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Information About Kemer

LAND AREA 412 km²
CITY Antalya

Things You Need to Know After Buying the Kemer Bus Ticket

Hotels in Kemer

One of the most significant tourism centers in Turkey, Kemer is a district located in the Mediterranean region, at the outskirts of Taurus Mountains. Gained its popularity only in the 1980s, Kemer is now one of the most reputed districts in Antalya tourism where millions of tourists flock to during summer. That being the case, deluxe resorts and other types of hotels in Kemerhave increased in number considerably over the years to meet the growing demand. As a distinguished holiday destination, Kemer is in fact populated with quality hotels providing excellent hospitality. The most appealing features of Kemer hotelsare no other than their perfect location either by the sea or at the heart of nature and the scope of services they offer. Especially if you are looking for an opportunity to exclude yourself from the hustle of everyday life, and immerse yourself in the clean Mediterranean sea, Kemer would be an ideal place as it promises privacy delivered in the most comfortable setting. Although you can find affordable accommodation options in the district, 5 star hotels in Kemer stand out as they provide a customized and luxurious experience. Therefore, if you want to pamper yourself with a premium stay, then you should definitely check out the quality hotels located in and around Kemer.

Kemer Must See Places

Located in the southern part of Turkey, Kemer is a lovely coastal town where you can rest your head comfortably. A district of Antalya province which is located in the Mediterranean region, Kemer is famous for its beaches and spectacular nature of deep pine forests, crystal clear sea as well as mythical rock formations. Not to mention its expansive marina and colossal Greco-Roman ruins located nearby! There is much to do in Kemer too, from scuba diving, snorkeling, and jet skiing to parasailing and going on boat excursions. But the most essential thing to do while in Kemer is surely sightseeing. Top recommendations for the area include:

  • Tahtalı Mountain:With a height of 2365 meters, Tahtalı Mountain is the highest mountain in the area that is closest to the ocean. Visitors can savor the breathtaking panoramic view of the mountain ranges and the view of the sea from the summit. It is the ultimate place to take Instagram worthy photos, to say the least!
  • Adrasan:Approximately 35 kilometers away from Kemer, close to Olympos and Çıralı, Adrasan is among the most picturesque sites in the whole city thanks to its 2 kilometers of lovely, golden-sand beach, the surrounding countryside, and the mountains with pine woods in the distance.
  • Central Kemer Moonlight Park:A blue-flagged Moonlight beach, a dolphinarium, a retail mall, a small zoo, tennis and basketball courts, recreation grounds, and green spaces can all be found in Central Kemer Moonlight Park, a daily entertainment and recreation destination.
  • Olympos: One of the most popular tourist attractions in Antalya, Olympos is a renowned ancient Lycian city where you can both enjoy the sea and the sun and see significant relics such as the world famous Olympos Ancient Theater and Mausoleum. It is also good to note that some of the best hotels in Kemerare located in and around Olympos.
  • Idyros Ancient City:In 1976, archaeological research was initiated in the old city that is adjacent to the Moonlight Bay, one of the main tourist attractions in the area. Numerous significant historical objects from the Byzantine era have been found among the structures that the excavations have uncovered. Located about 2 kilometers from Kemer's town center, Idyros Ancient City is an important historical landmark where you can see the remnants of Roman and Byzantine Empires.
  • Phaselis Ancient City:The most significant historical sites in the area include the Ancient City of Phaselis, which is about 15 kilometers from Kemer. If you have a private vehicle, you can travel there easily by using the road through Kumluca and Kemer or you can use daily boat tours to reach the site. Built in the 8th century B.C. by the Rhodians, Phaselis Ancient City is marked with a long history of civilizations. This ancient city has three harbours and here you can see structures such as agora (marketplace), Roman baths, Hadrian’s Gate, and ancient theaters.

How to Get to Kemer?

Accommodation is perhaps the most focal point of any travel plan and the good news is that hotels in Kemer Turkeyare more than promising! Yet another crucial component of any journey is transportation which is something that you shouldn’t worry about as far as Kemer is concerned. Located about 43 kilometers from Antalya city center, Kemer is easily accessible via different routes. For starters, it is not surprising that the most practical way to get to the district is via the airway. Antalya Airport and the shuttle here facilitate transportation to a certain degree. From the city center you can reach Kemer via buses and minibuses. If you are looking for a more affordable alternative as flight tickets tend to be higher, then you can opt for the main road via buses taking off from almost all cities in the country. Depending on your starting point, the journey might turn longer than ideal, however, the trip is definitely worth it as you will get to observe the changing topography of Turkey better. Likewise, renting a car might be a good option if you want to have full control over your journey and itinerary. A little bit of fatigue will do no harm to anybody as hotels in Kemer Antalyawill take care of you anyway!

