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Information About Resadiye

LAND AREA 1,102 km²
CITY Palmă

Things You Need to Know After Buying the Resadiye Bus Ticket

Reşadiye is a district of Tokat famous for its hot springs. Especially in this respect, it hosts many tourists. You can complete your Reşadiye bus ticket purchases via Obilet.com.

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Where to visit in Reşadiye?

You can go to Reşadiye's famous hot spring and be purified with its healing waters. It is known that the healing water here is good for many diseases.

You can go to Zinav Lake and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding forest area and lake. You can have a wonderful nature walk on the hiking trails here.

You should definitely see the place known as the Way of Virgin Mary and the Red Cave.

What to eat in Reşadiye?

The influence of Black Sea dishes can be seen in Reşadiye. You should definitely eat stuffed kale, kashkek, sacda cottage cheese and stuffed vine leaves. Also, don't forget to taste delicious meat dishes.

Where to stay in Reşadiye?

Although there are few accommodation facilities in Reşadiye, the ones that exist are sufficient to meet the needs. You can stay in hotels in the town center or in thermal facilities in the spa.

Reşadiye is a place that everyone who loves hot springs should definitely visit. You can plan your holiday by purchasing your bus ticket on Obilet.com.

Founded in 1906 by the instructions of the governor of Sivas, Reşadiye is now a large and developed district in the province of Tokat. The founding year of Reşadiye, an ancient settlement, has not been fully determined even in today's excavations. It became a settlement unit connected to Erzurum, Sivas and finally Tokat.


Reşadiye is a district located in the central parts of the Black Sea region, with plains and plateaus sometimes in the middle of mountainous mountains.

What You Need to Know After Buying a Bus Ticket to Reşadiye

To travel to Reşadiye


If you buy it, all you need to know is that you will have a nice holiday or a good time, even if it is short-term, alone with nature.

It wouldn't be wrong to say that after purchasing a ticket to travel here, make a list of the foods you want to visit and the foods you plan to taste. Here you can go to the plateaus, participate in events and taste local delicacies.

5 Reasons to Visit Reşadiye

  • Participating in Göllüce village festivals
  • Participating in Gököy Yayla festivals
  • Taste local flavors
  • Chatting with local people
  • Seeing Zinav and Göllüköy lake
  • Places to Visit in Reşadiye

    Due to its geographical location, Reşadiye is a district located in the middle of the mountains, covered with plateaus, with plenty of clean air and oxygen in summer and winter. No matter what season you come here, you will have the opportunity to watch the magnificent view of nature.

    Göllüce plateau, Zinav lake, Göllüköy Lake, Gököy plateau are natural wonders that everyone who wants to come to this district and spend time alone with nature should see.

    What to Eat and What is Famous in Reşadiye

    It would be a great mistake to come to this district where Black Sea cuisine dominates and return without tasting the food. That's why everyone who goes to Reşadiye should try Yoğurtmaçı, the magnificent form of pastry.

    The fact that the name of the province is associated with stuffed vine leaves already reminds everyone who comes here of the need to taste stuffed vine leaves. If you go here, do not leave without eating Madımak, stuffed vine leaves with broad beans, yoghurt, ghee, Efelik stuffed vegetables.

    Bus Stations in Resadiye

    Reşadiye Bus Stationı Kayalık, Gaziosmanpaşa Cd. No:61, 60700 Reşadiye/Tokat