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LAND AREA 971 km²
CITY Manisa

Things You Need to Know After Buying the Alasehir Bus Ticket

It is known that Alaşehir, one of the districts of Manisa in the Aegean Region, has hosted many civilizations from past to present.

There are many bus lines providing transportation to the district from Manisa Bus Terminal.

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Places to Visit in Alaşehir

Places to visit in Alaşehir, which has hosted many civilizations, are listed as follows:

Kurşunlu Han:
  • It is estimated that the inn, which was built as a caravanserai, was built by Semiz Ali Pasha and Gedik Ali Pasha between 1548 and 1553.
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  • It is possible to reach this inn via .
  • Sarıkız Hot Springs:
  • Its healing waters are good for many skin diseases.
  • Alaşehir Walls:
  • The walls, built during the Roman Empire to protect the city, surround the city on all sides. It has 4 doors.
  • What to Eat in Alaşehir?

    The flavors you can taste in Alaşehir are listed as follows:

    Ear Soup:
  • The soup, made with manti in it, is served with mint and butter on top.
  • Mesir Paste:
  • Mesir paste, one of the foods consumed fondly not only in Alaşehir but throughout Manisa, is made from various spices. Festivals are also held in his name every year.
  • Alaşehir Closure:
  • Dumpling-sized pieces of dough are filled with meat and fried in oil. It is then served with broth, yoghurt and parsley. Those who want to taste this flavor
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  • They can easily reach the city by taking them.
  • Where to Stay in Alaşehir?

    There are many boutique and apart hotels in Alaşehir where you can stay. If you want to have a comfortable stay in Alasehir hotels,

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    You can make a reservation by looking.


    The district is in the inner Aegean Region. The summer months are quite hot and dry. Turkey's most productive plain is in this district.

    The district also has a deep-rooted history. The district generally makes its living from raisins. You can see a lot of them in colorful bags in the district. They have a delicious taste.

    What You Need to Know After Buying an Alaşehir Bus Ticket

    Alasehir bus ticket

    It will be good for you, the visitors, to know the excellence of this district after visiting it. The delicious flavors and historical riches of the district will be waiting for you.

    5 Reasons to Visit Alaşehir

  • Delicious local dishes
  • Historically rich
  • Historical places to visit
  • hot spring
  • Grapes grown in the district and dried grapes
  • Places to Visit in Alasehir


    ; These walls, which surround almost all four sides of the district, have lost almost all their features today. Black stone pieces and horasan are used in the construction of the walls and the walls have 4 gates. These; kiretti, kirmasti, elhizar and dombay.

    Sarıkız Statue

    ; In fact, although it is common in the Edremit Gulf, this culture also exists in the district.

    Yıldırım Beyazıt Mosque

    ; It was made by Yıldırım Beyazıt. However, today it is no longer original. The mosque was destroyed during the Greek occupation and was later repaired as before.


    ; Only the foundation and marble blocks of the temple, which is thought to have been built in the 2nd century, have survived to the present day. The temple has two gates. One of them is semicircular and the other is rectangular.

    St. John's Church

    ; It is considered the first church of Christianity. It is a church consisting of wall ruins located behind a house. From this church, only the remains of walls and foundations made of rubble stone and brick and only 3 of the pillars in the church structure have survived to the present day.

    Kurşunlu Han

    ; It was previously used as a caravanserai. It was built in 3 floors. Only the ground floor has survived to the present day.

    Public Library

    ; The public library, dating from the 1500s, was destroyed by the Greeks during the occupation.

    Sarıkız Thermal Spring

    ; It is known that it is good for rheumatism, skin diseases, mental and physical fatigue.

    What to Eat in Alaşehir? What is it famous for?

    There are many beautiful and delicious dishes in the district. These; bread, raisins, stuffed vine leaves, pita and Alaşehir kapama.


    You should definitely taste these flavors when you come to the district.

    Bus Stations in Alasehir

    Alaşehir Bus Stationı Beşeylül Mahallesi, 45600 Alaşehir/Manisa

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