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Things You Need to Know After Buying the Urkmez Bus Ticket

Ürkmez is a holiday resort in the Seferihisar district of Izmir. It is a place that can attract the attention of anyone who wants to spend a quiet summer holiday. You can purchase Ürkmez bus tickets via obilet.com.

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Where to visit in Ürkmez?

You can enjoy both the sea and history in Ürkmez.

In addition to going to beaches such as İpekkum Beach and Sağlık Ocağı Beach; You can swim from any point you want. If you want to find healing besides enjoying the sea, you can go to Karakoç Thermal Springs.

Those who want to make a historical trip should definitely see the Ancient City of Lebedos.

What to eat in Ürkmez?

You can find the flavors of Aegean cuisine with olive oil. You should definitely try olive oil dishes, appetizers and fish varieties.

Where to stay in Ürkmez?

Since Ürkmez is one of the preferred regions for summer holidays, accommodation options are wide. You can choose the option that suits you best, such as apart house, hostel, hotel and tent.

You should go to Ürkmez for a quiet and enjoyable Aegean holiday. You can plan your holiday by purchasing your bus ticket on Obilet.com.

Located in Seferihisar, the central district of Izmir, Ürkmez is 58 km away. Ürkmez district, one of the pearls of the Aegean region, is located in the northern part of the mountain foothills.

The region is covered with forests and is a very beautiful district surrounded by hills and seashores. The economy of the district people is based on tourism and agricultural products are also grown. In addition, the cultivation of cultivated vegetables, fruits and grain products is also traded.

What You Need to Know After Buying a Ürkmez Bus Ticket

In addition to its historical structure and memorable city stories, Ürkmez is a shining district with its clean beaches, sea and vegetation. Therefore, by purchasing a ürkmez bus ticket, you can have a wonderful holiday accompanied by the reflections of nature.

In addition, local activities are carried out in peace and liveliness by attending entertainment events organized within the district borders.

Additionally, you can go to Ürkmez, the cute town of Izmir, by many vehicles. Following this, you can reach the Ürkmez holiday region by shuttle buses as well as by regular bus companies.

5 Reasons to Visit Ürkmez

It can be visited for sea views and holidays, which are the basis of natural beauty. It can be preferred to participate in sports activities in the forests that adorn the district. The historical buildings and ruins within the district borders can be visited to see them closely.

The sea and beach structure of the district is suitable for all kinds of activities. It can be visited in the water resources in the region or in nearby districts.

Places to Visit in ürkmez

Ürkmez district, which is within the borders of Izmir's meaningful ancient city and carries beautiful legends, has a fascinating area with its natural visuals.

The Ancient City of Lebedos, Karakoç thermal springs, İpekkum Beach, and Health Center beach located within the district borders are beautiful areas worth seeing. In addition, there are historical monuments in the district and its immediate surrounding districts, which offer magnificent views.

What to Eat in Ürkmez? What is it famous for?

ürkmez ticket

You can experience the joy and peace of the magnificent tone of nature visuals. In addition, you can taste the flavors of local Izmir cuisine.

You should definitely try keskek, one of the famous dishes of the district. You should also definitely try the delicious dishes such as Izmir meatballs, boyoz, kumru, olive oil and seafood.

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