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Gülçimen is a village in the Bulanık district of Muş province, and its old name is known to be Muhacir Village. There are a total of 8 districts and 54 villages in Bulanık district.

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After traveling with, you arrive at the bus station. There are many bus lines going from Muş Bus Terminal to Gülçimen Village.

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Among these, Green Muş Plain and Has Muş Tourism stand out.

Places to Visit in Gülçimen

Places to visit in Gülçimen, which has hosted many civilizations from past to present, are listed as follows:

Bilican Mountains:
  • This mountain, with an altitude of 2,950 meters, is located between the Liz and Bulanık plains. This place, which has a magnificent view, is also among the frequent destinations of tourists.
  • Castle Park:
  • Located in one of the central points of the city, Kale Park has various seating and picnic areas.
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  • It is possible to reach the park via .
  • Mus Plain:
  • Muş Plain, with Mount Nemrut at one end, is very popular with its cool weather and natural beauties.
  • What to Eat in Gülçimen?

    The flavors you can taste in the district are listed as follows:

  • This food, which is actually a pickle, is made with cabbage and spices. Spices are sprinkled on the cabbage and kept for a long time, and it is consumed frequently, especially during the winter months.
  • Cavbelek:
  • It is a dish frequently made in the region and served with dried yoghurt.
  • Herse:
  • This dish, which resembles a kind of keskek, is made by mixing boiled meat and wheat. It is consumed especially on important days and ceremonies.
  • Where to Stay in Gülçimen?

    There are many boutique and apart hotels in Gülçimen where you can stay. If you want to have a comfortable stay in Gülçimen hotels,

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    You can take advantage of early booking opportunities by looking. If you want to reach the district by air,

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    you can buy

    . Mus flights

    After arriving in the city, you can easily reach the town and your hotel.

    Gülçimen, a village of Muş, is 84 km away and located in the Bulanık border authority. Located in a mountainous and hilly region, the district is located in the inner basin of Eastern Anatolia with its lush green plains.

    The region, which has suitable land for agricultural activities, dominates the seasonal conditions of the eastern wing. The road environment of the village is surrounded by very open plateaus, and although it does not pose a problem in terms of transportation, it provides a moderate effect on the economy.

    What You Need to Know After Buying a Gülçimen Bus Ticket

    Gülçimen township dominates excellent areas and hosts unique movements with its architecture and nature. The field passages and visual works of the village's spacious vegetation offer a comfortable come and go for your travel habits.

    In addition, it has wonderful promotional events that feature different visuals on the track with extraordinary presentations in beautiful event venues. Following the transportation facilities of travel agencies


    You can spend wonderful days in Gülçimen sub-district center, which you can reach from Muş vicinity.

    5 Reasons to Visit Gülçimen

  • The special buildings of the village, which is at peace with its nature, carry monumental values.
  • The natural landscapes of the region are reflected magnificently through the vineyards.
  • Its events have the essence of magnificent parades.
  • The lush green lands of the region
  • bus ticket
  • It hides the details that enable discovery through purchases.
  • The region, which is among the hidden paradises, offers integrity with its elegant forms.
  • Places to Visit in Gülçimen

    Gülçimen, a small and charming village of Muş, has the aesthetic appearance of seas covered with natural privileges as well as its monumental architectures. The majestic exhibitions of the regional works that create an atmospheric balance and their natural beauties are admired.

    It is worth seeing with its magnificent mosque, bridge constructions connecting its lands and house architectures along with the natural breezes in the region.

    What to Eat in Gülçimen? What is it famous for?

    The magnificent flavors of the stuffed vegetables of Muş cuisine are also made in Gülçimen village, with sour or sweet presentations, and you should definitely try the stuffed ribs and chorti. In addition, dishes such as stuffed hez (hasut), Muş meatballs, kete, and cavbelek are also very delicious.

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