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Information About Tefenni

LAND AREA 582 km²
CITY Burdur

Things You Need to Know After Buying the Tefenni Bus Ticket

Tefenni is one of the districts of Burdur. Since it is located on the Ankara-Fethiye highway, it is an area mostly designated as a rest stop. But beyond being a stopping place, it is a cute place to see. You can explore the district by purchasing a Tefenni bus ticket via Obilet.com.

Tefenni bus services are mostly organized by local travel companies. You can see all of these companies in detail on obilet.com. You can choose the company that suits you by comparing prices and features. Thus, you can buy your Tefenni bus ticket economically.

Where to visit in Tefenni?

Tefenni is a small and cute district. The important place that must be seen is Barutlusu. Natural spring water used as a source of healing flows here. You should definitely drink this.

You should definitely see the Entrance Gates, which have seen three civilizations, the Mounted God Figures in the district center and the Çarşı Mosque in the center.

What to eat in Tefenni?

You can find flavors from Burdur's rich culinary culture here. You should definitely eat local dishes such as tarhana soup, ovmaç soup, gazel asi, dried eggplant dish, gazel roast, höşmerim and keskek.

Where to stay in Tefenni?

Since Tefenni is a small district, the number of places you can stay is quite low. You can stay at Barutsu Social Facilities.

It is a recommended place to see with its healing water and unique historical buildings. You can set off by purchasing your bus ticket via Obilet.com.

Tefenni, a district of Burdur city located in the lakes region of the Mediterranean region, is approximately 71 km away from Burdur.

The district has a surface area of 623 km2. It is located on the Ankara and Fethiye highway. It is generally surrounded by mountains.

There are Eşeler in the west, Bozdağ in the east and Rahat mountains in the southwest.

Tefenni district, which receives abundant rainfall, is a remarkable place with its flowing streams and dense forests in all seasons of the year.

Known as a place from the Byzantine period, Tefenni hosted Turkmens, Seljuks and Ottomans.

Things You Need to Know After Buying a Tefenni Bus Ticket

Tefennibus ticket

When you buy, you should know that you are going to a green place. Although this district, located in the Lakes region, is not very large, it has many plateaus that are already in use.

People still use these plateaus to graze their animals. The general population is engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry.

You should not pass by without drinking the gunpowder water, in other words the healing water, located at the entrance of Tefenni. For that reason

Tefenni ticket

When buying it, you should buy it from a company that operates a gunpowder water facility.

5 Reasons to Visit Tefenni

  • teas
  • Forest
  • Drinking its healing water (gunpowder water)
  • Seeing the world's little snail (teffenia teffenica)
  • attend the festivities
  • Places to Visit in Tefenni


    , formerly known as 'Istefani' district, is a 1st degree earthquake zone. Due to the earthquake that occurred in 1882, many historical places were destroyed and the people left the old settlement and came to the new region today.

    The only remaining historical building in the district is the central market mosque. Gunpowder water festivals are held every year in the 2nd week of August. There is also a snail species that is unique to the district and not seen elsewhere.

    The snail, referred to as 'teffenia teffenica' in the literature, is the smallest snail in the world and is 1 mm long. There are also notable entrance gates and equestrian god figures in the district.

    What to Eat in Tefenni? What is it famous for?

    Tefenni district is very rich in terms of cuisine.

    The most famous dishes are dried eggplant dish, gazel vaccine, unforgettable tarhana soup, ovmaç soup, keskek and, for dessert, höşmerim dessert.

    Bus Stations in Tefenni

    Tefenni Bus Stationı Yokuş, No:, Sanayi Cd. No:24, 15600 Tefenni/Burdur

    Carriers That Have Ceased to Operate Based on Tefenni