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LAND AREA 1,241 km²
CITY Mardin

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Hotels in Midyat

Midyat is a popular district in the province of Mardin and it owes its popularity to being a contact zone for different cultures and religions that coexist in harmony. As a matter of fact, Midyat is marked with a fascinating history and culture going back to thousands of years ago. This historical district has 60 small towns and is located in Southeastern Anatolia. Correspondingly, it has many accommodation options for visitors to select from. All year round, it has visitors both from Turkey and other countries. Because it is a popular tourist spot, there are many options for accommodation in Midyat.

You can find many different kinds of hotels in Midyat, such as apart hotels, 4 and 5 star hotels, boutique hotels as well as old mansions operating as concept hotels. Services and the facilities the hotels offer, on the other hand, determine their quality and hence prices. Therefore, before you plan your trip to Mardin Midyat, you should consider your own needs and what kind of services you wish to benefit from.

Hotels in Midyat are mostly situated in or near the center of Midyat where there are historic stone mansions, mosques, and churches. The accommodation options are varied considering the need, budget and quality. As theyorganize special cultural events for their guests, Midyat boutique hotels are also among the most frequented hotels.

Must See Places in Midyat

Midyat consists of two main towns, Midyat Estel and Old Midyat. The architecture and stone houses in these two towns are quite stunning, reflecting the authenticity of Mardin province. Above anything else, Midyat is famous for its narrow streets, houses made of limestone, churches, and overall historic atmosphere. By staying at one of the cheap hotels in Midyat, you can explore the district without exceeding your budget for there is so much to see in Midyat where every corner is a gateway to the ancient times and deep-rooted history. By taking short tours around the neighborhood, you can see new places and will get more acquainted with the culture of Mardin.

Here are some of the admirable places to go in Midyat to be exposed to its unique historic texture:

  • The Terrace of The Midyat State Guest House:It is one of the most popular places to go since it is blessed with an epic view of Midyat. This 3-story stone mansion is also known as the place where the popular Turkish TV show Sıla was filmed, therefore, it gets considerable attention from the fans of the show as well.
  • Estel Han Community Center:This is the ultimate place to go if you want to learn more about the Midyat way of life. The Midyat City Museum is also part of the Estel Han Community Center. This place tells you a lot about Midyat through the artwork on display that shows the daily life of its residents.
  • Gelüşke Han:If you're tired from the day and want to take a break with a cup of coffee, then you should pay a quick visit to Gelüşke Han where you can take amazing pictures to record your holiday.

How to Get to Midyat?

Taking a flight to Mardin Airport to reach Midyat is surely the fastest and the most convenient way to travel. However, be aware that the prices of Midyat plane ticketstend to increase due to the high demand for air travel as well as the region’s popularity among both local and international tourists. For that reason, you might want to book your flight in advance.

Or rather, you can travel by bus as a cheaper alternative for the airway. As the intercity bus service in Turkey is quite advanced, you can easily arrive in Midyat simply by purchasing yourself a Midyat bus ticket. From almost every city in Turkey, you can take a bus to the Mardin Bus Terminal located at the heart of the city. Yet, note that the journey can take longer depending on your initial location. Once you arrive in Mardin, you may prefer a car ride instead of traveling by bus and thus, enjoy a more personalized trip to Midyat. Therefore, you might also want to check out Midyat car rental options available.

Midyat Accommodation Options

Known to be the pearl of the Southeastern Anatolia region, Mardin doesn’t disappoint when it comes to accommodation either. In a more general sense, it is safe to say that Midyat hotels have everything you might want or need during your stay. For example, for a more calming and comforting vacation, you can choose to stay at a 5-star hotel as luxury hotels provide more facilities as well as top-not services. Because they pay attention to every detail to make sure their guests are comfortable and get good service, luxury hotels in Midyat are in fact very popular among tourists.

You should also take into consideration that Midyat hotel prices depend on the hotel's amenities, location and overall quality. Yet, seasonal opportunities as well as special hotel deals can give you a premium holiday experience at affordable prices if you remain on the lookout for opportunities. Likewise, thebest hotels in Midyat are the ones close to the city center, enabling you to easily get around between main tourist attractions.

Midyat Hotel Prices

Midyat is known for being a breathtaking place where people from different backgrounds and cultures live together. It has been home to many civilizations in the past and it still manages to preserve this distinctive feature today. Because of this unique cultural aspect, the area gets a lot of visitors all year round who want to stay at Midyat hotels. Prices at Midyat hotels, on the other hand, mainly depend on what services the hotels offer. Apart from hotels with a boutique style, Midyat is on the list of good hotels.

Hotel room prices depend on what services you want to be included during your stay. The dates for your trip and hence the duration of your stay as well as room/hotel concepts can influence the prices. Hotels in Midyat make sure that their guests are going to leave with nothing but good memories that they will cherish.

Bus Stations in Midyat

Midyat Bus Stationı Işıklar, 442. Sk., 47510 Midyat/Mardin

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