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LAND AREA 20 km²

Things You Need to Know After Buying the Thessaloniki Bus Ticket

Thessaloniki is one of the important cities of Greece. The fact that it is the city where Atatürk was born makes this city more important for us. You can buy a Thessaloniki bus ticket and get to know this beautiful city of our neighbor closely.

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Where to visit in Thessaloniki?

The first stop in Thessaloniki should, of course, be Ataturk's house. It has become much more beautiful after its restoration.

Add the White Tower, dating from the Ottoman period, to your list of places to visit.

You should go up to Ano Poli, the top of Thessaloniki, and have dinner in one of the taverns here, overlooking the view.

You should go to Aristotle Square, the famous square of the city, and even go to the terrace of the Electra Palace Hotel and watch the city view.

You can go and visit Kamara Square, which is the meeting point of the city. It is also recommended that you see the Rotonda Mosque Museum, located right in this square.

To go to the famous Thessaloniki taverns, you should go to Ladadika.

Whatever Kordon is in Izmir, the coast of Thessaloniki is the same. You can have a pleasant time watching the sunset here.

You can tour and shop on Trismiski Street.

You should also see the umbrellas on the beach, one of the important symbols of Thessaloniki.

Where to stay in Thessaloniki?

There are many accommodation options in Thessaloniki, from boutique hotels to hostels and five-star hotels.

You can choose the hotel that suits your holiday plans and budget and stay there.

What to eat in Thessaloniki?

You will not feel unfamiliar at all due to the similarity of Greek cuisine to ours.

You can go to the famous taverns and have fun and eat delicious appetizers, fish and seafood.

You can taste classic Aegean cuisine; You can make dishes and herb dishes with lots of olive oil.

You can taste local delicacies such as Selanik pastry, Selanik cereal, Selanik beans, kachamak, garbage shish.

Thessaloniki-style cheese dessert, Thessaloniki baklava and barbuşka dessert are local desserts you should try.

The dairy products of Thessaloniki are also very delicious and famous. You can taste Selanik yoghurt, cheese and milk.

Thessaloniki is a beautiful city that you can go even for a weekend getaway. You should go there just to visit Atatürk's house. Buy your Thessaloniki bus ticket on Obilet.com and start exploring the city.

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