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LAND AREA 1,079 km²
CITY Mardin

Things You Need to Know After Buying the Nusaybin Bus Ticket

Nusaybin is one of the districts of Mardin, one of the special cities of Eastern Anatolia. It is a fascinating place that must be seen with its historical and architectural structure. You can buy Nusaybin bus tickets via Obilet.com.

The number of travel companies providing Nusaybin bus services is small and they are generally local companies. However, you have the chance to view all travel companies on obilet.com. You can examine the prices and features in detail and compare them. Thus, you can buy your Nusaybin bus ticket from the company that suits you.

Where to visit in Nusaybin?

The general atmosphere and streets of Nusaybin smell of history. There are very special places to visit in this district, where you will feel like you are traveling through time.

Gınnavas Mound, located in the west of Çağçağ Valley, is one of the places worth seeing.

Mor Yakup Church, dating from 313 AD, is among the structures that will impress you with its visuality. You can also visit the grave of Mor Yakup, who had the church built.

Don't leave without seeing the Grape Juice Canal, which is described as the canal through which the grapes grown in the villages are crushed by rocks and their water flows to Nineveh.

Morin City Ruins is also among the places that will please history enthusiasts.

Among the places that are striking in terms of history and architecture; There are Dimitros Castle, Morin Castle, Mor Ambaham Monastery, Mar Evgin Monastery, New Castle and Mar John Church.

Pir Kemal Tomb and Zeynel Abidin Mosque are special places to be seen in terms of religion and history.

Moreover; Don't forget to add places such as Selman-i Pak, Arap Kışla, Baghdad Bridge and Tak-ı Zaterin to the list.

What to eat in Nusaybin?

The spicy and meaty dishes of Eastern Anatolia will welcome you here. Its famous dishes are; stuffed ribs and stuffed meatballs. Do not refrain from eating them.

Other local delicacies you should try are; tripe stuffed kibe, bumbar stuffed, pepper-eggplant stuffed, sembusek, raw meatballs and stuffed turkey.

Where to stay in Nusaybin?

There are a few facilities in Nusaybin where you can stay. But if you wish, you can stay in Mardin and come here for a day trip. Because you can reach here after a journey that takes about 1 hour.

Nusaybin has an impressive atmosphere. If you want to breathe the air of this atmosphere, you should definitely check out Nusaybin bus schedules on obilet.com.


It is located at the zero point with Syria on the silk road. It is located in the northern part of the basin between the Euphrates River and the Tigris River, in short, Mesopotamia. It was founded by Subarus around 4500 BC. It was named 'Nırbo' under the control of the Sumerian king around 3000 BC. And it was rebuilt in the western region of Çağ Creek.

It has maintained its place as the largest city of Upper Mesopotamia throughout history. Nusaybin was subordinated to this empire from its foundation until the collapse of the Sumerian state (2850 BC). It came under the domination of the Akkadians in 2850-2300 BC, the Akkadian-Sumerian state between 2300-2060 BC, and many civilizations between 2060-1800 BC.

What You Need to Know After Buying a Nusaybin Bus Ticket

affiliated with Mardin

to Nusaybin district

by private vehicle or

by bus

You can travel.

Bus times

It may vary sometimes. For this reason, bus services may occasionally be connecting.

Bus ticket at Nusaybin bus station

You can comfortably visit all the historical places of Mesopotamia.

5 Reasons to Visit Nusaybin

  • The Mesopotamia region has ancient historical sites.
  • Zeynel Abidin Mosque
  • It is a geographical region with very wide plains.
  • Mar Yuhana Church
  • It is a region rich in natural beauties.
  • Places to Visit in Nusaybin

    Gınnavas Mound; It is located in the western part of the Çağçağ valley, 5 km north of Nusaybin. The total height of this mound, which is an oval area with a diameter of 350 meters, is 25 meters. One of the other historical places to see is Mor Yakup Church. This church was built by Mor Yakup, as its name suggests, in 313 AD.

    Another historical place to visit is Shirvan Castle. This castle was built in 451 AD to be protected from the attacks of the Byzantines. The Sassanid nation was taken hostage and brought to this castle, and then the commander fell ill, and someone among the hostages cured this commander's illness. Then he releases this wise prisoner.

    What to Eat in Nusaybin? What is it famous for?

    Nusaybin has its own food culture. Stuffed ribs and stuffed meatballs are very popular in these geographical regions.

    Other famous dishes are; Stuffed tripe, stuffed bumbar, stuffed pepper and eggplant, fried kibbeh, sembusek, stuffed turkey. You can also get the chance to eat these when you buy a ticket.

    Bus Stations in Nusaybin

    Nusaybin Otobüs Terminali Otobüs Terminali, Nusaybin/Mardin

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