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Information About Erbaa

LAND AREA 1,173 km²
CITY Tokat

Things You Need to Know After Buying the Erbaa Bus Ticket

Erbaa is one of the popular districts of Tokat. There are certain important buildings in the district, which has been used as a residential area since the Hittite period. You can complete your Erbaa bus ticket purchases via Obilet.com.

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Where to visit in Erbaa?

Since Erbaa is an old settlement, it hosts special buildings. Horoz Hill and Dere District are one of these special places. In this place, where there are many ruins belonging to the Hittites, there are also ruins worth seeing.

You can see the Church Water in Çamdibi Village. There is clear and clean water that rotates the mill.

Boğazkesen Castle, located in Kale Village, is a building with a history of 2000 years; You should add it to your list of places to see.

Silahtar Ömer Pasha Mosque, located in Akça Town, is also among the places to be seen with its magnificent structure.

What to eat in Erbaa?

The taste of Tokat cuisine is known by almost everyone. You can also find these special flavors in Erbaa. Never leave without trying Keşkek, chickpea stew, beetroot mihlama, tomato mihlama and Tokat kebab.

Where to stay in Erbaa?

There are accommodation facilities in Erbaa suitable for every budget and accommodation. You can choose any of these facilities and spend your holiday by staying there.

Erbaa is a must-visit place, especially to taste Tokat delicacies. You can check bus schedules and buy your ticket on Obilet.com.


It is one of the largest districts of Tokat. The region where Erbaa is located is a historically old region. This conclusion was obtained from the remains obtained during the excavations. Erbaa is a region that is a complete cultural resource with its natural beauties and rich history. Erbaa is the rich district of Tokat. Its economy is based on agriculture and industry. When it comes to viticulture, hazelnut and kiwi cultivation, Erbaa comes to mind.

Things You Need to Know After Buying an Erbaa Bus Ticket


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bus ticket

What you should be prepared for afterwards is that you are moving towards a very beautiful district.

In the district, people of all kinds will encounter places that are either comforting, intriguing, or even surprising, both in terms of history and nature.

You can't leave without seeing the area where the clean water called church water flows. Kale Village and Horoz Hill have the same characteristics.

5 Reasons to Visit Erbaa

  • You shouldn't leave without eating Keşkek, chickpea stew and mihlama.
  • The visit should not end without tasting Tokat kebab.
  • One should not leave Erbaa without buying rosehip jam or molasses.
  • Enjoy a bird's eye view from Şahin Hill
  • A historical tour should be done as there are historical ruins dating back 2000 years.
  • Places to Visit in Erbaa


    Horoz Hill, located in Antalya, is one of the top places to visit. Hittite king tombs were found here.

    Church water is a spring water flowing below the district. The water is clean and clear. Water is used in every way, including drinking.

    Boğazkesen Castle; The historical traces of the village here date back 2000 years. There is an area called Şahin Hill; Almost the entire city can be viewed from here.

    Düden Lake is the area of the district where you can take nice walks around the lake, get fresh air and take beautiful photographs.

    Silahtar Ömer Pasha Mosque provides spiritual pleasure with its flamboyant interior architecture.

    What to Eat in Erbaa? What is it famous for?

    Keskek, chickpea stew and mihlama of Erbaa region are special. It is especially famous for its beetroot and tomato paste. Although Tokat kebab is a specialty of every district, it is a delicacy that must be tasted in Erbaa. Erbaa for this kebab


    It is worth taking.

    Since rosehip is grown in Erbaa, rosehip jam and rosehip molasses can be purchased both as gifts and for fame.

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    Erbaa Bus Stationı +903567159941 Erek Mahallesi, Mercan Sk. No:53 ,Tokat , Erbaa.
    Erbaa Erbaa, Tokat, Türkiye

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