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A lovely Turkish city located in the Aegean region, Aydın sits at the center of the lower valley of the former Meander River. Located in a region that has been known for the fertility of its soil since ancient times, Aydın is also known for its agricultural products such as figs. Aydın, having coasts in its provinces Kuşadası, Didim, and Söke, remains a popular tourist attraction among both domestic and international travelers. Almost all of the hotels in Aydın go hand-in-hand with the natural beauties of the city, both green and blue which shows us the best hotels in Aydın . The Aydın hotel prices may vary according to certain factors. However, you can easily find cheap hotels in Aydın if you have a strict budget. Likewise, if you have no financial concerns and are looking for a luxury holiday experience you can opt for 5-star hotels in Aydın. Regardless of your accommodation choice, it is well guaranteed that your stay in Aydın will have a positive mark on your idea of a vacation.Known especially for its tourist attractions in Kuşadası and Didim, Aydın is heaven for people who are eager to see both ancient sites and the beautiful harmony of the green of the land and the blue of the sea. As a shining pearl in the Aegean region, Aydın welcomes its visitors with a wide array of attractions extending from historical to gastronomical, natural to cultural. Tourists who come from all around the world to experience the tranquility of Aydın always return happily and some of them even cannot resist their love for Aydın, deciding to stay longer or maybe settle down in Aydın.

Aydın History

Aydın has been the cradle to many outstanding ancient cities such as Aphrodisias, Miletus, Didyma, Nysa, Magnesia, and Priene. First named Tralleis and developed in the reign of the Hittites in 2500 BC, Aydın was named Güzelhisar by the Menteshe Beylik and after the foundation of the Aydınoğulları Beylik in 1307, the city got its name that is used today: Aydın. After the Ottomans started to rule over Anatolia, Aydın became a part of the Anatolia Province and it became the seat of its own “eyalet”, a province ruled under the same name after 1827. When the Greco -Turkish war between 1919-1922 took place, there were heavy casualties. During the war, resistance warriors, for example, Yörük Ali, resisted the Greek assaults and used the mountainous geography to conduct guerilla warfare against the aggressors. Since the founding of the Republic of Turkey, Aydın has been a thriving city of many different qualities. Thanks to its rich historical background, Aydın is today one of the top tourist places in Turkey. Its history contributes to the natural beauties of the city with both architecture and cultural heritage that has been accumulated to this day. All of them combined to give the visiting tourists a vacation of their lives which they will most probably never forget and remember with joy.

Must-See Places in Aydın

  • Miletus Ancient City: Home to many great philosophers and scientists such as Hippodamus, Hecataeus, Anaximander, Thales, and Anaximenes, it is revealed by the excavations that there has been a Mycenaean settlement in the area which remained intact until 1500 BC. The city has been an ancient center of trade and had importance thanks to being near the other ancient cities such as Didyma and Ephesus. History lovers should go and see the majestic architecture of the ancient city.
  • Dilek Peninsula National Park: Entitled as one of the most significant natural sites of Turkey in 1966, the Dilek Peninsula National Park consists of a large area and is divided into two sections in itself: the Dilek Peninsula National Park and the Büyük Menderes Delta National Park. There are several beaches such as Aydınlık Köyü and İçmeler Köyü and the lovely ancient Hellenistic port of Karine inside the territory of the national park.
  • Kuşadası: Kuşadası can be considered the shining star of Aydın. From ancient settlements to thermal springs, old caves, national parks, and stunning beaches, Kuşadası can sometimes even overshadow Aydın itself with its enthralling beauty. Adding to the natural beauties, Kuşadası Marina can be a lovely opportunity to be used by yachts and commercial cruise ships which are visiting Aydın during their tours. Another human-made structure that is a center of attraction in Kuşadası is the Güvercinada Castle which was built with bricks on a natural rock. The famous Ottoman traveler Evliya Celebi claims in his travel notes that every year approximately 100.000 birds visit the Güvercinada Castle.

When to Go to Aydın?

Especially known for its tourist attractions which relate to summer with its lovely beaches “Ladies Beach” or “Uzun Plaj”, Aydın is a place you should prefer going to during your r annual leave. The enjoyment you will have in its majestic beaches and the vivid city life alongside historical motifs will be tremendous. Aydın is much like the other Aegean and Mediterranean cities of Turkey: it should be chosen as a summer spot to enjoy your holiday. Aydın hotels Turkey will also assist you with your preferences, differing on the spot they are in: Kuşadası, Didim or the hotels in the city center will have their varieties in terms of the experience you will have. Therefore, choosing the best option will depend on you and/or the tourist agency you are working with in order to determine the right time and place to go to Aydın. In summer time, the attractions in Aydın will be lovely destinations. Both ancient historical sites, beautiful national parks which have both natural and historical attractions, and centers of touristic attractions in the urban or coastal areas such as the city center or Kuşadası fit into the aforementioned categories respectively. The enjoyment you will get from Aydın will be spectacular as the city has all you need for a perfect summer vacation.

