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Things You Need to Know After Buying the Selimaga Bus Ticket

Selimağa Village, located in Dursunbey district of Balıkesir, attracts attention with its plain appearance between the mountains around it. It is located 7 km away from Dursunbey district.

To reach Selimağa, you need to reach Dursunbey bus station. Village minibuses are available from the bus station. Passing through Selimağa route

Selimağa bus companies

Among these, Baltur Vip and Balıkesir Hakser Turizm stand out.

Places to Visit in Selimağa

The places you can visit in Selimağa, where Yoruk Turkmens live, are listed as follows:

Selimağa houses:
  • Selimağa welcomes you with its streets that smell of history.
  • Selimağa bus services
  • It is possible to reach the region easily from Dursunbey bus station.
  • Water released recreation areas:
  • There are places where you can have a picnic and go for nature walks in Selimağa, which is located among the mountains.
  • What to Eat in Selimağa?Selimağa bus ticket

    The delicacies you can buy and taste after reaching the center of the village:

  • Tirit, known as a wedding meal, is made with stale bread or phyllo soaked in broth.
  • Godek:
  • Known as one of the oldest delicacies, Gödek is made by baking unleavened pastry on hair. Godek, offered with different flavors, is among the unique flavors you should taste.
  • Rusks:
  • The most important feature of rusks, which has been made since war times until today, is that it can be stored for many years without getting stale.
  • Where to Stay in Selimağa?

    Although there is no accommodation opportunity in Selimağa Village, it is possible to stay in apart or boutique hotels in Dursunbey district.

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    It is a small, charming village in Dursunbey district of Balıkesir. The village is located 68 km away from Balıkesir city center and 7 km away from Dursunbey district. Selimağa village is located at the bottom of the flattest land of Dursunbey district, which has mountainous terrain. The plateau and flat land right in front of the village is a plain owned by the district to which Selimağa village is affiliated. This plain is the agricultural area where Selimağa village provides its source of income.

    What You Need to Know After Buying a Selimağa Bus Ticket

    To reach Selimağa village, you need to buy a bus ticket to Balıkesir city center. When you get there, you can directly reach Dursunbey district or Selimağa village by buses departing from the city center.

    5 Reasons to Visit Selimağa

  • They still keep the native Turkmen culture alive.
  • Selimağa village is one of the old indigenous Turkish villages.
  • Balıkesir - Eskişehir railway line is 1 km away from Selimağa.
  • In terms of infrastructure, it has all kinds of facilities such as primary school, drinking water, sewage network, health house and health center, water, electricity and telephone.
  • It is influenced by the culture of the district it is affiliated with and keeps that culture alive.
  • Places to Visit in Selimağa

    Since Selimağa is a village, it does not have many places to visit. The village people continue the traditions and customs of the Yoruk Turkmens. The way the village people speak is similar to villages such as Akçagüney and Dadaş. It is rumored that the village was named after Selimağa Bey, who was a principality in that region long ago.

    Those who are curious about the life of Yoruk Turkmens should definitely visit this place. Although there is no place to visit in the village, you can visit the nearby water recreation areas, take nature walks and picnic there.


    You can experience village life here, even for a short time.

    What to Eat at Selim Ağa? What is it famous for?

    The local flavors of that region are as important as the places to visit and see in your destination. Selimağa village is also a very rich region in terms of local delicacies.

    Dishes such as Tarhana, tirit, gödek, tepitme, rusks, and ear dough are famous in Selimağa village. You will not be able to get enough of these delicacies made by the village people with their own hands.

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