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Information About Kirikhan

LAND AREA 715 km²
CITY Hatay

Things You Need to Know After Buying the Kirikhan Bus Ticket

Kırıkhan is a modest district of Hatay. You can see the district by purchasing a Kırıkhan bus ticket via Obilet.com.

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Where to visit in Kırıkhan?

There are not many buildings and places to visit in Kırıkhan. The structure, which has high historical value and is also important from a religious perspective, is the Beyazıd-i Bestami Tomb.

The number of mounds lined up along the Amik Plain is quite high. The largest one is Baldıran Mound.

What to eat in Kırıkhan?

As Hatay district, Kırıkhan is a real land of taste. Tray kebab, sour vaccine, haytali and chicken doner are popular local dishes.

Where to stay in Kırıkhan?

The number of accommodation facilities in Kırıkhan is low, but the existing hotels also meet the needs.

Kırıkhan is a small and cute district of Hatay. It is a place to go for those who want to see a different side of Hatay. You can buy bus tickets via Obilet.com.


It is one of the 3rd developed districts of Hatay province. Kırıkhan is an agricultural country and Kırıkhan melon is famous. The people of Kırıkhan earn their living from cotton cultivation. Poultry farming has developed in the field of animal husbandry. Although it is known to be the cradle of ancient cultures, there is no clear historical finding.

It is known that its history dates back to 3000 years ago. Since it was at the intersection of trade routes during the Ottoman period, its development continued. Although agriculture has developed in terms of economic and social situation, small industrial steps have also been taken recently.

What You Need to Know After Buying a Kırıkhan Bus Ticket

Kırıkhan bus ticket

What you need to know after taking it is that you are traveling to a quiet place. Kırıkhan is not a developed district in terms of tourism. Even though its history dates back to ancient times, there is no surviving work.

It is also necessary to know that Hatay is within the provincial borders and contains some firsts in terms of historical, cultural and belief characteristics of the province. All this is a progress for tourism.

5 Reasons to Visit Kırıkhan

  • Kırıkhan melon
  • Melon Festival
  • Beyazid-i Bestami Tomb
  • Gölbaşı Lake
  • Beşkardeşler Cave
  • Places to Visit in Kırıkhan

    Hatay Kırıkhan is a quiet district and has no development in terms of tourism. Although its history dates back to ancient times, there is no work that has survived to the present day. Beyazid-i Bestami tomb is the only point that attracts attention from a historical perspective. Gölbaşı Lake is the only natural lake and is worth seeing. The sole purpose is to ensure that this lake contributes to tourism. Danaahmetli bridge is still standing and worth seeing. There are rock tombs in the Beşkardeşler cave, which are also worth seeing.

    What to Eat in Kırıkhan? What is it famous for?

    The food in Hatay Kırıkhan is very delicious. As for the local dishes; tray kebab, chicken doner, sour vaccine. It is worth buying a Kırıkhan ticket to get acquainted with Hatay dishes. Being within the borders of Hatay province and not tasting kunefe is a must.

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