Kemer 5 Star Hotels

Luxury hotels are widely preferred by those who don’t negotiate when it comes to comfort. Naturally, 5 star hotels in Kemer are quite popular among travelers looking to get the best service possible during their stay. These hotels stand out with their deluxe amenities such as spa centers, gift shops, Turkish baths, fitness centers as well as specially designed rooms. Not to mention, they often have their private beaches with an exclusive facility. These luxury hotels operate more often than not with an all inclusive concept which is a great convenience as they allow guests not to worry about additional charges. Kemer hotels 5-star all inclusive are the ultimate places where you can benefit from a wide range of services including limitless food and beverage options as well as various entertainment venues without having to pay extra for anything. Given that they are indeed cost effective hotels in Kemer Turkey all inclusive are in high demand and they reach their full capacity quickly especially during peak season. Also, many conferences and special events are held in these hotels, therefore, it is highly advised that you book in advance.

How to Get Around in Kemer

Another important factor to take into account while making travel arrangements to Kemer is the city's transportation options. Since most tourists choose to travel to places with the most transit alternatives, the city needs to have a reliable transportation system. Kemer is one of the places in Turkey that provides visitors with economical and dependable transportation services, making it easy to get around. Visitors can choose from a variety of methods including car/rental car, bus, minibus, and taxi options. For a more flexible transportation option, you can easily rent a car from a nearby car rental. Or you can call for a taxi to get around the district. However, buses and minibuses, would be the cheaper alternative and they are quite convenient too as many districts are on their routes anyway. Also, it is good to know that you can use the ferry and sea bus between Kemer and Antalya's Old (Roman) Harbor during summer.

Natural Wonders in Kemer

Kemer is a custom-built resort located 35 kilometers (22 miles) southwest of Antalya in Turkey on the picturesque, pine-shaded Mediterranean coast. When you visit Kemer, you can find many places that are worth seeing including the following natural sites:

  • Beldibi Cave:Situated within Oba Village's boundaries, approximately 19 kilometers away from Kemer, Beldibi Cave is considered to be the second most significant prehistoric site in Antalya. Various artifacts from Paleolithic and Mesolithic ages were unearthed in the excavations carried out here and this 24/7 open archeological site draws considerable attention of those interested in history.
  • Cleopatra Bay:A true natural wonder and a must see for those visiting Kemer, Cleopatra Bay is located in the Tepeköy neighborhood, on the route of the Lycian way. Private cars or Tepeköy minibusses provide transportation to the bay, which is around 15 kilometers from the town center. This virgin bay is quite popular as it has fine grained sand alongside clean and shallow waters.
  • Göynük Canyon:As one of the most visited landmarks in Kemer, Göynük Canyon receives considerable attention mostly due to the adventure park located here. If you want to remain on the safer side, on the other hand, you can take delight in canoeing or trekking in the canyon. Also, it is located around the Ancient Lycian Way.
  • Yanartaş (Chimaera):Also referred to as the "place of flames," Yanartaş is an intriguing natural rock structure that is found in Çıralı village on the slopes of Mount Chimaera, close to Olympos Valley, about 35 kilometers from Kemer.Çıralı Yanartaş consists of small fires which burn constantly from vents in the rocks on the side of the mountain.

Bus Stations in Kemer

Kemer (Antalya) Bus Station Arslan Bucak Mahallesi Cumhuriyet Sokak No:3 D:P1 Kemer / Antalya
Akel Tourism Yatirimlari ve Isletmeciligi Çamyuva, 07990 Kemer/Antalya, Türkiye
AKAN WATER SPORTS (SU AKTİVİTELERİ) Göynük, Kilikya Palace Otel, 07994 Kemer/Antalya, Türkiye
HERO TOUR TRAVEL AGENCY Kiriş, 26. Sk., 07980 Kemer/Antalya, Türkiye

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