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Information About Kizilcahamam

LAND AREA 1,623 km²
CITY Ankara

Things You Need to Know After Buying the Kizilcahamam Bus Ticket

Hotels in Kızılcahamam

Kızılcahamam is a lovely district situated in the north of Ankara which is the capital city of Turkey. It is mainly known for its hot thermal springs. In terms of nature tourism, it promises a relaxing experience to travelers. Thanks to the oxygen level and hot spring reserves in Kızılcahamam, visitors will certainly enjoy a getaway that is solely concentrated on their wellness here. Of course, a spa vacation should not be the only plan that comes to mind. Apart from taking advantage of thermal springs, there are so many things for guests to do such as local social events and sightseeing. You can get a break from the stress and noise of the city by staying in one of the Kızılcahamam thermal hotels, where comfort and luxury are combined to create peaceful accommodation. Even on the weekends, people travel from neighboring cities and towns to stay at hotels in Kızılcahamam so thatthey can benefit from the calming nature and healing waters. Due to this demand, Kızılcahamam hotels welcomethousands of visitors. Here, you will have plenty of spa and thermal hotels you can choose from. Compared to other months and seasons of the year, winter is the season when people's interest is highest. Therefore, if you happen to plan a thermal vacation during a less busy period, you can schedule your vacation accordingly.

Must-See Places in Kızılcahamam

Famous for its healing hot springs and pine forests, Kızılcahamam is one of Ankara’s tourist-attracting towns. It is absolutely a refreshing vacation destination with its interesting cultural, historical, and natural elements. Here, what stands out most are the villages, monasteries, mosques, natural formations, and tombs. Before you go to Kızılcahamam, which is a very fun place to visit even for a day trip, you may want to take a look at the list of places that you must visit including the following:

  • Alicin Monastery: The carvings made on a steep slope are quite intriguing and worth taking pictures of. Although there’s no certain information about it, the monastery is told to have been built during the Roman period.
  • Mahkeme Ağacin Village:It is one of the main places to understand the cultural and historical importance of the town. There are lots of caves and historic settlements around for you to observe. When you visit the village, make sure that you stop by Abacı Fairy Chimneys as they are absolutely stunning natural formations.
  • Soğuksu National Park:One of the most beautiful examples of plant diversity in the region, this is where you'll see the most captivating shades of Kızılcahamam's nature. For those who want to camp, there can be no better choice than Kızılcahamam campingareas in Soğuksu National Park.
  • Çamlıdere Geopark:Those who want to learn more about Ankara and thus Kızılcahamam are recommended to visit this place. Inside the park, there is a museum where you can learn more about Kızılcahamam’s geological features. Especially kids love this park.

Kızılcahamam Accomodation Options

Generally speaking hotel prices in Kızılcahamam depend on their concepts, their locations and lastly, their reputation. As for hotels with higher prices, the early booking deals can be used as a way to minimize vacation expenditures. For this, you should always check hotels’ up-to-date prices. Simply by utilizing smart filtering options, you will find the best price that fits your budget. For an experience that will be good for you in every sense, prioritize thermal hotels in Kızılcahamam while searching for hotels and hotel prices. Many thermal hotels have multiple indoor and outdoor pools for their guests, so they can choose which one you want to use. In addition to thermal hotels, you may also consider staying at spa hotels in Kızılcahamam.As you may predict, they have spas, relaxation rooms, massage rooms and so on. As Ankara has a continental climate, spring and summer seasons are the most beautiful times to visit Kızılcahamam. However, history enthusiasts and nature lovers do not need to pay extra attention as to when they should visit. As it’s mentioned above Kızılcahamam is a popular place not just because of its hot springs, but also because of its greenery and beautiful nature. That explains why people enjoy camping in this town. Due to various accommodation alternatives it provides, Kızılcahamam manages to draw people’s attention all year round. While you are on a holiday in Kızılcahamam, you will realize that both spiritual and physical purification is possible, and that the peace and healing you are looking for is hidden in nature.

Kızılcahamam Hotel Prices

Kızılcahamam hotel prices can vary for several reasons. Among these reasons are the distance of the facilities from the city center, length of your stay, the quality of hotels’ services, and well-trained staff. Even though Kızılcahamam is comparable to other popular thermal vacation spots in terms of hotels and their prices, there are periods when prices increase. This is observed especially during the winter season. That is exactly why many visitors resort to early booking options. That being the case, you can deduce that there are cheap hotels in Kızılcahamam. Therefore, if you come here when the demand is low, it will probably be more profitable for you. For the guests who value comfort above everything else, there are great options among the best hotels in Kızılcahamam. These hotelshave rooms that were designed to make your stay a memorable one. Of course, such personalized and improved services have a cost. Taking all these facts into consideration, you can guess that prices of these hotels are higher.

What to Eat in Kızılcahamam?

There are a lot of delicious local dishes you can try in Kızılcahamam. Because of the clean air and healing mineral water, be ready to feel hungry all the time and can’t stop yourself from trying some of the local tastes. Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about gaining weight because you can always have long walks in Kızılcahamam’s admirable parks. Basically, Kızılcahamam dishes are typical Anatolian flavors. As you may have already known, in Anatolian cuisine, dishes made with pastries and cooked with meat are at the forefront. Especially in the town center, you can find restaurants that successfully cook these dishes. Gözleme, bazlama, and cızlama are some of the most popular tastes to try. For dessert, following your main courses, you can try hoşmerim and hoşaf.

How to Get to Kızılcahamam?

If you have already checked various options for accommodation in Kızılcahamam, you can now focus on how you will arrive in this promising town. Those who live in neighboring cities and towns can get to Kızılcahamam by car and bus. Bus tickets can either be purchased online or at bus companies’ offices. Just in case you wish to spend less, you can always compare bus companies’ ticket prices and then decide. Given you don’t have a private vehicle and traveling by bus is not your cup of tea, then this gets us to this question, how will you come to Kızılcahamam? Well, traveling by plane is a very practical way. From other cities to Ankara, there are direct and connecting flights. Once you arrive in Ankara at Esenboğa Airport, you can easily get to Kızılcahamam. There are private bus companies that can take you straight to Kızılcahamam at reasonable prices. Yet, you are strongly advised to get in touch with private bus companies before your travel. Please don't leave it to the last minute otherwise, you may get all stressed about your journey. Thus, you miss the whole point of taking a relaxing holiday.

Bus Stations in Kizilcahamam

Kızılcahamam Otogarı Akçay, Terminal Sk., 06890 Kızılcahamam/Ankara, Türkiye

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