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Information About Kizkalesi

CITY Mersin

Things You Need to Know After Buying the Kizkalesi Bus Ticket

Hotels in Kızkalesi

Kızkalesi is one of the most popular holiday destinations of Mersin, promising visitors a one-of-a-kind holiday opportunity. Close to the center of Mersin, Kızkalesi is a favorable holiday spot where you can participate in a variety of activities. As a matter of fact, Kızkalesi is a place that is marked with both historical value and natural beauty. With its majestic castle, old towns, and other historical ruins, Kızkalesi remains a great point for sightseeing. Not to mention, this lovely Mediterranean town has numerous hotels that are dedicated to provide travelers pleasant stay. All you need to do is to have a look at the accommodation alternatives available and decide according to your preferences.

Hotels in Kızkalesi appeal to every taste and budget, meaning that you can opt for a luxury resort as well as you can find a cheaper accommodation alternative. Considering the fact that it is a spot widely preferred by families, family hotels in Kızkalesi are quite common, providing a comfortable and cozy environment for families so that they don’t need to worry about anything during their vacation. Moreover, they usually organize entertaining activities for kids. Notable services offered by the hotels in the area include live music, open buffets, gym centers, saunas, and Turkish baths. Regardless of your choice of accommodation, you can expect to find a high level of hospitality!

Must See Places in Kızkalesi

Many historical ruins, including the castle after which Kızkalesi gets its name, can be found near the area. Kızkalesi is a place located on a small islet that bears the name of the castle. There are numerous places to see some of which can be listed as follows:

  • Kızkalesi:A historic castle located in Erdemli district of Mersin, Kızkalesi is by far the most iconic symbol of the area. It is situated on an islet that is easily accessible by boats, canoes, and water bikes. Kızkalesi owes its popularity to a legend that’s associated with it. As the story goes, the king of Korykos always wanted a daughter, and one day he learned from a fortune teller that his beloved daughter would die because of a snake. He then had this castle built to protect his daughter, however, she died due to a snake bite that entered the castle via a basket sent from the palace.
  • Korykos Ancient City:Carrying the characteristics of medieval architecture in general, Korykos is a well-preserved ancient city of Cilicia. There are 14 churches together with cemeteries, and sarcophagi in this historic site.
  • Kızkalesi Beach: As a blue flagged beach with very clean waters and golden sand, Kızkalesi Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the greater region, receiving hundreds of visitors during summer. Not to mention, the beach has no entrance fee which makes it all the more attractive! Pro tip: Kızkalesi hotelsnear the beach are highly recommended especially for summer vacationers looking for an opportunity to immerse themselves in the serene waters of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Adamkayalar:An important historical landmark, Adamkayalar are mostly human figure carvings on the rocks located in Şeytanderesi valley's steep slopes. Such a sight to see, this place especially draws the attention of history geeks interested in antiquity.

How to Get to Kızkalesi?

Luckily, Kızkalesi presents no challenges when it comes to transportation to the area. In fact, you can use different modes of transportation to travel to Kızkalesi, one of them being the airway. Although Mersin has no airport, you can use the airport at the neighboring city which is no other than Adana. From there you can make use of the airport shuttle, take a taxi or a bus to go to Kızkalesi.

Bus would be another option which is also budget-friendly. From almost anywhere in Turkey, you can buy a bus ticket for Mersin. The journey might take longer depending on your initial location, however, if long rides are your cup of tea, then you will certainly love to watch the changing scenery of the country between its regions. On the same lines, you can always rent a car to enjoy your journey to the Mediterranean. In this way, you can freely determine the course of your trip and hence make the most of your holiday as well. As well as transportation, accommodation in Kızkalesi is also hassle-free with numerous options such as boutique hotels, apart hotels, hotels enabling guests to choose the best alternative for their stay in accordance with their budgets and special needs. As for the best hotels in Kızkalesi, you are advised to carefully check hotel ratings, reviews and the scope of their services.

Kızkalesi Hotel Prices

Above anything else, for every budget there is a place in Kızkalesi which is such a relief for those traveling on a tight budget. Factors such as services offered by the hotel, the area in which it is situated, hotel concepts such as half-board, bed and breakfast or all-inclusive, the duration of the stay as well as the season cause Kızkalesi hotel pricesto dramatically change. You are presented with a variety of lodging alternatives, including hotels, hostels, and aparthotels, however, keep in mind that in order to seize the best price you should make an early reservation and secure your place in advance. Otherwise, accommodation might turn costlier than you have planned for. The district gets especially crowded during summer, and cheap hotels in Kızkalesiquickly reach their full capacity. Therefore it is best to rush to make a reservation, to say the least.

Kızkalesi Vacation

Kızkalesi, one of Mersin's well-known vacation spots, has a variety of accommodation options and hence receives considerable attention each year. This popular holiday destination promises a time to be remembered thanks to its natural charm and historically valuable sites to explore as a curious traveler. Here, visitors can enjoy the sea and the sun in the blue-flagged beaches of Kızkalesi, cherish its pleasant weather to the fullest, try some delicious local food as well as profit from the many services and amenities offered by the quality hotels such as spa centers and of course Turkish baths for a more authentic experience!

You can consider getting a place in one of the boutique hotels in Kızkalesiif you prefer a customized service in a more private setting, away from the crowds. Or instead, you can go for the aparthotels in Kızkalesi to feel at home. No matter where you end up settling in Kızkalesi, you will surely leave this town with unforgettable memories allthanks to its historical texture, crystal clear sea, and bright atmosphere.

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