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LAND AREA 727 km²
CITY İzmir

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Considered to be one of Turkey's best-kept secrets, Urla is a magnificent place to venture to if you are after that ideal Turkish holiday destination! This small town sits in the province of İzmir and is considered one of the country's most beautiful destinations! From stunning beaches to decadent wine farms, the beauty of Urla is like nothing you would have experienced before! One of the great things about Urla is its location, near the vibrant city of İzmir. With a variety of İzmir hotels, you can stay in the vibrant and bustling city while escaping the serenity of Urla during the day. If you would prefer to stay in the serene town, there are many stunning hotels in Urla, Turkey, for those who want to enjoy all this region offers.

About Urla

Urla is a beautiful region well-known for producing some of the most delicious Turkish wine and olive oil. Known as one of the hidden gems of Turkey, not many tourists know of this spot, and you may be able to enjoy the more traditional Turkish atmosphere when you visit here during the peak summer months. With stunning coast views, historical sites, and many activities to keep you entertained, A trip to this region and a stay at one of the breathtaking hotels in Urla would be a stunning vacation!

How to Get to Urla?

When looking at the best ways to get to whichever of the hotels in Urla that you have booked, you will more than likely fly to the nearest airport or take a bus. One of the best places to fly into is İzmir, and we here at obilet have different İzmir flight ticket options available. For those who are in Turkey and would like the opportunity to see the country a bit more, we have Urla bus ticket options available.

How is Urban Transportation in Urla?

Transportation in Urla during the peak summer months can be a great way to get around the town, particularly if you plan to visit the more popular sites. If you are traveling to Urla outside this peak summer season or want to go to the less ventured spots, we recommend hiring a vehicle. Hiring a car will ensure that you can easily get to all your planned activities and see the sights you were hoping to enjoy.

Hotels in Urla: Where to Stay in Urla?

The different types of accommodation in Urla ensure that no matter the type of traveler you are, you will find one of the hotels in Urla suitable. It is important to know a bit about Urla and the different areas around the town when deciding where to stay. Whether you want to enjoy the busier center or seek peace on the outskirts, finding the best hotels in Urla will ensure you have the most memorable trip.

What are the Must-See Places in Urla?

There are several different places to visit in Urla, the following are just a few of the most popular.

  • Limantepe Antique Region: Explore this historical region and learn more about how Urla became what it is today! There is a lot to see when you visit, so consider organizing a trip through a guided tour!
  • Klazomenai Ancient City: As one of the most beautiful open-air museums in Turkey, you will not want to miss out on experiencing Klazomenai Ancient City! What remains of this stunning ancient city can be explored by tourists as guides help those who venture to this region understand what it was like in ancient times.

What to Eat in Urla?

As the center of wine and olive oil production, it is no secret that Urla has a rich history in cuisine! The restaurants around the town have infused Greek and Turkish cuisines together in an extraordinary way, and many of the most famous dishes in Urla have been produced with this fusion in mind! From fresh seafood to delicious spiced lamb and meat, Urla is where you will want to make sure that you try it all!

Bus Stations in Urla

Urla Bus Stationı Rüstem, Erdoğan Ker Cd. No:100, 35430 Urla/İzmir

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