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Information About Sebinkarahisar

LAND AREA 1,396 km²
CITY Γιρεϲυν

Things You Need to Know After Buying the Sebinkarahisar Bus Ticket

Şebinkarahisar used to be a province, but later it was connected to Giresun. It is a special place in the city in terms of historical ruins. You can explore the district by purchasing your Şebinkarahisar bus ticket via Obilet.com.

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Where to visit in Şebinkarahisar?

There are many historical buildings to see in the district. Taşhanlar is the first structure you should see. Atatürk House Museum, Castle, Virgin Mary Monastery, Fatih Mosque, Fahrettin Behramşah Mosque and Licese Church are other important buildings to see.

What to eat in Şebinkarahisar?

The delicacies you shouldn't leave without trying when you come here are: Celecoş soup, lake gavut, toyga soup, keskek and hosveren roast. You should also try and even buy the walnuts that are unique to this region.

Where to stay in Şebinkarahisar?

There are a few accommodation facilities in the district where you can stay. There are a teacher's home and a few hotels in the district.

Şebinkarahisar is home to very historically important buildings. You can buy your ticket and go via Obilet.com.


Although there is no clear information about its history, it is thought to have existed from the Hittite period. It became a province in 1923 after the War of Independence. However, it was given district status again in 1933. Şebinkarahisar is the rich district of Giresun province.

Giresun and its districts, dominated by the Eastern Black Sea, have the characteristics of coastal towns. It can win the appreciation of the guests with its many historical ruins and natural beauties.

Things You Need to Know After Buying a Şebinkarahisar Bus Ticket

Şebinkarahisar bus ticket

Things to know next: First of all, you are going to a district full of nature and historical beauties. It is perhaps the richest district of Giresun city in terms of historical ruins.

There are many historical buildings to see in the district. The Monastery of Virgin Mary is carefully preserved as it has attracted attention from a cultural and touristic point of view after the restoration.

5 Reasons to Visit Şebinkarahisar

Şebinkarahisar Castle, Virgin Mary Monastery, Atatürk House and Museum, friendly people towards guests, Giresun dishes

Places to Visit in Şebinkarahisar

Şebinkarahisar Castle has a magnificent appearance and is definitely worth seeing. It bears the traces of many civilizations. The Virgin Mary Monastery adds touristic value to the district. Istiklal Fountain is the meeting place of the district's residents.

Ataturk house and museum is one of the rare places in the district. Since Atatürk stayed in this house every time he came to the district, a ticket is bought just to see this place. Mosques, churches and fountains are worth seeing. You can visit these spots with pleasure after purchasing your Şebinkarahisar ticket.

What to Eat in Şebinkarahisar? What is it famous for?

Local dishes here include celecoş soup, lake gavut, toyga soup, keskek and hosveren roast. People of Şebinkarahisar consider the guest as sacred. The kitchen is very important to them. Everything is neat and carefully kept.

They care about the food, they pay double attention to the presentation. Among their customs is setting and clearing the table. The table is never kept waiting. You should definitely buy walnuts on your way back from here. It is within the borders of Giresun province and it is a must to return without buying hazelnuts.

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Şebinkarahisar Bus Stationı 28400 Şebinkarahisar/Giresun

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