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Information About Sivrice

LAND AREA 710 km²
CITY Elazig

Things You Need to Know After Buying the Sivrice Bus Ticket

Sivrice is among the hidden and unknown paradises of Elazığ and Eastern Anatolia. Those who want a holiday in little-known, authentic places should put the region on their radar.

Transportation to Sivrice is provided by road, railway and air. For those who prefer the road route, there are many companies that travel to the region. Among the active bus companies in Sivrice, Doğuş Diyar Birlik Turizm, Elazığ Murat Turizm and Elazığ Hazar Turizm stand out. If you prefer air travel

Elazig flights

It lands at Elazığ Airport in the city.

Elazig flight tickets

After receiving your information, all that remains is to transfer from the airport to Sivrice.

Places to Visit in SivriceSivrice bus ticket prices


It makes a wonderful nature holiday accessible by being within the range that almost every budget can afford.

Sivrice bus services

Those who reached the district via;

  • Caspian Lake beaches,
  • Hazarbaba Ski Resort,
  • Eskibağlar,
  • Can visit areas such as Hazarbaba Adventure Park.
  • What to Eat in Sivrice?Sivrice bus ticket,

    It not only takes you to the town but also leaves you at the doorstep of Eastern Anatolian cuisine. You should definitely start the day at breakfast tables where the generosity of Eastern Anatolian culture is reflected. Among the flavors you should try during the day:

  • patile,
  • Harput meatballs,
  • freshwater fish,
  • Gombe,
  • There are delicacies such as stuffed kibe.
  • Where to Stay in Sivrice?Sivrice bus companies

    After reaching the district, it is time to arrive at the accommodation facility. Depending on your preferences, expectations and budget, facilities with views on the lake shore, hotels near the ski resort and other accommodation options in the district are waiting for you. The range of accommodation in the district is also impressive with its budget-friendly options.


    It was founded on the foothills of the Euphrates, located in the southwest of the Eastern Anatolia Region. Founded on the outskirts of the historical Harput Castle, the city has a geography worth seeing with its historical sites and natural beauties.

    Although it is a new place that is considered to have just completed its settlement, its history dates back to ancient times. It opens its doors to many visitors every year to the region, which is highly developed in terms of its history, cultural activities, economy, industry, transportation, communication and health services.

    What You Need to Know After Buying a Bus Ticket to Sivrice

    Sivrice bus ticket

    Buying is a realistic decision for a quiet holiday. When you come to this city, you can visit the Keban dam, which has a high historical texture and is important for our country, the Hazar lake, Buzluk cave, and the tombs, which are important places of religious tourism.

    It is an important region that contributes to Turkey's tourism with its historical sites.

    5 Reasons to Visit Sivrice

  • Uryan Baba Tomb
  • Keban Dam
  • lake Hazar
  • Buzluk Cave
  • Hazar Baba Ski Resort
  • Places to Visit in Sivrice

    It contains many places to visit due to the richness of its historical texture. Virgin Mary church, Mansur Baba tomb, Keban dam lake, Kazım Efendi tomb, Üryan Baba tomb, Buzluk cave, Hazar Baba ski resort, Hazar Lake beach are some of them.

    You can have a good time in these places by purchasing a Sivrice ticket. In addition, the region, which attracts attention with its different view, will also provide you with quality visual pleasure.

    What to Eat and What is Famous in Sivrice

    All provinces of Anatolia have their own cuisines and flavors. Elazığ Sivrice is also one of those places with rich cuisine. Anyone who comes here and stays for a while will gain weight thanks to these delicious meals.

    Orcik, gombbe, harput soup, stuffed meatballs, sirın, çedene coffee, mavik soup, küncülü meatballs, kibe stuffed, dolanger, patile, Harput meatballs are delicacies that everyone who comes to this city should definitely try. These flavors suit everyone's taste.

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