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LAND AREA 682 km²
CITY Balıkesir

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Hotels in Edremit

Edremit, a district of Balıkesir province with a population of approximately 140,000 is visited by thousands of tourists each year due to its pristine nature. As it is a holiday route that is sought after, there are plenty of hotels in Edremit dedicated to meet the high demand of tourists. As a matter of fact, hotels of the region offer some of the best accommodation options for their guests with their nicely decorated restaurants, bars, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, boardrooms, retail stores, and so on. Not to mention, accommodation in Edremit is plenty, suitable for different needs and budgets. Meaning that according to your price range, you can opt between different types of lodging from luxury hotels to cozier boutique hotels. Another factor that makes Edremit so appealing is surely its pleasant weather. Since it is situated on the coast of Aegean Sea, Edremit has a relatively mild climate throughout the year. The perks to this lovely district are not limited to its wide spectrum hotels and pleasant weather. There is even more to Edremit than this article does justice.

Edremit Must See Places

Edremit hotels are great conveniences, that’s for sure! But what about the places to explore while in Edremit? In that case, it is safe to say that due to being marked with a colorful history and culture, Edremit is packed with both natural and historic wonders to visit. While you can easily go for the many sandy beaches in and around Edremit, you can also choose to discover the popular tourist attractions in the district including:

  • Şahindere Canyon: Approximately 26 kilometers long, Şahindere Canyon is a natural wonder of Edremit located on Kaz Mountains. Here you can soak up the breathtaking view of the mountain and the stream, have a picnic or gaze at the various kinds of animals living in the canyon.
  • Hasanboğuldu: One of the most famous sites in the whole Balıkesir province, Hasanboğuldu Pond receives millions of visitors every year thanks to its exceedingly pure and cold waters that come from a mountain range. Given that it is a highly visited area, a good number of cafes/restaurants and souvenir shops are present here.
  • Altınoluk: A well-known summer resort in Edremit, Altınoluk is not only a popular summer holiday destination but it is also among the top routes for nature tourism. Historically known by the name Papazlık, Altınoluk stands out with its stunning beaches populated both by locals and tourists each summer. There is so much to do in the district from roaming its cozy streets and souvenir shops and meeting the locals to exploring farmers’ markets to buy organic products and savoring its pleasant weather and oxygen-rich air. Not to mention some of the best boutique hotels in Edremit remain here.
  • Kaz Dağı National Park: Regarded to be Turkey's oxygen reservoir, Kaz Dağları are also referred to as "Mount Ida". Kaz Dağı National Park is one of the most important natural wonders not only in Anatolia but also in the world. People visit this site even just for its fresh and clean air. There are also exquisite hotels located in and around Mount Ida. However, you should know in advance that Edremit hotel prices especially in this location tend to be higher.

How to Get to Edremit?

From cheap hotels in Edremit to luxury counterparts, there are numerous options when it comes to accommodation. That being the case, prospect travelers wonder how challenging it is to travel to the district. The answer is: not challenging at all! As a matter of fact there are different modes of transportation among which you can choose according to your preferences and budget. For starters, the highway is a great option especially for those traveling from a nearby city such as Istanbul. Not only are the bus tickets cheaper but also the journey is quite delightful and hassle-free. If you want a faster and more practical journey, on the other hand, it is possible to reach Edremit via airway thanks to Balıkesir Koca Seyit Airport from which you can get to the district center via shuttles and buses. Furthermore, you can reach Balıkesir province via ferries from cities such as Istanbul and then get to Edremit via private vehicle, shuttles or buses.

Edremit Accommodation Options

In order to have the best experience during your long-expected holidays, you can go for the high quality hotels at reasonable prices. If you want to relax and receive the best services during your stay, then 5 star hotels in Edremit would be the ideal option for you as you can find all the necessary facilities there. 5 star hotels come with many perks including traditional Turkish baths, spa and gym centers, shuttle services, and many other advantages. Likewise, all inclusive hotels in Edremit offer a wide range of quality services to their guests at affordable prices. Therefore, if you are looking for an exquisite hotel to book, hotels operating with an all inclusive concept should be in your list as they guarantee an exceptional service to make your stay all the more comfortable. 5 star hotels and all inclusive hotels also have outstanding housekeeping services which makes them the best hotels in Edremit, making sure their guests are more than content with their stay. If you are to travel as a part of health tourism, on the other hand, you can opt for thermal hotels in Edremit where you can relieve the accumulated stress and heal through the mineral-rich waters coming from the springs in the region.

History of Edremit

If you are interested in learning the history of the regions, cities, or places that you visit, you will be content that Edremit has quite an interesting story. Also known with the name Adramytteion in encyclopedias, Edremit was founded in 1443 BC according to historians and it was the most influential settlement in the region in the early ages. During Persian rule, King Darius came here and started a campaign for Greece. Alexander the Great too visited the city in later periods. The city, which was taken over by the Romans after the Persians, later became a port for the ships of the Karesi Principality. Important shipyards of the navy were established here during the Ottoman reign, therefore, it was an important point for the Ottomans, too. The people of the region first assumed important duties as Turkish pirates in the Mediterranean Sea and then in the Ottoman navy. Edremit was also one of the first regions where the Kuvayi-ı Milliye (the first armed forces for the Turkish independence war) movements started. In line with these movements, the district governor Şehit Hamdi Bey and some other important figures established committees; sometimes even engaged in armed conflict with the occupation forces, and led the rescue of the Ayvalık and Dikili fronts. The city was liberated from the Greeks in September 1922, almost a year before the official foundation of the Turkish Republic.

Historical Sites in Edremit

Thanks to Edremit’s colorful history, there are plenty of historical sites in Edremit that you should include in your itinerary to learn more about its grandeur. These historical sites can be listed as:

  • Antandros Ancient City: When the Persians invaded Antandros in 512 B.C., it was the first time the name Antandros appeared in historical records. The city has access to abundant quantities of lumber and resin, two commodities required for the shipbuilding industry, due to its location at the foot of Mount Ida. Hence, Antandros was a tempting treat for all military nations looking to increase the size of their war fleets. The city often changed hands though. It was ruled by the Greeks and the Persians, and briefly existed as an independent colony. It is a place that is not known by many people, but its history is certainly unique and worth knowing about.
  • Adramytteion Ancient City: Though the precise founder of the city remains unknown, it is speculated that it could have been the son of a Pelasgian or Lydian monarch in the sixth century B.C. Numerous Roman, Hellenic, and Byzantine ruins have been discovered in the city, and the excavations that began in 2012 continue to this day. The most important thing about this ancient city is that it is considered to be the oldest town in Edremit Bay.
  • Astyra Ancient City: More than 50 coins, different ceramic and glass objects were discovered during excavations. If you want to visit this ancient city, you will be delighted to know that there is no entrance fee which makes it all the more convenient to visit the area.

Bus Stations in Edremit

Edremit Bus Stationı +902663731070 Hamidiye, 544. Sk. No:1, 10300 Edremit/Balıkesir
Edremit Otobüs Terminali +902663731070 Hamidiye Mh. 10300 Edremit/Balıkesir

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