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Things You Need to Know After Buying the Partners Bus Ticket

What You Need to Know After Buying a Ortaklar Bus Ticket

Ortaklar is a neighborhood in Germencik district of Aydın. It is known that Ortaklar, which was previously a parish, became a neighborhood in 2012.

There are many bus lines providing transportation from Aydın Bus Terminal to Germencik district and Ortaklar.

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Among these, Didim Travel and CTS Tur stand out.

Places to Visit in Ortaklar

Places to visit in Ortaklar are listed as follows:

Kanlıbahçe Martyrdom:
  • It is known as a monument built in memory of the Turks killed by Greek soldiers after the Great Offensive.
  • Selatin Memorial Tree:
  • The tree amazes those who see it with its 1200 years old age and 9 meters height.
  • Magnesia Ancient City:
  • It is rumored that the ancient city was founded by Magnets and Cretans. Ancient city B.C. It came under the rule of the Spartans between 398 and 400.
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  • It is possible to reach the ancient city this way.
  • What to Eat in Ortaklar?

    The flavors you can taste at Ortaklar are listed as follows:

    Çökertme Kebab:
  • Yogurt and tomato sauce are added to the potatoes, which are chopped finely and then fried. Tourists who want to taste this unique dish
  • Partners bus ticket
  • You can visit the district by taking it.
  • Zerde:
  • The dessert, which is prepared especially for special days and ceremonies such as weddings, circumcision ceremonies and holidays, contains saffron, turmeric and starch.
  • Stuffed zucchini flowers:
  • Stuffed zucchini flowers, made with both olive oil and meat, is among the delicacies frequently consumed in Aegean cuisine.
  • Where to Stay in Ortaklar?

    There are many boutique and apart hotels in Ortaklar where you can stay. If you want to have a comfortable accommodation experience at Ortaklar hotels,

    Partners bus ticket prices

    You can look and make a reservation. If you want to reach the district by air,

    Aydin flight tickets

    You can take

    . Aydin flights

    After arriving in the city, you can easily reach the town and your hotel.

    Located within the borders of Germencik, one of the central districts of Aydın.


    The town is 35 km away. Located in the west of the Büyük Menderes land of the Aegean, the district is surrounded by a lot of forest. The livelihood of the people of the region is agricultural production, and grapes, cotton, figs, olives and tobacco are cultivated. Fig and olive products planted on the district's land are used and exported to the central regions.

    What You Need to Know After Buying a Ortaklar Bus Ticket

    Ortaklar district is one of our modest districts with its cultural texture that attracts attention with its natural beauties. For this, go to Ortaklar district

    bus ticket

    You can take peaceful trips around its historical architecture and magical nature.

    Following this, unique moments are experienced by going to activities organized in a suitable rhythm in the town. In addition, the central area can be reached with many vehicle support from Aydın - Germencik district and surrounding areas. Additionally, you can also go to Ortaklar district by shuttle vehicles following the scheduled presentations of the bus companies.

    5 Reasons to Visit Ortaklar

  • It can be visited to see closely the historical and cultural settlements that surround the district and offer visual views.
  • You can visit the water resources (hot springs) located in the immediate vicinity of the district.
  • It can be preferred for various sports practices among the wonderful visuals of natural beauties.
  • You can visit the mosques, fountains and extraordinary artifacts in the region to examine them.
  • It can be visited to discover important plant species that encompass the excellent features of its nature.
  • Places to Visit in Ortaklar

    Ortaklar, one of the beautiful districts of Aydın, is one of our precious regions that offer tourism gateways with their extraordinary architecture and magnificent reflections. Tekin Köy Magnesia ancient city, located within the district borders (Leukophryne temple belonging to the Magnets, Theatron, bathhouse, Gymnasium, Roman temple, odeon and 32-person toilet have survived to the present day). In addition, the mosques and national parks located in the center of the region are also worth seeing.

    What to Eat in Ortaklar? What is it famous for?

    For Ortaklar district


    You can have a nice holiday among excellent historical monuments and natural landscapes. After this, you should definitely eat the local flavors of the town, closed pita with minced meat and potatoes, and tandoori kebab. You should also try chickpea stew with meat, pasha pastry and olive oil wraps.

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