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Tabriz, located in the northwest of Iran, is the administrative center of East Azerbaijan Province. The main places to visit in Tabriz, one of the leading cities of Iran in the industry, tourism and trade sectors, are Tabriz Bazaar, Azerbaijan Museum, Amir Nezam House, Nobar bath, Tabriz Constitutional Building, Behnam House, Ostad Shahriar Museum, Ostad Bohtouni Museum, Sanjesh Museum. , Tabriz Poetry Museum, Al-Lake, Tabriz Aqua Park, Khaqani Park, Arg of Tabriz, Gok Masjid, Bagh Lar Baghi Park, Baghmisheh Forest Park, Clock Tower, Valiasr Park, Eynali Mountain, Golestan Park.

Domestic airline companies with direct flights to Tabriz International Airport, the main airport of Tabriz, are Onur Air, Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines and AtlasGlobal. If you are thinking of buying your Tabriz flight ticket from a foreign airline company, ATA Airlines, Caspian Airlines, Corendon Airlines, Iran Air, Iran Air Tours, Iran Aseman Airlines, Mahan Air, Meraj Airlines, Qeshm Airlines, Saudia, Taban Air, Tailwind Airlines and Zagros Airlines. You can choose one of the companies. Some of the cities from which you can fly directly to Tabriz, Iran, are Istanbul (Ataturk Airport), Izmir, Adana, Antalya, Kayseri, Najaf, Tehran, Shiraz, Ahwaz, Baku, Isfahan, Yerevan, Kerman, etc.

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Although the city is located within the borders of Iran, it is the center of the East Azerbaijan province. It has a population of approximately 1.5 million. The city of Tabriz is the third largest city in Iran in terms of both surface area and population. It is also an important industrial centre. The language spoken is; It is Azerbaijani.

Tabriz means between mountains in Kipchak Turkish. This name comes from its geographical location. It has been the capital of different states throughout history. This important city constantly changed hands between the Ottoman Empire and the Safeyi State between 1500 and 1700. Finally, it left the hands of the Safeyis and came under the rule of the Afshars. Today, Tabriz has been a part of the territory of the Islamic Republic of Iran since 1979.

The city of Tabriz is surrounded by mountains. There is volcanic Sehend Mountain in the south and Eynali Mountain in the north. The city was founded on the plain between these mountains. It has had a strategic importance throughout history, especially because it is located on the silk and spice routes. At the same time, the city of Tabriz is known as the carpet weaving center of Iran. World-famous and magnificent carpets are woven in this city. The automobile, textile, machinery and oil industries are also developed in the city. In 1185, Mevlana's teacher Şems-i Tebriz-i was born in this city.

It was administered by the Ottoman Empire until the 18th century. During this time, it became the center of Ottoman-Iranian conflicts and changed hands several times. Earthquakes are of great importance in the historical past of the city. As a result of the great earthquake in 1729, many buildings and monuments in the city were destroyed. It is said that the earthquake in 1042 destroyed the city. Then, there were many earthquakes until the big earthquake in 1917, but the people living here did not leave.

The city of Tabriz, which has a semi-arid climate, has hot summers and very cold winters. The average temperature in June and August rises to 30 - 35 degrees. It is rainy during the autumn months.