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Things You Need to Know After Buying the Sarikaya Bus Ticket


It is located in the central part of Yozgat province. The district has been a place for many civilizations. If we list them; We can say that there are Hittite Civilization, Roman Civilization, Seljuk and Ottoman Civilizations and finally the Republic period. For this reason, there are many historical ruins or historical artifacts both at the provincial and district level. While the district was a village of Akmağdeni district until 1935, it was first made a town and then turned into a district in 1957. Its climate is continental. Winters are harsh. Poplar and its derivatives are grown.

What You Need to Know After Buying a Sarıkaya Bus Ticket


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The district, which should be known after studying, is located in the central part of Central Anatolia. It is covered with mountainous mountains and valleys.

Thermal tourism is at the forefront. You can visit these places and have the chance to photograph historical places and local people. The plateaus are preferred places in summer.

5 Reasons to Visit Sarıkaya

  • It has a nice atmosphere perfect for those who want to see different places.
  • Accommodation in valleys and plateaus
  • Being able to observe the ruins of many historical civilizations
  • Being able to go to the thermal baths in the district
  • The district can be visited for rafting.
  • Places to Visit in Sarıkaya

    When we look at the places to visit in the district; Hisarbeyli (Yoğurtyurdu) Plateau, the yoghurt of this plateau is famous. Sarıkaya Thermal Springs is said to be good for many diseases.

    Sarıkaya Roman bath is a historical ruin worth seeing. Apart from these, there are many mosques and churches.

    There are churches from the Roman period, mosques and historical artifacts from the Ottoman and Seljuk periods.

    What to Eat in Sarıkaya? What is it famous for?

    Among the traditional delicacies are dishes made with legumes.

    Bulama soup, Bezdirme, Desti Kebab, çullama, Pezzik Tzatziki, Stuffed Bulgur Pilaf, Bazlama, Harise are just a few of these tastes.

    Apart from these, it is possible to collect and eat fruits such as walnuts, almonds, pears, quinces and cherries when they are ripe.

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    Ilısu Ilısu, 66652 Ilısu/Sarıkaya/Yozgat, Türkiye

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