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LAND AREA 1,173 km²
CITY Kayseri

Things You Need to Know After Buying the Sariz Bus Ticket

Sarız, one of the districts of Kayseri, attracts attention with its history dating back to prehistoric times. The district, through which Sarız Stream passes, contains 44 neighborhoods.

Sariz bus ticket

If you want to reach the region by evaluating the options, you must first reach Kayseri bus terminal. From here you can buy tickets from various bus companies such as Ali Osman Ulusoy, Ede Turizm and Lale Kahramanmaraş Turizm. You can use bus number 790 to reach Kayseri city center from Sarız.

Places to Visit in SarızSariz bus schedules

We can list the places to visit in this district, which is home to many different civilizations, as follows:

Sarız Stream:
  • This stream, which is the most well-known geographical beauty of the region, combines with the Seyhan River and offers a visual feast. Those who happen to be in Sarız are definitely recommended to visit this stream.
  • Backgammon Mound:
  • Located in Tavla Village, this region attracts attention as an archaeological protected area.
  • What to Eat in Sarız?Sarız bus companies

    You can taste the famous dishes of Kayseri cuisine in the town you reach by using. It is possible to list Sarız's most famous dishes as follows:

    Nevzine Dessert:
  • Nevzine, one of the most well-known desserts of the region, is prepared by adding yoghurt and molasses after the flour is roasted. It is then served with walnuts added on top.
  • Sausage Meatballs:
  • This unique taste, prepared especially with the meat of lambs grazing in the plateaus and villages and created by adding fenugreek to the ground meat, provides a feast of taste.
  • Where to Stay in Sarız?Sariz bus ticket prices

    There are different hostel and hotel opportunities where you can stay in the district you reach by choosing from. Offering ample accommodation facilities, Sarız'a

    Kayseri flight tickets

    It is also possible to stay at the teacher's house after you reach there easily.

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    Afterwards, you can experience a comfortable Sarız holiday by taking advantage of facilities such as apart hotels and dormitories.

    It dates back to very ancient times

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    The establishment of the district dates back to BC. Traces of different cultures can be found in this region, which has hosted many civilizations and principalities. Unfortunately, the fact that it is a district of Kayseri, known as one of the richest provinces of our country, has not contributed to the development of the district.

    In addition to being mostly associated with agriculture and animal husbandry as a source of income, rug and carpet weaving also has an important place in the field of handicrafts and trade. In addition, beekeeping, which is done by many people in the district, also has an important place. It is seen that there is unemployment throughout the district since the existing commercial establishments and factories in the field of economy are insufficient.

    Things You Need to Know After Buying Your Sarız Bus Ticket

    It is necessary to use the highway for district transportation via Kayseri province. After purchasing the bus ticket for this transportation, you should know that the world-famous handmade rugs in Sarız district are worth seeing and that there are ice-cold spring waters among its natural beauties.

    5 Reasons to Visit Sarız

    Among the reasons sought to visit Sarız district;

  • The existence of magnificent patterned rugs,
  • Having the pleasure of watching handicrafts on site,
  • The existence of many archaeological sites,
  • Having natural beauties, cool waters and picnic areas,
  • There are reasons such as easy transportation.
  • Places to Visit in Sarız

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    Since the district is among the districts that have not developed in terms of history and tourism, there are only areas with natural beauties among the places to visit.

    Among these beauties, there is a picnic area in Dallıkavak village, which is located among cold water beds, for those who want to breathe in the real atmosphere.

    In addition, Tavla mound, Yunaktaşı and Necropolis, which are protected areas and located within the villages of the district, are among the must-see places.

    What to Eat in Sarız? What is it famous for?


    Nevzine dessert is one of the delicacies that should be tasted in Sarız district, which is reached after the road transportation.

    Afterwards, dishes such as lead vaccine, lubrication, sucuklu meatballs, kayseri ravioli are among the very famous local dishes.

    Bus Stations in Sariz

    Sarız Bakım Evi Sarız Karayolları Bakımevi (Sarız, Kayseri)