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Things You Need to Know After Buying the Kirik Bus Ticket

Kırık is located in İspir district of Erzurum. At the same time, this region is located in a perfect area where Erzurum and the Black Sea meet.

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The distance between Erzurum and Kırık is known as 97 kilometers.

The beginning of the Çoruh River, which is known to flow the fastest in the world, is also located here.

To reach Kırık, you need to come from Erzurum to İspir district and from there take the village vehicles.

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It becomes possible to spend the holiday you have planned by providing transportation to the region. At the same time, transportation is possible not only from Erzurum center but also from other districts. You can come to İspir from Kırık and reach the city center from there. Transportation is possible with various bus companies such as Esadaş Turizm, Can Ardahan Turizm and Iğdır Turizm. At the same time

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You also have the opportunity to travel with.

Places to Visit in Kırık

There are a few places worth seeing during your visit to Erzurum Kırık.

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Be sure to create your route while buying. The places you should visit and see in Kırık are as follows:

Ispir Castle:
  • It is known that the castle, located on the road to Erzurum, was built by the Saltuks. Many tourists come to the castle, one of the important structures of İspir, every year.
  • Melik Halil Gazi Mosque:
  • The mosque, located in the bazaar center of the district and belonging to the Seljuk period, is considered one of the important structures of Seljuk architecture.
  • Kadıoğlu Madrasa:
  • It is known that the centrally located madrasa was built in 1725-1726. Kırık definitely deserves to be visited on your trip.
  • What to Eat in Kırık?

    While you are in Kırık, you should definitely experience the local flavors of Erzurum. Some of these flavors are:

    Local Ramadan Minced Meat:
  • It is served with Erzurum village bread. It is recommended to consume it hot, straight out of the oven.
  • Stuffed Turnip:
  • This delicacy, made by combining minced meat, onion and turnip trio, is among the well-known local dishes of Kırık. Stuffed turnips made with plenty of minced meat are especially served with yoghurt.
  • Dope:
  • It is among the important local delicacies in Erzurum, where red meat dishes are dominant. As the name suggests, the dish made with asphodel, onion and bulgur for rice is a delicacy that those who taste it want to try again and again.
  • Where to Stay in Kırık?

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    It may vary from company to company. Apart from that, you can easily reach the airport with affordable prices.

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    You can also find . When you reach the region, there are many hotel and hostel options where you can stay. You can make your reservations from hotels that offer accommodation options suitable for your needs.

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