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Akşar takes its place on the map as one of the villages of Erzurum's Şenkaya district. The history of the district dates back to ancient times. It is known that the region is very important in terms of Ottoman history. Akşar, dazzling with both its natural beauties and historical buildings, also makes a name for itself with its Bardız rug.

There is a distance of 153 kilometers between Erzurum Center and Akşar. There are minibus services from the city center to Akşar every half hour. There are many transportation companies, especially for those coming from outside the city.

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Among them are Metro Turizm, Bizim Iğdır Turizm, Esadaş Turizm and Kars Kalesi Turizm. Those who get off at the bus station can quickly reach the Akşar region by city buses or shuttle services. If you wish, by bus or by bus.

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You can easily reach the region via . Bus companies going to Erzurum Akşar include Metro Turizm and Ulusoy Turizm. You can choose these companies.

Places to Visit in Akshar

from many parts of Erzurum

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You can create a mini travel route by taking Many historical buildings and natural beauties in the district are waiting for you. Here are the places to visit in Akshar

Penek Castle:
  • The history of the castle located in the town center dates back to the Ottoman Empire. This timeless castle is worth visiting.
  • Bardız Mosque:
  • It is located behind Penek Castle. Built of cut stone, the mosque contains architecturally important motifs and engravings.
  • Venk Church:
  • This church, which is unknown when and by whom it was built, manages to attract all the attention. It is among the must-see places for visitors to the region.
  • What to Eat in Akshar?

    To come to this place with a rich cuisine

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    You can choose the company that is suitable for you by doing your research. There are many flavors you should try in Akşar. Flavors you must try in Akşar:

  • With its flavor dating back to Ottoman palace cuisine, lalanga is a type of pastry that creates a feast.
  • Herse:
  • A wonderful taste unique to Erzurum, prepared with ashure wheat, chicken meat and beans.
  • Erzurum Style Patile:
  • Patile, a type of flatbread, is a delicacy that every visitor who passes through Akşar should definitely try.
  • Where to Stay in Akshar?

    During your Erzurum Akşar trip, you can consider various accommodation options when determining your route.

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    The important thing to determine after flights is accommodation. At this point, you can evaluate the hotel and hostel options located close to Erzurum Center, which are very attractive with their prices.

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    You can create your Aksar trip immediately with or bus services.

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