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Information About Sapanca

LAND AREA 173 km²
CITY Sakarya

Things You Need to Know After Buying the Sapanca Bus Ticket

Hotels in Sapanca

Sapanca, which has become home to many civilizations, is a town located in the west of Sakarya province. With its beautiful scenery, fresh air, and proximity to big cities like Istanbul, Sapanca is a popular holiday destination. You will have various options to spend your time here such as biking, having a picnic or trying world-famous Turkish breakfast. You can also find the best hotels in Sapancato crown your holiday, relieving everyday stress with a premium experience. Having different types of activities suitable for every season, containing the many beauties of the Marmara Region such as villages or hot springs, and various options for accommodation in Sapanca, this place remains a solid option for a perfect getaway.

Must See Places in Sapanca

  • Lake Sapanca: The first place that comes to mind when Sapanca is mentioned is no other than Lake Sapanca. With its walking trail, cycle path and canoe tours, Lake Sapanca promises refreshing days. The lake has various species of waterfowl and migratory birds, so you can release your stress through the beautiful sight of nature and singing birds. You can also swim in Uzunkum Beach located here. Not to mention, there are a lot of hotels in Sapanca with the view of the lake where you might consider staying at.
  • Maşukiye:It is by far the best place to have a rich breakfast with an amazing view. Maşukiye is only 11 km from Sapanca, and with minibuses, it just takes 10 minutes. With its waterfalls and Kirazlı Plateau, you can discover the beauties of Maşukiye by hiking or driving ATVs. It is also a perfect place for gastronomic tourism with its fish restaurants serving on wooden piers by the creek.
  • Kırkpınar:This is yet another town in the region you would love. Kırkpınar is 5 km away from Sapanca, and since the town has received a lot of Circassian immigration, you can find restaurants to try the best examples of Circassian cuisine. In its botanical park, you can see endemic plant species or spend time doing water sports in the town.
  • Kartepe Ski Resort: This is a good choice to spend your holidays not just in winter, but also in spring too. If you love winter sports, Kartepe must be on your list. You can stop over to enjoy the winter in Kartepe with its longest track in Turkey.
  • Justinianus Bridge:This is only 30 minutes away from Sapanca on foot. Justinianus bridge is one of the rarest artifacts left in the region from the Roman Empire and is 365 meters long. The view is extraordinary, so you may want to take pictures that will commemorate your vacation and the scenery.
  • Akyazı:With a wide range of options for thermal hotels in Sapanca,Akyazıis preferred by those traveling as a part of health tourism as well. Kuzuluk Hot Springs, for example, is a great place thanks to its impeccable scenery and excellent camping sites. Also for sports like climbing, mountain cycling or just walking, Akyazı makes a great choice.
  • Ormanya Wildlife Park:Only 6 km away from Sapanca, Ormanya Wildlife Park is the place where you can consider camping, at the heart of pristine nature. Here you can expect to find different kinds of animals such as peacocks and gazelles. The hobbit houses are also a very interesting sight to see and they are indeed quite popular among the visitors. Apart from the hobbit houses, you can also find huge fairytale castles and mushroom houses, picnic areas or most importantly terraces where you can view the beautiful view of Lake Sapanca.
  • Kumyalı Beach:Yet another place where you can easily go by buses every hour from Sapanca, Kumyalı Beach remains a good option for those who enjoy swimming. It is a much-loved beach where you can enjoy the clear waters of İzmit Gulf. Around the beach, you can also find boutique hotels in Sapancato stay in and enjoy your time to the fullest.
  • Serindere Canyon:A very much-liked spot for trekking, Serindere Canyon is widely visited by nature lovers. You can also do sports like rafting, rock climbing and walking here. The canyon, with its 6 waterfalls reaching 20 meters in height, is a really good spot to visit to have a good time.
  • Ayrı Gezegen Glass Terrace:If you like taking pictures, you will surely love this glass terrace where you can see the beauty of Sapanca from a bird’s-eye view. This place offers not just a picturesque view, but also wonderful memories to cherish forever.
  • Kırca Plateau:One of the most popular hiking trails in the Marmara region, Kırca Plateau is an ideal place for quality walks. With its lovely woodpeckers living in the trees, the hiking trail may turn out easier than it seems.
  • Sapanca Art Street: Very popular among tourists, this street draws considerable attention as it is decorated with different kinds of flowers and is a great place to buy a variety of souvenirs from local shops. Joining a workshop could also be a unique way to spice up your holiday in Sapanca.

