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LAND AREA 1,242 km²
CITY Караман

Things You Need to Know After Buying the Ermenek Bus Ticket

Ermenek was an island connected to Konya when it was a sea. Today, it has become a small district of Karaman. There are many places to explore in Ermenek, which has a long and diverse history. You can complete your Ermenek bus ticket purchases via Obilet.com and visit this place.

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Where to visit in Ermenek?

There are many places to visit in Ermenek. You should go to Zeyve Market, which has a history of 600 years, and explore the villages and natural beauties there. You should especially see the historical plane tree and water mill.

Ulu Mosque, Meraspolis Cave, Firan-Ermenek Castle, Ala İn, Görmel Bridge, Tol, Dinek Tower and İkiz İn Relief are places and structures of historical importance that must be seen.

Tombs of Karaman Bey and His Son Mahmut Bey and Karaman Bey Imaret are special places to be seen in terms of history and religion.

Ilısu Waterfall is a natural wonder that must be seen with its magnificent beauty.

What to eat in Ermenek?

There are very delicious local dishes you can eat in Ermenek. Especially do not return without eating the dip. Arabası is another delicacy you should try.

Where to stay in Ermenek?

There are many facilities where you can stay in Ermenek. You can choose small hotels, teacher training centers and police schools.

Ermenek is home to many natural and historical beauties. You can buy your ticket on Obilet.com and set off.

Located among the districts of Karaman


The historical name of the district is Germenikopolis. The district was once known as Ermenak. The district, which was previously part of Konya, became the district of Karaman in 1989.

Ermenek district was established on the banks of the Göksu river, which is higher than the sea. Located in the Mediterranean region, the district has a Mediterranean climate. The district has a surface area of 1,645 square km and an altitude of 1,400 meters.

What You Need to Know After Buying an Ermenek Bus Ticket

Ermenek, one of the 6 districts of Karaman, is located 163 km away from Karaman city center. The difference and great feature of this district compared to other districts is that it is necessary to pass through the territory of another city to reach the provincial center to which it is connected. Since Ermenek Bağları is far from the city center, it is more advantageous to reach the district from Mersin's Mut district. That's why the settlement close to the district

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5 Reasons to Visit Ermenek

  • It offers a wonderful holiday opportunity to nature lovers with its natural beauties, historical places and beautiful nature.
  • Maraspolis, the largest cave in the world, is located in Ermenek.
  • It carries the traces of the Hittite civilization.
  • Ermenek district has been dominated by many civilizations in history, especially the Hittite civilization.
  • Ermenek district has been used as a settlement since the cave period. Apart from the Hittite civilization, artifacts from the cave age are also among the historical ruins unearthed in the district.
  • Places to Visit in Ermenek

    Ermenek district, which was the capital of the Karamanoğulları principality in history, has many important historical artifacts and structures as it hosted important civilizations. In this context, there are many sightseeing spots in the district. You should reach the Zelve market, which has a history of approximately 600 years in the district, and explore the natural beauties and villages there.

    The historical water mill and the plane tree are among the historical values you should definitely see. Another beauty you should see in this district is Ilısu Waterfall. Tombs of Karaman Bey and his son Mahmut Bey, Ulu Mosque, Firan Ermenek Castle, Alan Görmel Bridge, İkizin relief and Dinek Tower are other historical monuments and structures you can see in the district.

    What to eat in Ermenek? What is it famous for?

    There are many local delicacies you should try in Ermenek, which is home to the world's most important cave. When you come to the district, you should definitely taste Arabaşı soup. Batlama is another delicacy you should try in the district. If you go to the district via Mut district and in season, do not forget to eat apricots from the apricot gardens you see on the road. To the district from any point you want


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    Ermenek Bus Stationı Ermenek, Taşbaşı, 70400 Ermenek/Karaman

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