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CITY Antalya

Things You Need to Know After Buying the Side Bus Ticket

Hotels in Side

Side, a town belonging to the Manavgat district in Antalya province, is one of the most popular summer vacation destinations in Turkey. Being a town with a crystal clear blue sea, great beaches, pristine nature, and rich history make Side proudly own the recognition it gets. As expected from a tourism center, Side is full of high-quality hotels, turning your vacation into one of the most pleasant experiences of your life. Side hotelsand everything else the town offers will leave you wanting to come back over and over again.

How to Get to Side?

Traveling to Side is fairly easy from many cities in Turkey, thanks to the regular intercity bus services and flights. You can buy an Antalya plane ticket for direct flights from İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir, and many other cities of Turkey, as well as from some countries like Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. After arriving at Antalya Airport, you should take a bus to the Manavgat bus terminal and then take the Side minibus from the terminal. Antalya car rental options from the airport could also be considered for a more efficient trip, which will take you to Side in about 1.5 hours.

Another option is to buy an Antalya bus ticket for direct rides from many cities in Turkey. You can either take a bus to Antalya Intercity Bus Terminal or to Manavgat Terminal. From the Antalya Intercity Bus Terminal, you have to take a minibus to Manavgat and then another minibus from Manavgat to Side right after. And finally, from the Manavgat Terminal, all you have to do is to take a minibus to Side.

If you want to go by car, you’ll be on the road for 11 hours from Istanbul to Side and for 7 hours from Ankara. Also, the road to Side from Antalya takes about 1.5 hours which is yet another piece of information to keep in mind. The first step of your vacation in Side, the traveling, will be a hassle-free experience with all these convenient transportation options. Next is to enjoy yourself on the beautiful Side.

Getting Around in Side

Public transportation in Side consists of minibusses taking off from the town center and the Side Bus Terminal which are enough to take you to all the must-visit places of the town. With these minibusses that take off from the town center, you can easily go to the popular tourist attractions such as Köprülü Canyon, Side Ancient City, and Manavgat Falls and the minibus that takes off from the bus terminal will take you to Titreyengöl. If you want to explore the town on foot, Side center is the place for you. You can go on shopping sprees, walk along the coastline and go sightseeing without feeling the need for any sort of transportation. Another thing worth mentioning is that you can go sailing along the beautiful bays of Antalya by boat from the Side Yacht Port and swim in the clear blue water surrounded by the peaceful greenery.

Must-Visit Places in Side

  • Manavgat Falls:Manavgat Falls comes with a spectacular view. The water falling from a 4-meter-tall height that is spread over a very wide area turns into a beautiful show. Here you can attend water sports options like sailing and rafting as well as you can dine in the restaurants that serve freshly caught fish from the river. Refreshing picnics with your family by the water is also another great thing you can do here.
  • Titreyengöl:Yet another natural wonder of Side is Titreyengöl, a lake that’s home to many bird and fish species and greenery. Fishing is a popular activity here and you can also go for walks, dine in the restaurants, go for a picnic and take amazing photos of the scenery.
  • Köprülü Canyon:Köprülü Canyon, one of the longest canyons in Turkey, is also a great example of Side’s beautiful nature. A perfect spot for adrenaline lovers with its rafting opportunities, you can also go on nature walks along the steep valleys and paths. After tiring hours in nature, you can rest in the restaurants and enjoy some fresh fish and other delicacies of the region.
  • Side Ancient City:Side Ancient City is great for history enthusiasts for having been a melting point for many cultures throughout history and with its remains from each of them being showcased. The city’s name, Side, means “pomegranate” in an ancient language called Luwian, which was used back in the 8th century B.C. The city was ruled by Lydians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, and Byzantines and here during your visit, you will go through all these historical stages yourself. The pieces you’ll see here consist of the ancient gate, the agora, the agora sauna, the Temple of Apollon, and the Side Ancient Theater.
  • Temple of Apollon: The Temple of Apollon, built during the Roman Peace period, is another stop you must see during your Side vacation. The temple takes its name from Apollon, the god of light, beauty, and arts, and is admired by the viewers for its magnificent design. Watching the sunset here and enjoying your time in the cafes nearby at night time under the beautiful lights are the two things you have to do before you leave.
  • Side Museum: The Side Museum was established in 1960 and it’s been showcasing great remains of the Hellenic, Roman, and Byzantine empires ever since. Here you can see inscriptions, columns, sculptures, tombs, and altars of the stated historical periods. Here you can feel the connection between centuries ago and today.
  • Side Ancient Theater:Side Ancient Theater is one of the best examples of Roman architecture in Turkey. It has been well preserved throughout centuries and it will surely leave you feeling mesmerized by its grandeur. The theater has a capacity of 20.000 seats and it’s home to many concerts and events today.

Best Beaches in Side

Side, one of the most popular tourist centers of Turkey, has many great beaches that make the town earn its fame. The clear blue sea with shallow and calm waters, the sandy beach, and many opportunities that’ll meet your needs such as cafes, buffets, and showers make Side beaches stand out even more. The sea of Side beaches is very safe for families with children and for people who are not skilled swimmers due to its calmness.Hotels in Side by the beachcome with great comfort and service after a long day swimming under the sun as well. Here is a list of the best beaches in Side, you can pick any of them and feel satisfied no matter what.

  • Side Community Beach
  • Kumköy Beach
  • Sorgun Beach
  • Titreyengöl Beach
  • Çolaklı Beach

Accommodation in Side

Accommodation in Sidecomes in a huge variety of options in large quantities, as expected from a popular tourism center. Side hotelsrange from 5-star luxury hotels to cheaper boutique hotels among which you can easily pick one for your needs.

Kumköy Region of Side is where most of the hotels of all types are gathered and the place is also known for being close to the tourist attraction sites of Side. Ultra all-inclusive hotels in Sidecan be found mainly in the Titreyengöl Region and these hotels come with such services as spas, indoor and outdoor pools, gyms, waterparks, children’s play areas, restaurants, and clubs. These hotels are also known to have services for watersports such as diving and surfing as well as other sports like golfing, horse riding, and cycling.5-star all-inclusive hotels in Side, on the other hand, will turn your vacation into the best vacation of your lifetime, appealing also to your eyes with their unique architecture and design. Apart from these, resorts in Sideare great for their high-quality healthcare service, which provides you with extra safety during your holiday. Honeymoon hotels in Sidecan be found among most of the 5-star options, as expected from such a popular tourism destination. These hotels will ensure you enjoy your vacation as much as possible.

Luxury options are great, but what about more budget-friendly hotels? Boutique hotels in Sidewill have you covered. They are all known to be located very close to beaches and they o include outdoor swimming pools as well as any other necessities you might have. If you book from cheap hotels in Side, you’ll be getting the best of service for a minimum cost. What’s better than that?

Hotel Prices in Side

Hotels in Sidemay change their prices throughout the year, depending on the season and days of the week. If you want to book hotels in Sidefor cheaper prices, you might want to pick the calmer months of March and April for your vacation and you can also book early for additional discounts. July is the month when booking becomes the most expensive and you should also keep in mind that on Tuesdays the prices tend to increase too. Best hotels in Sidecan be found anytime, for the best price if you keep these in mind. Whether it’s the all-inclusive hotels in Sideor the cheaper boutique hotels, your visit to Side will be one of the most memorable times of your life.

Bus Stations in Side

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