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Büyükeceli, a town in Gülnar district of Mersin, is among the most beautiful and quiet holiday resorts of our country. Thanks to its location only a few kilometers away from the Mediterranean coast, it is one of the first choices of those who want a quiet and peaceful holiday. There are also several bays in the town suitable for diving.

To go to Büyükeceli town, you first need to reach Mersin Bus Terminal or Gülnar Bus Terminal. It is possible to reach Büyükeceli town from these bus terminals by city bus lines.

Büyükeceli bus companies

The most preferred companies are Mersin Nur Turizm or Özkaymak.

Places to Visit in Büyükeceli

Located in the lands where many great civilizations lived throughout history, Büyükeceli attracts attention with its important and beautiful places to visit. To visit Büyükeceli town

Büyükeceli bus ticket prices

You can browse these regions by browsing. We can list these regions as follows:

Büyükeceli Beach:
  • There are several businesses where you can meet your needs on this calm and peaceful long beach.
  • Meydancık Castle:
  • This castle, which was used by the Carians, Persians and Egyptians and contains ruins of civilizations, is 32 km away from the town.
  • Tomb of Sheikh Omer:
  • The tomb, which is 50 km away from the town, contains the grave of a famous Quran commentator.
  • What to Eat in Büyükeceli?

    Mersin's Büyükeceli town, which is the center of local and famous dishes, makes a name for itself with its flavor options. To try these delicious flavors

    Büyükeceli bus ticket

    You can take a look at the alternatives. We can list these flavors as follows:

  • Mother and Daughter
  • submerged
  • Sini Meatballs
  • Tantuni
  • Egg Meatballs
  • Gövelez
  • Flour Halva
  • Where to Stay in Büyükeceli?

    Büyükeceli's calm and modest structure is also reflected in its accommodation options. There are apart and beach hotels in the town where you can stay. While most of these facilities provide bed and breakfast services, they aim to provide the highest quality service to their guests. For a quiet and enjoyable holiday opportunity in Büyükeceli

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    You can review the options.

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