Aydın Accommodation Options

Being a touristic center thanks to its natural beauties and historical past, Aydın is a city in which you can find housing options easily. Aydın hotels have a wide range of choices and standards. The all-inclusive hotels in Aydın can be a good choice for a vacation with an easier and more practical way of accommodation. The district you choose to stay in will also affect your choices and the economic aspect of your accommodation. Aydın hotel prices vary according to the aforementioned factors. For example, the price of hotels in Aydın city center may have a different price range from the Aydın Kuşadası Hotels as the district of Kuşadası is a much more attractive center of tourism thanks to its beautiful beaches and serene waters. Whether you like to be near the city center and digest the historical side of Aydın and have easy access to the local delicacies, handiworks, and social life or prefer the harmony of blue and green by choosing a place to stay at Kuşadası, you will have the best time in Aydın. Because there will be many different options offered to you thanks to the professional touristic network of the city, there will be no hardship for you to choose according to your preferences. .

What to Eat in Aydın?

  • Çine Meatballs: A specialty of the Çine province, these meatballs are made with little breadcrumbs and minced meat with a high-fat rate. When it is served with cumin, these meatballs will create delicious explosions in your mouth.
  • Paşa Börek: With its special sauce, minced meat prepared for the perfect experience and served by pouring yogurt and melted butter with mint on it, Paşa Böreği is a must-try pastry of Aydın.
  • Artichoke Meal: Commonly used as an ingredient in the Aegean region of Turkey, the artichoke meal of Aydın differentiates from the other versions as the stalk, body, and leaves are all used in it without wasting any part of the vegetable.
  • Kırlı Kızartma: As a special meal of Aydın, Kırlı Kızartma’s main ingredients are eggplant, tomato, green pepper, and garlic prepared with olive oil. This meal is generally eaten as an appetizer rather than the main course. Thanks to being prepared with olive oil, it can also be eaten when it goes cold and therefore creating an alternative experience of tasting it.
  • Tahini Pita: Being a round pita made with tahini and sometimes prepared with hazelnuts or walnuts, the tahini pita is a dessert that can skyrocket your energy levels. This pita may not be found in the kitchen service or open buffets of Aydın Kuşadası hotels, but rather in the local bakeries.
  • Çingene Pilaf: Although it is named “pilaf” there is anything but rice in it: Cottage cheese, paprika, tomato, onion, thyme, onion, parsley, cucumber, and black olives. Having a flexible gastronomic structure, the Çingene Pilaf can be an option for breakfast or dinner without having any issues. Thanks to its fresh nature, this meal can freshen you in the hot summer of Aydın.

What to Buy in Aydın?

  • Hand-Knotted Carpets: The Aegean region is generally known for its locally produced handicrafts and Aydın is not an exception in this matter. The women of Aydın who are known for their masterful carpet works also sell their crafts to interested buyers.
  • Ceramic Engraving Works: The souvenir shops of Aydın are known for their ceramic engravings of the natural and historical sights of Aydın into various ceramic items such as plates, mugs, coasters, etc. These make quite durable souvenirs and hence you will keep unforgettable memories of Aydın for a long time, reminiscing about the good time you had in the city’s various points of interest.
  • Leather Accessories: Being a tradition of Aydın, leather embroidery can give birth to many beautiful accessories which will give its users a pleasant image. This change is easy to happen as it only needs you to get a handcrafted leather accessory such as a bracelet, wristband, anklet, or various others. Another aspect that adds to the beauty of these accessories is that these items are all-natural and the reflection of the accumulated mastery of the long-standing tradition of leather embroidery.
  • Traditional Clothes: There are many different traditional clothes of Aydın which are worn on different special dates and festivals of the city. Clothes such as “çeki”, “fermene” and “üçetek” of Aydın can be really colorful and make interesting souvenirs from the city. They are not necessarily intended to be worn but can also be used as authentic decorations for your indoor environments.
  • Clay Works: There are various clay workshops from which you can buy several different items made out of clay made in the hands of the masters at work. You can visit these workshops to buy any desired item, participate in the process or just observe the master’s process of creating pretty pieces out of what is considered as simple as mud by the untrained eye.

How to Get to Aydın?

Going to Aydın is made possible by air, land, and sea. Whether you like to book tickets for a commercial flight, go on a sea ferry, touristic yacht tours, international train services, bus, or your rental car, you will ultimately taste the beauty of Aydın. Thanks to having all these alternative options, Aydın provides ease to its visitors who come from other cities in Turkey and from all over the world. Railroads , airways or roads, the means do not matter, whoever comes here never goes. This might sound poetic to you as it shows rhyme and harmony, but you should know that the real poetry you will enjoy is Aydın and the natural and historical beauties which embrace the city. That embrace will not only solely be for Aydın, but for whoever visits the city. This means you come here does not matter as long as you know how to embrace Aydın. Before you try to embrace the city, the city will act first and give you endless joy with its beauty.

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