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Bus Journeys from Tekirdag to Katerini

Cheap Trips
€ 51.75
Number of Trips Per Day
The Most Favorable Price
Tekirdag - Katerini Duration
7hr 45min
The Highest Number of Trips
Average Price
€ 1,630.00

Cheap Buses to Tekirdag - Katerini

  • Vip Arda Tur
    Tekirdağ Otogarı
    Katerini Otogar
    € 51.90

Bus Terminals in Tekirdag

Tekirdağ Otogarı +902822617748
Tekirdağ Trafik Bölge Otobüs Kalkış-Varış Noktası
Tekirdağ Otobüs Kalkış-Varış Noktası
Değirmenaltı Otobüs Kalkış-Varış Noktası

Bus Terminals in Katerini

Katerini Otogar
Katerini Efterpis
Katerini Central Bus Station
Olympus Plaza
Katerini Olympus Plaza
Katerini Aftokinitodromos Pireos Athinon Thessalonikis Evzonon
Nikolaidis Athanassios
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Carriers Operating Between Tekirdag - Katerini

The Most Popular Bus Trips Departing from Tekirdag

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