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Information About Gokceada

LAND AREA 282 km²
CITY Çanakkale

Things You Need to Know After Buying the Gokceada Bus Ticket

Hotels in Gökçeada

Gökçeada, is one of the three islands located in Çanakkale province. In time, it has become a popular place for tourists due to its peaceful atmosphere and untouched nature. Like its neighboring island Bozcaada, Gökçeada also remains an appealing holiday destination for those who prefer island holidays. The idyllic beaches of the island offer visitors a refreshing experience. However, not all beaches have accommodations nearby.

To see everything Gökçeada promises such as authentic Greek villages, Gökçeada Kent Museum, and Gökçeada Marine Park, you should spend at least a few days here. On the island, various accommodation types are offered. You can find the right place to stay and make your reservation quickly after browsing the hotels in Gökçeada. Gökçeada hotels are surely there to please everyone. There will be more than one hotel option that is both high-quality and comfortable, so it will be easy to find the right fit for you. As a matter of fact, hotels in Gökçeada come with different scope of services, concepts, and themes tailored for different tastes and needs.

Must See Places in Gökçeada

The island, which has a long history, used to be known as Imbros which later on turned to Imroz. In Gökçeada, which was once home to the Greeks, you can find different castles and churches. The Agia Marina Church, which is one of the most-visited buildings by tourists, continues to impress people with its unique history and beautiful design. At the same time, the look and history of the castle on the island allow you to go back in time. Above all, Gökçeada is a historical town that manages to preserve its original texture.

In Gökçeada, you can still see bits of history on the streets. Kaleköy is another historical place that should be visited. The island has a rich history which makes it a unique place to discover from both a cultural and historical point of view. You can have a one-of-a-kind experience by visiting the authentic sites located in this lovely coastal town of Çanakkale. Moreover, all these mentioned places are easy to get to from aparthotels in Gökçeada. Here is a list of some of the places you can enjoy visiting during your stay:

  • Gökçeada City Museum: Opened in 2017, Gökçeada City Museum is the ultimate place where you can learn more about the socioeconomic history of the island.
  • Gökçeada Salt Lake: Behind the Aydıncık Beach, there is a salt lake with sulphur-rich mud that is said to be good for the health of your skin.
  • Greek Villages: The architecture of these villages is protected for they are located in urban protected areas. You can expect to find coffee shops that serve the island's famous dibek coffee. Agios Georgios, which is the oldest church on the island, is located in this area too. The old school building, the laundry, and the Church of the Virgin Mary in Eski Bademli village which is 4 kilometers away are among the most frequented points on the island.

How to Get to Gökçeada

The only way to get to Gökçeada is by sea. Therefore, all visitors need to travel by car ferries. Car ferries leave from Kabatepe Port. Gestaş uses two car ferries to get visitors and vehicles across the water. In 2008, Gestaş bought a new ro-ro type of ferryboat, which makes getting to Gökçeada much faster than it used to be. People who drive to the island can only get there by car ferries. Duration of the ferry journey depends on which ferry you take. With the new ferry, it usually takes 1 hour 15 minutes, while the old one takes 1 hour 45 minutes.

From Istanbul, you can take the TEM highway in the direction of Tekirdağ, Gelibolu, and Eceabat to get to Kabatepe Port, where the Gökçeada ferry leaves. Gökçeada car rentaloptions are useful for those who want to travel via a private vehicle in the island. From the center of Istanbul to Kabatepe Port, which is 300 km away, it takes about 3.5 hours to drive.

People coming from Asian side now have two ways to cross the Dardanelles (Strait of Gallipoli): they can take a car ferry or use the new bridge. Gökçeada bus tickets can be purchased in case you’re going to travel from Istanbul to Çanakkale. After arriving in Çanakkale, you can consider ferries to get to this beautiful island.

Gökçeada Accomodation Options

Gökçeada is a popular place for vacationers since it has many amazing boutique hotels. Boutique hotels in Gökçeada, which usually make the best choice for families with kids, offer a high level of comfort and quality. These hotels have a wide selection of food and amenities like a SPA, Turkish bath, or swimming pool.

Aparthotels in Gökçeadaalsohave everything you need, and you can save more money on accommodation simply by booking early. To make the most of your stay, you may also consider staying at seaside hotels in Gökçeada where you’ll enjoy the island’s fascinating scenery.Whether you are interested in traveling solo or with friends and family, Gökçeada would be an ideal destination.

Here in Gökçeada, which is known not only for its sea and beaches but also for its cultural events and historical sightseeing, get ready to leave with memories that you are going to cherish forever.

Gökçeada Hotel Prices

The prices of hotels in Gökçeada vary greatly since each hotel comes with unique concepts and services. There are some noteworthy factors that cause the shift in the pricing on the island. These include the hotel's distance to the sea or its overall location on the island, theme of the hotel, the season you pick for your vacation, and the facilities the hotel offers. For example, if you want to stay at cheap hotels in Gökçeada, you should visit the island during less busy seasons. Moreover, if you prefer an aparthotel instead of a boutique hotel, you’ll have a more budget-friendly stay. Hotels that are just a short walk from the beach can charge a lot more especially during the high-demand seasons. Overall, Gökçeada hotels will provide you with a lot of options and hence flexibility, making sure that you are having the time of your life. By doing a quick search, you can find the best hotels in Gökçeada, or rather the best fit for your specific needs and expectations.

What to Eat in Gökçeada?

Gökçeada has tens of thousands of foreign and domestic tourists visiting every year. Therefore, many cafes, pubs, and restaurants have opened over the last decade. There are lovely cafes and recommended restaurants on the island where you can try some of the local tastes. Most of the dishes in Gökçeada are influenced by the Mediterranean and Aegean cuisines. For example, olive oil is an irreplaceable component of dishes in Gökçeada, similar to all other Aegean islands. There are a lot of small and cozy restaurants in the center of the island, and there are also places to eat in the villages around the center. But the famous restaurants in Gökçeada are surely the ones that serve seafood and they are generally located in the town center.

As you look for the best accommodation in Gökçeada, you are also very likely to come across websites speaking of how delicious Gökçeada wines are, or the hotels with vineyards which might in fact be your cup of tea. That being said, if you consider yourself an oenophile, then you shouldn’t leave the island without trying the exquisite wines of Gökçeada.

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