city by traveling by bus. Bolu bus tickets, on the other hand, can easily be bought online. Upon your arrival to the bus terminal, you can reach the city center via buses available. Needless to say, transportation is as important as hotel reservation. That’s why, before you book hotels in Bolu you should also determine how you will travel.

Accommodation Options in Bolu

When you search for accommodation in Bolu you will come across plenty of alternatives which is great news! Hotels in Bolu city center, for example, are advantages for they render getting around the city's various attractions and entertainment points quite easy. With their different themes and styles, hotels, thermal hotels, and boutique hotels offer the best facilities to appeal to their guests. Many of these can be found both close to natural areas and close to the city center. Visitors have the option to stay at thermal hotels if they wish to benefit from healing thermal waters. Assuming that you will select a hotel in the center of Bolu, you may explore the historic homes along with museums. Those who are going to visit Bolu for winter tourism should have a look at winter resorts. Suitable snowboarding ski slopes and ski places can be found in winter ski resorts. Another option could be staying at an old Bolu mansion. Many of the mansions here were turned into hotels to give visitors a special experience. All in all, depending on your preference, there are numerous different hotels and accommodation options available for you.

5 Star Hotels in Bolu

Best hotels in Bolu include many facilities and services to maximize the guest experience. There are lots of 5 star hotels in the province for those looking for top-quality accommodation options. Guests can make the most of their vacation thanks to the special treatment of these hotels. 5 star hotels are also close to the city's historical landmarks, natural areas and parks. As a result of this, during your stay, spectacular views of nature will accompany you. In case you’re a local taste admirer then you may want to know that some of these hotels are close to the well-known and popular restaurants in the city. 5 star hotels in Bolu offer the signature tastes of the city's delightful cuisine. Other than all these mentioned reasons, these hotels are also preferred by those who love snowboarding and skiing.

Hotel Prices in Bolu

Bolu hotel prices appear in different ranges in relation to various factors including the scope of the hotel’s services, location, season as well as the duration of the stay. Guests can choose one of the hotels that is near the region they want to stay in and the destinations they want to see. Visitors prefer this city as a holiday destination as it offers many different holiday activities as well as attractions including camping, snowboarding, skiing, thermal springs, historical houses, and many more. Winter resorts and 5-star hotels have higher prices compared to other accommodation options. However, since these hotels provide all kinds of services and luxury to their guests, such charges should not be considered irrational. It's important to remember, if you have an option such as early booking, make sure to take advantage of it. Thus, you may have the opportunity to stay in a hotel which you, in the first place, find expensive. There are lots of cheap hotels in Bolu for visitors who want to go for more affordable options. In these places, even though some amenities tend to be limited, guests can generally receive friendly and decent service.

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