How to Get to Sapanca?

Since Sapanca is a place where it is easy to arrive through a bunch of highways, buses could be a comfortable option. Not to mention, it is more convenient as far as ticket prices are concerned. Furthermore, if you are to travel from a nearby city the journey would be pleasant as well since you can observe the changing scenery and topography of the country in great detail. As for the airway, Sapanca does not have an airport. However, you can always land at DHMİ Kocaeli Cengiz Topel Airport near it. Only way to arrive at Sapanca directly through the railroad, on the other hand, is possible with the trains departing from Istanbul. Unfortunately, you can’t get to Sapanca directly by using the railroad from other cities. Needless to say, private vehicles and rental cars are also highly recommended since they enable you to move around easily and explore other nearby districts.

Accommodation Options in Sapanca

For starters, Sapanca hotelsare very diverse in terms of variety, and hence you can always find a place that suits you the most according to your taste and preferences.

Bungalow in Sapanca, on the other hand, is the first concept that comes to mind as it is the main type of lodging in the area. You can have a private and quiet holiday surrounded not by the crowds but by nature alone if you decide to opt for a bungalow. You can find the comfort of a home in the bungalows while being in tune with nature. You should also note that the bungalows around Sapanca Lake are widely preferred. Most of the bungalows have TV, air conditioning and wi-fi. If you want to spend your time with your family, on the other hand, you can choose family hotels in Sapancainstead as they are designed specially for catering to the families or larger groups.

For vacationers who have a regard for luxury, 5 star hotels in Sapancaare always the first option. They offer special features such as places where you can meditate with tutors, spas, safari or different options of entertainment. To have a quiet vacation just for you, adult only hotels in Sapancaalso make a good choice.

Camping is also a special way to be in touch with nature in Sapanca. The town is very rich in terms of camping areas, so you should not feel restricted by Sapanca Lake. Soğucak Plateau Camping Area, Karagöl Plateau, and Kırkpınar Beach are some of the places you can choose for camping.

Best Season to Visit Sapanca

Sapanca is as beautiful as it gets throughout the year. That is, you can visit Sapanca at any time you want and find various activities to enjoy your time there. Spring and summer can be thought of as the best seasons to go to Sapanca if you are weather-sensitive, but with its ski resorts, hot springs, and natural beauties the town shows diversity in terms of entertainment during other seasons as well. You can go trekking or bird-watching in autumn; go kayaking in Kartepe or spend time in front of a fireplace in winter as well as you can spend your time canoeing in spring, and swim in your hotel’s pool during summer. For hot springs and spa hotels in Sapanca, spring and summer must be the ideal time to relax your mind and body. You can always have a good time any season in Sapanca and create memories hard to forget.

Hotel Prices in Sapanca

Hotel prices can vary throughout the season in relation to different factors at play. To find cheap hotels in Sapanca, looking out for some discounts or avoiding the popular holiday seasons may help you. Between June and September is the time when Sapanca is the most crowded, so you may book hotels in Sapanca out of that season to keep your budget balanced.

Special events can decrease the prices too. For example, if you think about spending your honeymoon there, some of the honeymoon hotels in Sapanca offer discounts for newlywed couples.

By planning your trip and booking your hotel before the designated date, like 30 days earlier, you can save up a fair amount of money too.

Choosing an all-inclusive hotels in Sapancacan be a good choice if you prefer paying at once and not having to pay anything extra which can immensely help you manage your budget.

What to Eat in Sapanca?

Other than its spectacular nature, Sapanca is also a good place to prefer for gastronomy tourism. With their rich menus, the restaurants in Sapanca can provide a nice experience to you. You can broaden your range with different cuisines, like having a Circassian breakfast, which may be an opportunity to learn about different cultures. Islama köfte is yet another local delicacy you should try while you are in Sapanca. It is basically a meatball dish in which meatballs on toasted bread are soaked in beef broth and red pepper. Likewise you can try delicious seafood in Sapanca as it is a coastal town where you can find some fresh fish.

Another place that will make both children and adults happy is the Chocolate Factory. You can spoil both your child and yourself by buying chocolates from the factoy’s shop.

Bus Stations in Sapanca

Sapanca Otogarı Rüstempaşa, Eski Pazar Sk. No:9, 54600 Sapanca/Sakarya

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